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2018 3

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Economic sciences

  • Construction and architecture

  • Safety of human activity



L.A. Baranov, P.F. Bestemyanov, S.E. Ikonnikov
Automation of measurement of rail circuit parameters

The article substantiates the necessity of the development of modern automated measuring systems allowing to take measurements, analysis and diagnostics of the rail circuits. The authors propose the principles of construction of such systems.
Key words: automated measuring system, rail circuits, measurements, noise

V.B. Karpukhin, G.M. Bilenko
Mathematical modeling of dynamic controllable system of making up a train

The optimal control of the coupling process of the shunting locomotive with the car (the train set) from the initial to finite values of the coupling process parameters is studied on the basis of the Pontryagin maximum principle. The authors give the problem solving example which allows to develop a mathematical model of the controlled motion, to find the optimal control, and to construct the optimal phase path of the controlled motion.
Key words: mathematical modeling, optimal control problem, Pontryagin maximum principle

V.I. Apattsev, V.Yu. Gorelik, I.A. Zhuravlev
Stable train dispatching

The article examines the method of stability determination of train operation on a section according to the standard train schedule. The mathematical apparatus of the self-adjusting system theory is used. The task for asymptotic stability at small departure from the schedule is solved. This approach allows to determine the stability margin of any schedule for given section or several sections.
Key words: automatic control theory, railway systems, self-adjusting systems

K.A. Sergeev, O.Yu. Krivich, O.I. Sadykova, O.I. Mironenko, I.K. Sergeev
Technological process modeling of maintenance and repair of railway rolling stock

The article describe the measures for shortening the time of adoption of new technologies designed to improve the quality of rolling stock repair and maintenance in the repair production work, and the modeling procedure of technological processes of rolling stock repair and maintenance which can be the basis of the development of information, mathematical and methodological support of automated design system of technological processes of the repair production work.
Key words: repair production work, technical technologies, technological processes

E.P. Korol'kov, S.N. Korzhin, M.P. Kozlov
Seven arguments for wheel turning and the introduction of wheels with cam profile

The article considers the advantages of the cam contour in comparison with the standard one. Seven arguments for turning of wheels cam profile are given. The turning does not require a large capital investment and can be done by the reduction or the cancellation of lubricating in many curves. It is also noted the need to adherence to rules when assembling the bogie of 18-100 model.
Key words: wheelset, wheel, roll surface profile of wheel, running resistance in curves, turning

D.A. Loktev
Determination of the type of vehicles and their movement parameters in the automated monitoring system

This research suggests and tests the aggregate method of determination of parameters of movement, condition and type of vehicle on the basis of the algorithms of stereovision and image blurring by the camera defocusing, the procedure of object image identification by color and spatial characteristics using the methods of computer vision, and mathematical models of vertical oscillations of a vehicle with several degrees of freedom.
Key words: parameters of automobile movement, automated measurement system, image processing, method of characteristic points, vertical and horizontal oscillations

V.A. Bugreev, A.P. Chekhov, I.V. Mel'nikov, N.A. Borisova
"Asynchronous motor - synchronous generator" system and estimate of its dynamic properties in the mode of small perturbations

The necessity of application of automatic voltage control system due to the "asynchronous motor - synchronous generator" unit derating in the mode of small perturbations and a significant voltage deviation at the terminals of consumers.
Key words: electric machine installation, asynchronous motor, synchronous generator

A.V. Gorelik, N.A. Taradin, A.A. Parkhomenko, V.S. Dorokhov
Expert assessment of human impact on the operational reliability of railway automation systems

The article examines the assessment principles of influence level of human factor on the operational reliability of railway automation and telemechanics. The presented results can be used to improve the operational processing efficiency of railway automation and telemechanics systems.
Keywords: railway automation and telemechanics systems, human factor, reliability, maintenance

L.A. Baranov, D.A. Doshchatov
Regulation of section time taken of the metro train

The functions and the principles of construction, the operation algorithms of the regulator of time taken of centralized systems of the auto-driving of metro trains are considered. The error analysis of preset time made by the regulator is carried out. The authors give the recommendations on the choice of algorithms of time taken regulators in heavy traffic conditions at the highest level (G0A4) of automatic train control according to the classification of the International Association of Public Transport.
Key words: auto-driving, metro train, regulator, time taken, error, control algorithm

