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2017 4

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Economic sciences

  • Computer science and control

  • Construction and architecture

  • Safety of human activity



O.Yu. Krivich, I.K. Sergeev
Determination of operational indices for estimation of service properties of all-rolled wheels

The nomenclature and the determination procedure of indices used for the quality estimation of all-rolled wheels of the rolling stock are provided on the basis of the statistical information obtained during the operation of wheel pairs.
Key words: wheel pair, all-rolled wheels, quality management system, service properties, car

A.V. Burakova, L.N. Ivankova
Complex reconstruction of single track lines in connection with increase in volume of transportations

The new approaches to landmark increase of carrying capacity of single track lines are considered. The efficiency assessment of reconstructive actions under present-day conditions is carried out. The recommendations for the planning of the phased introduction of additional capacity of the infrastructure are made.
Key words: carrying capacity, investment, barrier places

A.V. Gorelik, V.Yu. Gorelik, I.A. Zhuravlev, I.P. Knyshev
Technical state control method of electromechanical railway interlocking devices

The way of technical state control of electrical machines based on the analysis of their transitional characteristics of DC connection is proposed for timely identification of electric switch mechanism motors failures and other electrotechnical devices of railway interlocking equipment, and for the effective use of automatic diagnostic system.
Key words: railway interlocking, diagnostics, electromechanical devices, electric motor, technical state control

D.V. Shalyagin, S.E. Ikonnikov
History and development prospect of "Dialog" train operation systems

The history of development and implementation of different "Dialog" train operation systems (microprocessor-based traffic control interlocking, relay and processor interlocking, microprocessor-based interlocking, remote control of low-active stations) is described. The development prospects of such systems are given. The geography of implementation of "Dialog" systems is presented by Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Belarus.
Key words: microprocessor train operation system, relay and processor interlocking

M.V. Gryaznov, E.M. Antropova, K.A. Davydov
Recommendations for resource intensity derating of technological processes of automobile transportations

Methodical recommendations for resource intensity derating of technological processes of automobile transportations due to a justified reduction in the number of staff of repair personnel are made. The main methodology for justifying the required number of repair personnel is the dependence of the average monthly mileage and labor intensity of maintenance and repair of the vehicle taking into account its age and performance characteristics.
Key words: automobile transportations, resource intensity, repair personnel, vehicle fleet

V.I. Apattsev, V.A. Aksyonov, A.S. Ilinykh
Reduction of noise nuisance of railway transport due to use of rail grinding technology

The article is devoted to the problem of the reduction of the noise nuisance on the inhabitants of areas adjacent to the railway on the basis of implementation of the new technology of high-speed grinding of rails. This technology allows to reduce the self-noise of the rolling stock as due to the removal of various geometric defects of the rail profile, and due to the formation of the required surface roughness after machine working.
Key words: noise, railway, grinding of rails, geometrical defects, surface roughness

G.I. Artyomova
Application of technique of decision-making hierarchy analysis of dispatcher service of seaport

According to the Development Strategy of seaport infrastructure of Russia till 2030 the formation of innovative infrastructure of seaports is necessary. One possible solution of this problem is the formation of decision-making support system of the port dispatcher service. The analytic hierarchy process is represented the more reasonable solution of multi-criteria problems in the complicated situation with hierarchical arrangement. The possible method of application of tables of Saaty for a choice of an optimum logistic chain is considered in the article.
Key words: analytic hierarchy process, logistic chain, table of Saaty, decision-making, multi-criteria problems

A.A. Vorobyov, V.A. Karpov
Resource determination of wheel pair elements of VL80 electric locomotives by nondestructive testing results

The design procedure of reliability indices and longevity of tractive rolling stock details by nondestructive testing results is explained. The testing is realized on the example of nondestructive testing results of gearwheels, wheel centers and wheel pair axes of the VL80. The data obtained when carrying out the repair of electric locomotives in the Petrov Val depot of the Privolzhsk railway were used for calculations.
Key words: reliability indices, tractive rolling stock, nondestructive testing, wheel pairs of the VL80

N.V. Stoyanova, V.I. Korol'kov, S.E. Goncharov, I.S. Popov
Strength of VSt3SP steel tanks in low temperature conditions

The possibility of application of 5 category of VSt3SP steel in the constructions of 15-1443 model tank cars in the low temperature conditions of is analyzed. Practically all freight cars and tanks are made of low-carbon steels of VSt3SP and 09G2S brands. In this regard the problem of reliability assessment and metal ware resource operating in the conditions of low climatic temperatures for anthropogenic protection of complex technical systems is topical.
Key words: tank car, VSt3SP steel, low temperatures

