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2019 3

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Computer science and control

  • Safety of human activity



I.A. Veprinyak, O.I. Veryovkina, G.D. Sedel'nikov
Analysis of interrelation of quantity of rail track geometry deviations from the standard of the second and third, fourth power

Based on factual data the dependence between the indicators of the pre-failure status and indicators of risk factor intensity relating to rail track geometry was identified and constructed. The constructed model makes possible to predict the risk factor intensity on the quantitative characteristics of the pre-failure status.
Keywords: rail track geometry, risk factor, time series (dynamic series), regression analysis, coefficient of determination (R-squared)

A.N. Malykh
Assessment of failure effect of railway automation systems on the available traffic capacity of spans

The article examines the technique allowing to execute statistical estimate of coefficients of operational reliability of railway automation systems for the calculation of available traffic capacity of spans as well as the risk level assessment of reducing the capacity on daily time slices.
Keywords: railway automation, reliability, statistical information processing, traffic capacity

A.A. Val'kova
Improvement of quality of passenger service by perfection of passenger information system

The article is devoted to the problem of improvement of quality of passenger service at Russian train stations using the SMS-notification. The technology of the automated notification system of passengers is offered. An example of increasing the efficiency of the implementation of the proposed technology in the Privolzhsk regional directorate of railway stations is given.
Keywords: passenger information, passenger notification system, rating of passenger service quality

N.E. Razinkin, N.I. Voronova, Ya.D. Podlesnikov
Stability analysis of motor car rolling stock in rail track

The set of factors has an impact on the stability of the rolling stock in the rail track. Such parameters of the track structure as the rail elevation, vertical irregularity of rail lengths, curve radius, rolling stock parameters and external influences, for example, a wind load, longitudinal stress in the train, have the most significant impact.
Keywords: roll stability, motor car rolling stock, quasi-static mode

V.V. Baginova, D.V. Ushakov
Technology of making up refrigerated block trains at railway stations

In the conditions of the changing directions of perishable freight flows, the proposed technique of handling of refrigerator container block trains at the railway station is relevant. The freight receivers are extremely interested in quick transportation of refrigerator containers from the railway station.
Keywords: refrigerator container, perishable freight, railway station, perishable freight transportation

V.I. Apattsev, V.B. Karpukhin, I.M. Basyrov
Bellman's optimality principle in the planning of loading operations with the dispatch of containers

The authors consider the mathematical model of the planning problem of loading of container blocks on the fitting platform. The mathematical apparatus of discrete optimization problems based on Bellman's optimality principle is used. The solution method is given on the numerical illustration. The proposed algorithms can be used to create add-ons to automatic control systems of transport companies.
Keywords: multistep processes, optimality criterion, fitting platform, container, loading

V.S. Poroshkov, A.V. Gorelik, P.V. Savchenko
Track circuits with signal current cyclic fed

The authors consider the structure of the equipment of track circuits at the changed principle of signal current fed. The purpose and interaction of system components are described.
Keywords: track circuit, signal current cyclic fed, microprocessor centralization system

A.N. Kuznetsova, I.V. Simachkova, A.A. Nedbaylov
Application of simulation modelling at visibility assessment of light railway signals

The results of simulation modelling in the field of development and construction in the transport are given. The initial preconditions are given, and key reasons at the simulation model creation are described. The article is based on one of the examples of modelling of an object in 2017-2018 at the Moscow Central ring polygon.
Keywords: railway, visibility, signal, simulation modelling

V.A. Eroshin, A.V. Boyko
Rolling conditions of wheel vehicles on the water surface

In the article, the rolling conditions of wheel systems with lugs on the free water surface are described, the modeling of this phenomenon is carried out, dependences of the precipitation and bearing capacity of wheels on the Froude number for several values of dimensionless mass of a wheel system are received, and also the value of turn of the lower bound of area of stable rolling is given.
Keywords: rolling of wheels on water, physical modelling, hydrodynamic forces, rolling conditions

E.Yu. Lozovsky, V.M. Ponomarev, A.V. Volkov, O.I. Gribkov, D.Yu. Glinchikov
Safety improving rolling stock sorting on hump yards of big and medium output

