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2019 1

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Computer science and control

  • Safety of human activity



S.P. Vakulenko, E.B., Kulikova, O.N. Madyar
Passenger traffic forecasting is the most important tool for an effective passenger service organization in the suburban and urban area of a large transport junction

The authors consider the forecasting problem of the population demand for transportation services for the purpose of their maximum satisfaction and the effectiveness increase of rolling stock in the conditions of the rapid development of transport networks in growing agglomerations.
Keywords: forecasting, passenger traffic, passenger train, agglomeration, transport junction

E.P. Korolkov, O.V. Druzhinina, T.A. Frolova, M.E. Bulatnikova
Modelling of transverse vibrations and stability analysis of the wheel pair with the curvilinear profile of the roll surface

The mathematical model of transverse vibrations of a wheel pair is considered. This model is adapted to the curvilinear profile of the roll surface of the wheel described by the second-order multinomial. The obtained mathematical model takes into account the restoring (gravitational) force. Taking into account the dependence of restoring force from the coefficient of the equation squared term of the profile the authors investigate the transverse motion stability of the wheel pair.
Keywords: wheel pair, profile, motion, model, restoring force, Hurwitz determinant, subdeterminant, stability

N.L. Borisova, A.A. Loktev
Construction of the transverse shear crack model for a rail

This study is devoted to the construction of the process model of the transverse surface crack extension on the surface of the head or base of the rail. The research results will allow pinpointing the acute defective and defective rails, it is important with increasing of the rolling stock speeds and the axle weight increment.
Keywords: rail defect, roll surface, boundary-value problem, Fourier transform, continuity condition, correction function

N.E. Razinkin, N.I. Voronova, Ya. D. Podlesnikov
Brake system choice for high-speed freight cars

Developing the design of freight cars for high-speed transportation it is necessary to pay great attention to the brake system choice as the increase in traffic speeds requires an appropriate braking effect, its implementation involves several problems.
Keywords: high-speed freight cars, brake system, air distributors

A.V. Gorelik, N.V. Bugreev, V.S. Dorokhov
Principles of production planning in automation and telemechanics sector of Russian Railways

The basic production planning principles of automation and telemechanics sector of JSC "Russian Railways" are considered. The authors offer to consider a statistical estimate of time reserve of for the operations not included in annual and four-week schedules of signalling, interlocking and block system sections.
Keywords: organization of production, production planning, automation and telemechanics sector, time reserve

I.V. Shishkina
Cast-in-block pad with cushion for railway switches

The design of the pads with a cushion made with different technologies are considered. The stressed state analysis and the strength assessment of the pad with a cushion made with welding technology and solid. As a result, further directions to improve the strength and operating characteristics, and the optimal design of the pad with a cushion are determined.
Keywords: railway switch, pad with a cushion, manufacturing technology, improvement directions of pads

A.S. Kosmodamiansky, N.N. Strekalov, V.I. Vorobiov, A.A. Pugachev
Energy saving control system of electric drive with asynchronous engine

The system of scalar control of the asynchronous engine is developed. This system provides the minimization of the stator current by introducing the control loop of the power factor. A mathematical model of an asynchronous engine with iron loss is presented. The simulated results in Matlab are shown.
Keywords: asynchronous engine, loss power, power factor, equivalent circuit

A.V. Potapov
System of assessment, control and regulation of the rail cant in the track

The system of assessment, control and regulation of the rail cant in the track is substantiated.
Keywords: rail cant, system of assessment, control and regulation of rail cant

V.I. Apattsev, N.V. Erlikh, A.V. Erlikh
Operation of non-public railway tracks on the basis of own train formation schedule

The authors consider the problem of guaranteed freight delivery for freight owners with the reduction of the car turnover time. It is offered for the freight owner to develop the shipping program of finished goods on the basis of diary scheduling, and for the enterprises of industrial railway transport - the schedule of own train formation taking into account technological operations of non-public railway tracks and technical feasibility of JSC "Russian Railways" infrastructure.
Keywords: freight delivery time, plan of train formation, train schedule, outsourcing

V.A. Bugreev, A.F. Kharchenko
On the issue of connection of overvoltage limiters to the contact network

The authors consider the operation features of overvoltage limiters connected to the contact network through horn arresters, shunted by copper wires. It is shown that the wires can be destroyed by electrodynamic forces from the induced overvoltage. The damage of the shunting wires leads to deterioration of the protective properties of the overvoltage limiters from overvoltage of subsequent lightning components.
Keywords: contact networks, protection, arresters, limiters, overvoltage, lightning currents

D.G. Evseev, A.V. Baryshnikov
Application expediency of energy absorption devices at various impact velocities of rolling stock with an obstacle

The application expediency of energy absorption devices is estimated on the basis of mathematical analysis of the impact process. The authors of the article propose a method for determining the velocity range when it is advisable to use energy absorption devices based on multiple-factor analysis of independent variables.
Keywords: passive safety, obstacle, energy capacity, impact, limit conditions, energy absorption device

L.V. Shkurina, E.V. Struchkova
Production efficiency ensuring of railway transport on the basis of a predictive model of scientific organization and measurement of labour

The article is devoted to the issues of effectiveness increase of production operation of railway transport on the basis of the introduction of modern tools of labour organization and measurement. The innovative foundations of the organization are considered. The predictive model of scientific labour organization and measurement on railway transport is developed.
Keywords: scientific organization of labour, workplace, scientific and technical advance, production efficiency, modelling

L.N. Ivankova, A.V. Burakova
Design principles of high-productive cargo handling complexes for bulk cargo transshipment

The features of designing a complex of devices for bulk cargo handling in ports are considered. The authors propose the new track development schemes of port and port approach railway stations providing a compact location and a large capacity, as well as placement options of unloading devices for cargo transshipment.
Keywords: cargo handling complexes, bulk terminals, relative position of devices

A.S. Alatyreva, V.Yu. Gorelik, P.V. Savchenko
Quality estimation of the design process of railway automation systems

The authors consider the model for the statistical estimation of laboriousness indicators, cost and safety of certain technological operations, as well as the process efficiency estimation of microprocessor-based centralization designing of railway automation. It is proposed to estimate the quality of the design process by functional networking of the design process on the basis of a generalized structural method.
Keywords: life cycle, railway systems, structural method, functional network

V.S. Poroshkov
Application prospects of axle counting sensors

The prospective interval control system of train operation with application of axle counting sensors is considered. The main point of the determination method of train operation parameters is presented, the block diagram of this system is presented.
Keywords: interval control system, axle counting sensor, track circuit

D.V. Klimova, D.L. Rayenok, E.A. Sorokina, V.I. Apattsev, P.F. Bestemyanov
Improvement of the safety system of transport facilities

The principles of the labour safety system improvement are considered. The existence of a monitoring system is to ensure the observability of the technical conditions of the transport facilities. It is shown that the risk management in addition to the assessment of hazard indicators on the basis of the apparatus of expert assessments will allow to carry out a full risk assessment and to develop the most effective safety system.
Keywords: transport facility, safety management system, expert assessments, labour safety

V.A. Aksyonov, O.S. Sachkova, V.Yu. Liferenko, S.L. Samoshkin, A.V. Matesheva
Study of the impact of generator-drive installations on noise and vibration level in mainline passenger cars of locomotive traction

The article is devoted to the study of the impact of the generator-drive installation produced by JSC "TVZ" on the noise and vibration level in carriages. The centralized and autonomous power supply systems of railway cars, the operational and environmental characteristics are considered. The results of noise and vibrometry tests are given.
Keywords: passenger car, noise, vibration, complete set of cars, generator-drive installations, tests