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2018 1

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Economic sciences

  • Computer science and control

  • Construction and architecture

  • Safety of human activity



P.Kh. Azimov
On the content of transport and logistic infrastructure elements of macrolevel

The acceleration of the world commodity turnover, the growth of its volumes and structure changes exerted influence on the role of transport and logistics in the world economy. In recent years the intensification of relations between the countries and the appearance of interstate transport and logistic systems are observe ed. The significance of practical and theoretical questions of the transport and logistic infrastructure research is increased. The analysis of approaches to classification of logistic and transport infrastructures is carried out. The author's vision of transport and logistic infrastructure content is shown. The classification of objects of transport and logistic infrastructure is developed.
Key words: transport and logistic infrastructure, transport and logistic systems, objects, elements, content

K.A. Sergeev, Ya.D. Podlesnikov, P.A. Gushchin, A.O. Petrov
Effectiveness increase of additional discharge of brake line

Great attention to the research of operation of the train brake system of different of formation plan has been paid for many years. These researches in relation to heavy freight movement are especially actual. From the point of view of lengthway dynamics the long freight trains formed from long-wheelbase cars including jointed type cars are of absolute interest.
Key words: the brake system, a discharge of the brake trunk, jointed type cars

V.A. Bugreev, A.P. Chekhov, I.V. Melnikov, D.A. Chekhova
Mathematical model of electrical machine installation

The analytical stability rating of electric machine installation in case of constant and variable rotating speed of the general shaft on the basis of regulations of the automatic control theory is made.
Key words: electric machine installation, engine generator

I.V. Kovrigina
Development and substantiation of technology of service maintenance of freight cars

The technique of the optimization of a overhaul life of the gondola car and the substantiation of need of service maintenance of freight cars is considered. It is offered to introduce on whole railway network such type of repair as the service maintenance with the work list of repair of car knots.
Key words: failures, current uncoupling repair, gondola car

E.Kh. Tasang, O.V. Voronov
Research of influence of process dynamics in the wheel and motor block on traction qualities of the locomotive

The development of torsional vibrations of wheel and motor blocks of locomotives taking into account coupling qualities of wheels with rails is considered. The dependences between parameters of this electromechanical system are established.
Key words: wheel and motor block, torsional vibrations, coupling of wheels with rails, modeling

A.G. Silyuta
Choice of control method of air supply system of diesel engines

The possibilities of increase in fuel profitability of transport engines are considered. The operation analysis of diesel diesel-generator 18-9DG installation on the diesel characteristic in two options (standard and experimental) is carried out. It is shown that during the operation on the experimental diesel characteristic the introduction of measures providing removal of the line of operating modes from border of stable operation of the turbocharger isn't required.
Key words: diesel locomotive, D49 diesel, high-speed and diesel characteristics, fuel efficiency, air bypassing

N.V. Fedotova, O.A. Yemelyanova
Business reputation of JSC "Russian Railways"

The business activity analysis of JSC "Russian Railways" from 2008 to 2016 is provided. The business reputation of JSC "Russian Railways" was calculated by the method of excess resources, the method on the basis of the volume of product sales (operations, services). The evaluation method of business reputation based on the concept of value added is considered.
Key words: business reputation, goodwill, intangible assets, brand, rebranding, economic value added

L.V. Pankratov
Symmetric laws of change of controlled value of automatic control system

The polynomial laws of change of traverse speed and length of the passable way realizing the gradient junction of management system from the initial stationary mode of functioning to the given stationary mode are provided. The absence of dependence of length of a brake distance on an order of the polynomial law of speed change of a control object is shown.
Key words: control process modeling, laws of automatic control system

V.I. Shamanov
Change cycles of operation stability of automatic equipment on electric traction sections