The dangerous factors of the yardmaster work on hump yards of big and medium output are considered. The analysis of the dependence of safety criteria and convenience of uncoupling depending on the speed of the train move to the hump, borders of uncoupling zones depending on the car type; and the analysis of previous studies were carried out. The coordinate way of calculation of uncoupling zones is offered.
Keywords: personal and social safety, safety criteria, speed of the train move to the hump, uncoupling speed

O.I. Mironenko, K.A. Sergeev, O.Yu. Krivich, A.I. Bykov
Survey procedure of production readiness of car repair enterprises

The mathematical models and methods used in the production engineering of objects and processes of car repair enterprise are given. The general technique of variant design is described; the groups of procedures, the structure of information models and routine design problems are formalized. The construction method of the mathematical model of the parametric analysis of the technological operation the structure is known is stated.
Keywords: technological preparation of production, technological processes, car repair enterprise

Yu.O. Pazoysky, A.M. Solovyev
Suburban railway traffic range at the constant interval schedule

The application of the existing procedure of suburban railway traffic range determining at the constant interval schedule leads to overcrowding of trains. The article gives a mathematical problem definition of determining the optimal suburban railway traffic range at the constant interval schedule. For the special case of this problem, the authors wrote a program that performs the appropriate optimization.
Keywords: passenger traffic flow, suburban railway traffic, traffic interval, traffic timetable, train schedule

V.V. Korolev
Modelling of slab base switches

The article discusses the modelling of switches on the slab base. The slabs were designed for the vertical load from the impact of rolling stock. The initial data for calculation of reinforced concrete slabs were formed using the rules of strength track calculation. In this study, a model based on the assumption that the base slab of the ballastless track, including the switches, is an orthotropic plate supported by the undersurface on the damping base and fixed on the edges of the contour with different boundary conditions.
Keywords: switch, base slab, orthotropic plate, boundary conditions, defects, application

E.V. Drabkina, A.V. Elsukov
Assessment of energy efficiency of autonomous heat supply sources

The authors carried out the comparative appraisal of autonomous sources of heat supply. The optimization ways in the application of autonomous heat supply sources to achieve the greatest economic effect are proposed, and their practical application is presented on the example of real production and transport facilities.
Keywords: mini heat power station, cogeneration sources, reciprocating gas power stations

L.V. Pankratov
Integral control law of ACS

The structure chart of ACS with the integral control law is considered. The characteristics of the dynamics of processes are presented. The author obtained results of functional ratios between parameters of links of the integral control which are the basis of the control system design. The regulator structure is optimized for the case of identical value interpreters.
Keywords: modelling of control processes, control laws of ACS

V.E. Nutovich
Problem-oriented decision-making system on protection and safety of freight transportation

The author describes the problem-oriented decision-making system on protection and safety of freight transportation created on the basis of the unified automatic system of act and complaint of operation in JSC "Russian Railways". The general formal model is considered, the brief description of formal algebraic recurrent model, chains of actions, information performance criteria, the macrostructure of the knowledge base and the database, algorithms and methods of intelligent treatment of measurements of technical means and results of the commercial survey is given.
Keywords: problem-oriented system, commercial survey, protection of freight transportation, unified automatic system of act and complaint of operation, automatic test equipment of operation, quality and safety of freight transportation

R.V. Shilovskaya, Z.A. Fomina
Simulation model of power supply system for solution of energy dispatcher tasks

The article presents he list of the energy dispatcher tasks identified as a result of the analysis of operational work. These tasks are not solved now in the modern systems of automated workplaces of the energy dispatcher. The simulation model of power-supply system objects is proposed for the solution the energy dispatcher tasks, and the way of model structure creation is described.
Keywords: operational work, energy dispatcher automated workplace, simulation model, modelling algorithm

V.A. Aksyonov, A.M. Zavyalov, V.I. Apattsev, V.S. Chaplygin, E.A. Sorokina
Performance analysis and ways of digital platform development in labour safety control system in JSC "Russian Railways"

In the article, the authors consider the ways of the digital platform development in labour safety control system in JSC "Russian Railways" on the example of the development of the automated system "Specialist of production process safety". The performance analysis of the operating digital platform in labour safety control system in JSC "Russian Railways" is given.
Keywords: automated system, control programs, labour safety, labour protection, traumatism