L.V. Shkurina, E.A. Maskaeva
Modern approaches to competitiveness rating of transport and logistic company in the transportation market

The modern appraisal plan of production and company competitiveness taking into account the functioning characteristics of an economic player in the freight transportation market is presented.
Key words: competitiveness, transport product quality rating, transportation cost

D.V. Efanov
Sum code with high detectivity in the field of small multiplicity of errors for technical diagnostics problems of discrete systems

The construction way of the modified weighed sum code possessing the improved characteristics of error detection in information vectors in comparison with the classical and modified Berger codes is offered. Improvement of characteristics is achieved by establishment of inequality between categories of information vectors and the subsequent procedure of the modification described in the article. At values of information vectors m?8 the new codes don't detect less than 10% of twofold errors.
Key words: discrete systems, error detection, Berger code, modified Berger code, modified weighed sum code

L.G. Kopteva, V.Yu. Chernov
IBM safety concept

The basic mechanisms underlying the IBM safety concept are considered; the audit functions of DB2 and DB2access resource managers, such as SAF and RACF.
Key words: safety, administration, identification, authentication, access control, data integrity

V.M. Alekseev
Measurement of electromagnetic relay parameters

The article deals with the construction of a measurement model for control objects with a large inertia. The model represents the sequence of operations that must be performed at the monitoring object to measure the pickup or drop-away voltages. The construction of the model is based on the use of series. The implementation of the model made it possible to shorten the time of measuring the pickup or drop-away voltages in comparison with the adopted technology of testing the first class reliability relays.
Key words: measurement model, polynomial, rational number, Gaussian elimination, electromagnetic relay, option

A.A. Loktev, D.A. Loktev
Formation of computational models of the reconstructed transport objects of historical and architectural heritage

In the present paper the model of a building or a transport infrastructure which allows to calculate the main parameters of the structural mechanics of buildings, to preserve the authenticity of the main architectural and decorative elements and to put into operation of the entire structure the structural elements of modern materials, providing durability, reliability and stability of the entire structure.
Key words: historical and cultural monument, reconstruction of buildings, construction design scheme, layer of final elements, boundary conditions, compatibility conditions

O.S. Yudayeva, V.B. Prostomolotova
Estimated parameters of thermodestruction and thermal stability of mats from URSA glass wool for passenger cars

Chemical analysis researches of samples of materials with estimation of thermodestruction and thermal stability indexes are executed. The thermogravimetric analysis is carried out.
Key words: heat-insulating materials, thermal stability, thermodestruction

E.A. Sorokina
The analysis of inhalation effect of harmful chemical substances identified in air of working zone of washermen and cleaners of rolling stock

The mathematical model applied to calculation of inhalation effect is adapted for calculation of arrival of substances in the organism of workers while performing work duties. The comparative analysis of calculation results of the average daily potential dose of the main chemicals is carried out. These chemical substances are contained in air of the working zone and included in detergents used in case of the outside washing of the rolling stock.
Key words: risk assessment, identification of danger, exposure assessment, inhalation effect, potential dose

I.Yu. Kroshechkina, A.M. Ziyatdinov, L.A. Astashkina
Comparative assessment of a sanitary condition of soils areas of formation and turnover of passenger trains

The comparative analysis of quality and sanitary condition of soils areas of formation and turnover of passenger trains of various climatic zones is carried out.
Key words: phytotoxicity, microorganisms, soils, sanitary condition of the soil, working conditions

D.L. Raenok, E.A. Mushtonina, G.V. Golysheva
Role of "The person at the track" information system in preventive measures of rolling stock accidents

The "The person at the track" information system is directed to injury the prevention when working and keeping rules on the railway tracks. The main functional link in work of the "The person at the track" information system is the locomotive crew.
Key words: reprimand, prevention, locomotive crew

M.M. Zheleznov, V.M. Ponomarev, V.O. Pevzner
Prevention of emergency situations by identification of volume deformations on potential and dangerous railway track sections with use of aerospace survey

The estimation methods of the operational situation on potential and dangerous railway track sections are surveyed. The proofs of prospects and high efficiency of the use of modern technologies of space remote sensing for prevention of emergency situations are stated. The suggestions on formation of integrated monitoring system of potential and dangerous track sections and adjacent areas are given.
Key words: emergency situations, monitoring, railway track, remote sensing, potential danger