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2019 2

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Computer science and control

  • Safety of human activity



A.V. Gorelik, V.S. Dorokhov
Application of the expert evaluation method for ranking railway automation and telemechanics facilities in the planning of complete overhaul

The authors consider the method of effective planning of the complete overhaul of railway automation and telemechanics facilities. This method is based on the application of ranking of facilities on a number of qualitative and quantitative attributes for the decrease of subjective decision-making in case of complete overhaul need.
Keywords: planning, complete overhaul of railway automation and telemechanics facilities, ranking

K.A. Sergeev, O.Yu. Krivich, O.I. Sadykova, O.I. Mironenko, I.K. Sergeev
Automated design of technological processes of repair production (mathematical, dataware and software support)

The article examines the technique of the process engineering automation constructed on the basis of the axiomatic method; and the technique of the information model construction. Four groups of design procedures of technological processes of repair production are listed.
Keyword: process engineering automation, information models, dataware

M.Yu. Kapustin, D.N. Shevchenko, O.V. Izmerov
Complex analysis methods of the dynamic system of the locomotive traction drive

The problem of the analysis methods of the dynamic system of the traction drive of the locomotive useful for the development of expert systems is set. The authors consider the classification of dynamic impacts on the traction drive of the locomotive, the exemplary test analysis algorithm and the probable structure of the automated complex.
Keyword: problems of creation of the new technology, dynamics of the traction drive of the locomotive, test analysis

V.I. Apattsev, R.R. Kazaryan, B.A. Lyovin
On some aspects of theoretical foundations of the production capacity increase of the unified transport system development

In this article, the authors discuss the potentialities of optimization of the unified transport systems formed by several kinds of transport due to the implementation of design and construction management at the stage of formation of subsystems of each kind of transport. The improvement of the project management of the unified transport system formation is the most significant reserve of effectiveness increase of their implementation in the innovation way and allows to calculate the work schedules, budgets, the procedure of deliveries proceeding from estimates of workload and restrictions of resources and financing.
Keyword: the life cycle of the unified transport system, the mining, linear and transport, overworking and residential complexes, project management, dynamic system and comparative approaches of the interaction of technical and natural systems

A.P. Bombardirov, A.A. Petrov, S.I. Pasharin, A.I. Bykov
Mathematical modelling for cost estimation of car repair

The article is devoted to the issues connected with the operation and maintenance of cars. The researches of mathematical modelling for the assessment of technological process of car unit repair were analysed. The offered approach can be applied in computer-aided design systems of the technological processes developed for machine-building enterprises.
Keywords: car, technology, design, model, operation, maintenance, repair

L.A. Baranov, N.V. Pershin
Analysis of liquefied natural gas plant capacity as the object of the automated transportation control system

When determining quantity and shipload of tankers - liquefied natural gas carriers for year-round transporting of gas it is necessary to consider a number of factors, such as equipment volume, gas field size, transport chart during gas production, climatic conditions. The article presents an analysis of the liquefied natural gas plant capacity.
Keywords: liquefied natural gas, plant, production, processing, transport scheme, climatic conditions, dispersion

E.A. Gridasova, A.A. Loktev, P.A. Nikiforov, K.Yu. Tal'skikh
Influence of high-frequency vibrations in the wheel and rail system on M76 rail steel structure

In this paper, the influence of high-frequency vibrations in the wheel and rail system is examined, the dominant causes for their formation are described, and the research investigation of M76 rail steel structure at the operating tension levels of 700 MPa and more are given. Microstructures of the samples cut out from real rails after the action of high-frequency loading by means of optical microscopy and microhardness testing instruments were investigated.
Keywords: high-frequency tests, giga-cyclic fatigue, microstructure, microhardness, wheel and rail model

N.V. Bugreev, A.V. Orlov
Principles of the process approach in production activities of the transport company

The authors consider the realization ways of the process approach in the activity analysis of JSC "Russian Railways". The principles of detection and identification of processes, the tracking of data cross-process communications, the determining of the control actions and the resource requirement are described. The questions of the application of the "Quality Gates" process model are taken up.
Keywords: organization of production, process approach, "Quality Gates", railway transport

D.G. Evseev, A.V. Baryshnikov
The constructional decision of the energy absorption device and its efficiency justification

