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2018 2

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Economic sciences

  • Computer science and control

  • Construction and architecture

  • Safety of human activity



L.M. Matyukhin
Estimation of admission and calculations of operating cycle of reciprocating engine on the basis of air portion in working mixture

At present the thermal calculation of the operating cycle of the reciprocating engine is based on three non-interconnected values: excess-air factors, coefficient of admission and residual gas coefficient. At the same time the coefficient of admission characterizes not so much the admission itself as its deterioration, this has resulted in the presence of hydraulic resistances and heating of a fresh charge. The thermodynamic foundations of cycle calculation on the basis of the working mixture composition consisting of air, fuel, residual and recirculation gases are stated. The obtained dependences take into account the impact of the used fuel type and the recirculation on the engine indices.
Key words: reciprocating engine, hydrogen, gas exchange, excess-air factors, coefficient of admission and residual gases, volumetric composition of the working mixture

V.A. Bugreev, A.F. Slotin, L.G. Ruchkina
Contactless unipolar electric machine with contour (multiturn) winding

The structural variation of the electric machine based on the unipolar induction is considered. A detailed description of the assembly units and the general assembling is given. The design procedure of static characteristics is offered. The advantages of this type of electric machine are pointed out.
Key words: unipolar induction, rotor (inductor), permanent magnets, working sector, active zone, neutral zone

A.S. Gershval'd, A.V. Elovikov
Distribution of passenger train flows along the loop lines

To minimize the passenger traffic cost the passenger traffic flow is distributed along parallel railway lines. This procedure is labour-consuming and it is carried out manually. But there is no guarantee of the optimal result determination in this distribution. The authors propose the formalized problem definition of the distribution oriented to the computer solution.
Key words: passenger train flows, loop lines, formalized problem definition of distribution

V.N. Balabin, G.I. Nekrasov
Layout and drive improvement of cooling system equipment of diesel locomotives

The application of modular design of diesel locomotive cooling systems is considered. The capacity of the circuits pump is regulated regardless of the crankshaft speed of the diesel engine. The results of the primary equipment layout in the unit-module of the cooling system are presented.
Key words: diesel locomotive, module, cooling system, pump drive

V.S. Dorokhov, P.A. Nevarov, V.I. Lin'kov, V.Yu. Gorelik
Assessment of modernization efficiency of railway automation and telemechanics devices

The technique of comparative complex assessment of efficiency of operated devices of railway automation and telemechanics and variants of their modernization is considered. The results of the technique are used to determine the practicability and choice of modernization variants.
Key words: railway automation and telemechanics devices, modernization of devices, efficiency

I.N. Sinyakina, G.M. Bilenko, A.M. Zavyalov, Yu.V. Zavyalova
Analysis of incidents in rail transport process with due regard for human factor role

In the article there is the comparative analysis of incidents in the transportation process by types of antecedent events caused them. The nature and causes of frequently occurring technological violations caused the train delay with fully functional technical means as a result of the professional activity of operational personnel in violation of the established requirements, rules, instructions and other normative documents of JSC "Russian Railways" are revealed.
Key words: technique failures, technological violations, CASAT, CASANT

V.E. Nutovich
Automated charging for cars staying on public railway infrastructure

The article states the fundamentals of the technology taking into account its implementation in the automated systems of JSC "Russian Railways" including the identification of the facts of staying of the cars on infrastructure tracks, their registration with the relevant basic documents, the charging and carrying out the claim work in case of the client's refusal to pay.
Key words: fare for staying of cars on the infrastructure, the act of general form, registration and identification of car delays, claim work, Integrated Automated System of Act and Claim Work

E.A. Seslavina, A.I. Seslavin
Model of optimal allocation of fuel consumption in transport operation

The authors solve the problem of diesel fuel saving during the river boat traffic. It is assumed that the route has several sections: downstream or against the stream. This practical problem comes to the mathematical optimization problem of resource allocation. A numerical procedure for calculating the optimal time of the vessel's movement on each route is proposed.
Key words: optimal resource allocation, fuel economy, mathematical model

A.V. Gorelik, Yu.I. Polevoy
Train operation system with decentralized placement of equipment

The train operation system on the station-to-station block with decentralized placement of equipment is presented. The devices for state control of the track sections (microcomputer) are placed on the transport line units, and at the stations there are the computers without malign failures. The communication of transport line units with electric interlocking stations is provided by the double-wire line with time division of signals, there are no wayside traffic lights on the station-to-station block, short track circuits are used.
Key words: computer without malign failures, transport line units, track generators and receivers, car and track inductors