The operation stability of automatic equipment significantly depends on the traction current asymmetry in rail lines. Its primary source is the longitudinal and transverse asymmetry of resistance of rail lines, and the mutual inductivity of rails increases this asymmetry. The processes of the asymmetry origin of the traction current and the reasons of its change in time are analyzed. Ways of reduction of this asymmetry are offered.
Key words: rail lines, rails, rail circuits, automatic locomotive signaling, noises, of alternating traction current asymmetry

V.A. Fisun
Envelope building structure from sandwich-structured composites

The characteristic of the applied envelope buildings from sandwich-structured composites is given. Their advantages in comparison with the applied materials for wall panels are reflected. The classification of lightweight constructions of walls and coverings by types of effective heaters is given. Some shortcomings of the applied polymeric materials (chemical and fire hazard, small service life) are shown.
Key words: sandwich-structured composite, heaters, foamed polymers, chemical and fire hazard, heat conductivity, styrene cumulativeness

S.Ya. Lutsky, A.B. Sakun, A.N. Stepanov
Technological monitoring of road bed construction

Need of complex technology of increase in the bearing capacity of permanently frozen soil is proved. The content of technological monitoring for the purpose of the directed improvement of strength properties of soil in the basis of the road bed is stated. The expediency of the forecast the permafrost processes during the construction period is shown.
Key words: permanently frozen soil, monitoring, road bed, bearing value, complex technology

Yu.N. Pavlov, R.A. Kuzminsky
Problem of deficiency of drinking water and ways of its decision

The main reasons for emergence of deficiency of drinking water in a number of regions of the country are considered and the development of the mobile modular station of water supply on the railway transport for the solution of this problem is proved.
Key words: deficiency of water, drinking water, mobile modular station of water supply

Kh.A. Dianov, A.A. Loktev, V.S. Sokolov, A.V. Lyudagovsky, V.A. Polukhin
Design parameters of temperature fields in surface layer of details in the process electromagnetic overlaying

The temperature distribution in the surface layer of blanks in the process of the electromagnetic overlaying is rated; heatphysical properties of material of covering and basis are investigated; the zones of melting of a matrix and also the time spent for creation of the certain value of the temperature field taking into account the growth of coating thickness are defined.
Key words: heatphysical properties, restoration of details, circular heat source, heating modeling

V.A. Aksyonov, O.S. Yudayeva, V.B. Prostomolotova, G.V. Golysheva
Substantiation of working condition optimization when laying heat-insulating materials in a design of transport means

The labor protection is the priority problem of the state policy directed to improvement of working conditions. Complex researches on assessment of processes of oxidizing destruction of heat-insulating materials for cars are conducted; the detritus of materials are identified.
Key words: working conditions, car-repair plants, special assessment of working conditions, harmful chemicals

O.S. Lokteva, D.A. Loktev
Risk-focused approach as the basis of control system of labor protection

The modern control system of labor protection based on risk-focused approach is presented. The regulatory legal base of this approach, the injury prevention methods on modern production are considered.
Key words: risk-focused approach, labor safety, control system of labor protection, transport branch

S.A. Dontsov, V.S. Chaplygin
Creation of automation module of complex system of labor safety on railway transport

The retrospective transition from three-stage control in the field of labor safety to the complex system of state estimate of labor protection on the production object in JSC "Russian Railways" is considered. In order to reduce the labor costs, minimization of paper work and increase in a safety culture of work the module of automation is offered.
Key words: railway transport, labor safety, automation, complex system of state estimate of labor protection

I.G. Khamanov, S.Yu. Alyokhin, V.A. Axelrod
Ways of improvement of labor conditions of railway transport workers taking into account negative impact of biological factor

The results of statistical researches proving the need of development of additional systems of protection of workers from negative impact of the biological factor of the working environment are presented. The patented devices developed for the decrease in concentration of pathogenic germs in air of a working zone are shown. Their technical characteristics are given, and the social and economic effect of their introduction is defined.
Key words: biological factor, labor protection, working conditions, railway transport, air disinfecting, risk