The original design of the deformable buffer with the calculation of required energy capacity on the basis of mathematical modelling of its operation is suggested. The application of the proposed technical decision will allow to minimize the injury risk of passengers and maintenance personnel, as well as to reduce structural damages of the rolling stock in case of emergency collision.
Keywords: buffer, energy capacity, potential energy, deformation, passive safety

E.A. Sorokina, O.S. Sachkova, V.A. Aksyonov, D.L. Raenok
Influence analysis of detergents on the washing quality of the surface of the body and window units of passenger cars

The chemical analysis researches of glasses of the double-glazed windows (produced by KMT company) dismantled from double-deck seating passenger cars for the determination of defects of bodies and window units of passenger cars were carried out.
Keywords: window units of passenger cars, water resistance of glass, chemical analysis researches, detergent solutions

A.S. Kosmodamiansky, V.I. Vorobyov, M.Yu. Kapustin, D.N. Shevchenko
Optimization features of the dynamic system of the locomotive traction drive

The search problem of rational parameters of the dynamic system of the locomotive traction drive is considered. The search algorithm of optimum alternative of the traction drive system which allows reducing search time for a solution due to the discarding of practically unrealizable options and need a lack of search in the optimal region is offered.
Keyword: mathematical modelling, traction drive of railway rolling stock, locomotive dynamics

P.A. Kozlov, S.P. Vakulenko, V.S. Kolokol'nikov
On the construction of intellectual systems of railway station operation

The authors suggest three models of the automatic system of marshalling station operation. The first model is the simulation model of marshalling station connected to information systems and operating in online mode; the second model is directed to the storage mode of operation of the braking-up process; the third mode is the artificial neuronet implementing the adaptive operation of the station to improve its durability.
Keyword: station, operation, neuronet, simulation, model

D.A. Loktev, V.A. Kochnev, A.A. Loktev
The ability of face recognition in the infrared range

In the research, the software and knoware of the hardware monitoring and control system (as a source of primary information about the status and behaviour of an object) uses the images received in the visible and infrared ranges of wavelength is developed and implemented.
Keyword: object image, background image, cascade classifier, Haar's primitives, infrared imager

S.K. Khromov
Methods of determining labour costs for information technology services

The article proposes to modify the methods of determining labour costs for information technology services for increasing the accuracy of the calculation of the human resources by means of detailed differentiation of functional tasks determined by the methodology and the introduction of individual indicators for their calculation.
Keywords: automated management system, information system, calculation of labour costs, support

N.N. Vodnev
Structural-functional approach to object model formation

The paper proposes the mechanism of the structure formation of an object (an object model) in which the procedure of recursive immersion from the inherited level of details on derivative, including the construction of the technological structure and the procedure of recursive rise from the derivative level of details for inherited. The objects for which this mechanism is constructed should have the properties of decomposition of an object into sub-objects connected by the technological structure.
Keyword: structural-functional approach, technological structure, object structure, technological level, immersion level, level of details

D.V. Efanov, G.V. Osadchy
Algorithms of self-diagnosing of technology system of hardware-software complex of dispatching control of railway automation devices

The article describes the technical architecture of the system of hardware-software complex of dispatching control of railway automation devices widespread on the Russian Railways network. The algorithms of testing and self-diagnosing procedures of hardware and software of the diagnostic data hub and measuring controllers are presented.
Keyword: railway automation, diagnosing technology, self-diagnosing

O.V. Voronov, E.Kh. Tasang, S.A. Smetanin
Local mathematical model of transfer of pollutants in an atmosphere interface as a result of operational activity of point industrial sources

The authors submit the approximate mathematical analysis of the local transfer and the turbulent diffusion of pollutants in an atmosphere interface from a point source of the stationary action.
Keyword: pollutants, turbulent diffusion, point source of air pollution, dispersion of impurity

V.A. Aksyonov, A.M. Zavyalov, I.N. Sinyakina, Yu.V. Zavyalova
Impact assessment of human factor on the reliability of the production process and the technical systems of railway transport

The technology of the assessment and the analysis of human factor influence on the initiation of failures of the technical means and technological violations on railway infrastructure is developed.
Keyword: technological violations, failures of technical means, human factor