E.A. Gridasova, A.P. Nikiforov, A.A. Loktev, K.Yu. Tal'skikh, A.V. Grishin
Effect of high-frequency loading on mechanical and structural characteristics of 40X steel

The article deals with the topical issues of changes in the microstructure and microhardness in steel under high-frequency vibration effect which is observed in the industrial pipelines with coupling of the pump-and-compressor equipment. The optical microscopy and microhardness measurements are used to study the microstructures of samples after high-frequency loading.
Key words: high-frequency tests, gigacyclic fatigue, microstructure, microhardness

A.A. Platonov
Analytical study of the spherical working space of manipulator machines

The crucial issues of removal of not advisable tree-shrub vegetation from the right of way of roads and railways are considered. The generalized dynamic model of forming a spherical working space by a manipulator with a operative part installed on a railway vehicle is developed. A number of graphic dependencies are plotted.
Key words: road, railway, not advisable vegetation, spherical space, modeling

A.V. Polyansky
Evolutionary optimization of construction duration of transport facilities by flow line method

The author considers the optimization procedure of construction duration of transport objects with the genetic algorithm application. The substantiation for the application of the genetic algorithm to the solution of the optimization problem. The description of the main procedures of the genetic algorithm is considered on the concrete example. The results of the use of automation tools for the problem solution are shown.
Key words: transport facility, construction duration, flow line method, evolutionary optimization, genetic algorithm

V.N. Alekseev, O.V. Golovina
Formation of complex waves in an elastic half-space

The article examines the problem of propagation of oscillations in an elastic medium, in the stressed state of an elastic isotropic plane. The expressions for the components of the complex displacement vector for the problem of elasticity theory are deduced.
Key words: wave, plane wave, real and complex wave, complex potentials, stress functions

A.V. Sychyova, A.A. Loktev, A.E. Mozharov, V.P. Sychyov
Protection of building metal structures with flame retardants

The authors carry out the comparative analysis of the application of the flame-resistant coatings such as plaster and based on the physical phenomenon of swelling up (when heated, thus protecting the material underneath or sealing a gap in the event of a fire) paints and coatings called intumescent. The test data of intumescent water-dispersion paint of the Ferum-Pro type and the experience of its application in railway transport are presented.
Key words: fire resistance, building structures, fire-resistant coatings, paints, infrastructure

Zh.M. Govorova, V.M. Medvedeva, E.N. Pirogov, V.A. Semenovykh
On implementation of "Pure water" investment project of JSC "Russian Railways"

The prerequisites and significance of the development of the "Pure water" investment project of JSC "Russian Railways" are summarized. The results of its implementation, introduction and efficient operation of ozone and sorption installations in block-module design allowing to provide the potable quality water.
Key words: investment project, water quality, water purification process, ozone and sorption installation

I.V. Martynyuk, A.I. Shevchenko
Railway traffic safety assessment in emergency situations

The analysis of various aspects of the problem of safety and stability of the railway transportation process in emergency situations is carried out. The modern approaches to state estimate of safety and stability of the railway transportation process including the assessment of the stability state of the functioning of artificial engineering structures.
Key words: sustainable development, transportation process, railway traffic safety, stability, scale of stability levels

V.I. Apattsev, R.R. Kazaryan, B.A. Lyovin
Life activity safety

The authors carry out the analysis of F.Taylor's system in relation to the implementation of the needs of social activities in the life activity safety. The main approaches to the improvement of social relations and the society structure in the context of the dynamically changing world order in terms of ensuring the life activity safety are discussed.
Key words: certification of means of mechanization of manual labor and transportation of freight construction and structures

A.M. Zavyalov, V.S. Chaplygin, N.N. Sosunov
Improvement of the labor safety system of contact network electricians

The approaches to the sustainable formation of skills of safe work performance, improving the reliability and efficiency of contact network electricians based on the assessment of professionally important qualities of a worker providing qualification suitability.
Key words: traumatism, professional examination, professional suitability, professional diagnostics

O.S. Yudaeva, O.V. Kanunnikov, V.A. Axel'rod, S.Yu. Alekhin
Problem of sanitary and hygienic safety of undetected interstice in a passenger car

The problem of sanitary and hygienic safety in the cars equipped with the environmentally friendly toilet complex with removable casing of toilet bowls is considered. The improvement proposals for the existing instructions and future requirements for rolling stock equipped with the environmentally friendly toilet complex are made.
Key words: environmentally friendly toilet complex, passenger cars, environmental, sanitary and hygienic safety, instructions of cars washing