I.N. Sinyakina
Quality assessment of technological processes of railway station operation

The quality assessment method of technological processes of the railway station operation is suggested. This method allows to define a versatility indicator by the results of the analysis of qualitative and quantitative indices of the railway station operation.
Key words: quality assessment of technological process of railway station operation, unit quality index, versatility indicator of quality, coefficient of importance

L.P. Zatorskaya
Movement of electric locomotive under the current of insulating air gap of direct current traction network

In the article the author investigates the reasons of ignition of the electric arc when the electric locomotive passing under the current of the insulating air gap branches and the exit to the deenergized area. The parameters of the electric arc burning out the wires of the contact network are determined. The interlocking circuit unauthorized operation of high-speed switches of adjacent supply lines of the traction network is developed, and this interlocking circuit passed full-scale tests at the operating traction substation.
Key words: traction network of direct current, interlocking circuit, burnout of wires, electrical arc, relay differential shunt

S.P. Vakulenko, E.B. Kulikova, K.O. Yatskevich
Address the needs of passenger or how to reverse the negative trend of reduction of passenger traffic volumes in international railway service

The decline in the passenger traffic volume in international railway service more than three times for the last five years is one of the most topical problems in the relations between the railway authorities of the Commonwealth of member states. The article highlights the main tools which will allow to change the current negative trend.
Key words: passenger, passenger traffic, international railway service, activities, development prospects

S.M. Kostin
Essence and importance of competition in the world (global) transport system

The analysis of experience of railway transport reforming by the economic leading countries is carried out. The features of structural reforms in the railway transport in the Russian Federation are considered. The Russian market of freight rail transportation is investigated.
Key words: competitiveness, political institution, freight transportation, freight cars, fare, railway transport

Kh. A. Dianov, A. A. Loktev, D. A. Vid'manov
Simulation of underwater cutting of soil using a virtual instrument in LabVIEW and an example of task visualization

The example of the computer program use in the interaction modeling of operative parts of earthmoving machines with the soil under the water is considered, and the calculation of the specific tangent and normal ground cutting force in the National Instruments LabVIEW is performed. An example of the task visualization using the 2D Picture Control element is given.
Key words: model, visualization, LabVIEW, underwater cutting of soil, force

A.S. Kravtsov, A.A. Maslennikov, S.Ya. Lutsky
Substantiation of transport and logistics scheme of procurement of construction materials for high-speed line-2

The statement and methods of organizational and economic substantiation of the transport scheme of resource support for the construction of high-speed line-2 are presented. The model of mathematical programming problem is made. The method of determining the initial data and the choice of the scheme of procurement of construction materials for the section of Airport station - Cheboksary station.
Key words: transport scheme, construction materials, economic substantiation, high-speed line

I.V. Martynyuk, A.I. Shevchenko
Transport safety operation in emergency situations

The analysis of various control systems for sustainable development of complex systems, safety and stability of the transportation process in railway transport in emergency situations is presented. The authors developed the universal method of calculation of sufficiency of forces and means of the functional subsystem of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations on the railway transport.
Key words: sustainable development, transportation process, safety, stability, risks, emergency situations, reliability

V.I. Apattsev, R.R. Kazaryan, B.A. Lyovin
System and target approach of complex use of transport for the benefit of life safety

The article examines the transport complex of Russia and the transport protection problems of its national security different from countries of the West and other developed countries. The analysis and the economic feasibility of the complex system of transport communications. The assessment criteria of the efficiency of the transportation service, the economic and mathematical models of complex use of different kinds of transport are given. The authors give the practical recommendations to the transport system governing bodies to improve the efficiency of their use in the security interests.
Key words: transport communication systems, roads and railways, water and air ways, pipeline transport, integrated transport system

V.M. Ponomarev, O.S. Sachkov, A.M. Koroleva
Analysis and calculation of risk factors of labour activity of railway system employees on the morbidity

This article deals with the general analysis of the morbidity of railway employees. The working conditions of this category of employees were studied and analyzed on the basis of the results of sanitary and hygienic studies, also taken into account such conditions as the type of locomotive, car, technical and hygienic characteristics, the train route.
Key words: working conditions, harmful production factors, occupational diseases, railway transport