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2017 ¹3

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Life safety on transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Transport building



V.B. Popov, R.V. Mironov
Modernization prospects of metro car bogies of old models

The analysis of statistical and strength finite and element models for the purpose of cause identification of the crack formation of metro car bogie frames of old models is carried out. The block brake modernization is proposed for the reliability improvement of bogie frames.
Key words: metro car, bogie frame, crack formation, block brake, modernization, economic effect

E.V. Slivinsky, V.I. Kiselyov, M.A. Ibragimov
Increase in motion smoothness of passenger cars

The rolling stock servicing is analyzed, more complete design of the hydromechanical vibration damper for use in passenger car bogies is offered. The analytical study of the offered design on the mathematical model allowed to reveal its advantages with known solutions.
Key words: rolling stock, passenger car, hydraulic vibration dampers, design model

V.N. Koturanov, S.V. Bespal'ko, N.A. Korniyenko, M.P. Kozlov
Power consumption as the energy assessment criterion of efficiency of absorbing automatic coupling devices

The article is devoted to the problem of efficiency assessment of the absorbing automatic coupling devices. It is proposed to use the power as the efficiency criterion of the absorbing devices of various types. The computer modeling technique of shunting impact of cars is developed. The analysis of various models of absorbing devices on the basis of power consumption criterion was carried out.
Key words: absorbing device, automatic coupling, car, shunting impact, power consumption, power characteristic

A.S. Kurenkov
Specification of failure mechanism of asynchronous auxiliary machines of modern electric locomotives of alternating current

The analysis results of asynchronous auxiliary machine of the modern electric locomotives of alternating current of East polygon of JSC "Russian Railways" are provided. The most damaged nodes of asynchronous auxiliary machines are defined, and the level of their influence on faultlessness of auxiliary machines is evaluated. The failure mechanism of asynchronous auxiliary machines of the modern electric locomotives of alternating current is specified.
Key words: electric locomotive, asynchronous auxiliary machine, statistic analysis, failure mechanism of asynchronous auxiliary machines

A.V. Gorelik, A.V. Orlov, V.V. Orlov, D.V. Soldatov, D.N. Bolotsky
Simulation model of estimated risk of train-hours loss through system failures of railway automatics and telemechanics

The questions of effect assessment of system reliability of railway automatics and telemechanics on the transportation process are considered, and also the inverse problem solution (the determination of such reliability level of railway automatics and telemechanics system when the set quality of transportations will be provided) is examined. Three approaches (empirical modeling, analytical modeling and simulation modeling) for the solution of these tasks are given.
Key words: risks, train-hours loss, Monte-Carlo method, random streams, empirical models

A.V. Dmitrenko, O.G. Vinokurova, M.A. Kolosova
Modernization of power complex of railway stations and applicability of low-potential heat on the basis of the organic Rankine cycle

The materials presented on the condition of the power equipment for the low-potential energy utilization on the basis of the organic Rankine cycle indicate its wide application on the transport and in the energy sector. Ñonsidering great technical and moral depreciation of the equipment the modernization of boiler-house of railway stations should be carried out taking into account suitability of low-potential energy utilization of exhaust gases on the basis of the organic Rankine cycle.
Key words: the organic Rankine cycle (ORC), utilization, evaporator, boiler room of the railway station

Yu.I. Polevoy, I.A. Zhuravlyov
Efficiency increase ways of interval control of train operation

The span control devices of the rolling stock location, integrity of rails, data transmission devices on the locomotive and the locomotive navigator allowing to increase system efficiency of interval control of train operation are described.
Key words: system of interval control of train operation, rail circuit, rail line

V.I. Apattsev, A.V. Matesheva
Standard and legal support of decrease in social and economic consequences for workers from air pollution

The authors submitted the analysis of standard and legal basis in respect of possibility of workers' compensation for damages as a result of the diseases caused by the continual atmospheric air pollution. The questions of standard and legal support of health protection, environmental and atmospheric air protection, reparation of economic damages and other compensatory measures directed to compensation of harm caused by air pollution are considered.
Key words: air pollution, health of workers, labour conditions, social and economic consequences

E.A. Ovanesova, G.V. Golysheva
Risk research of occupational morbidity of workers of battery sections of passenger car sheds under the influence of heavy metals

The results of research and content analysis of heavy metals (Cd, Ni, Pb) in air of the working area of battery sections of passenger car sheds are presented. A priori estimate of occupational disease risk is made. On the basis of the obtained data the necessity of content assessment of heavy metals in air of the working area of the battery attendant is proved. The number of advices of labour condition improvement is developed.
Key words: battery section, passenger car shed, air of the working area, heavy metals, labour conditions

V.A. Aksyonov, E.A. Sorokina
Results of chemical and analytical researches of the acid agents for the washing of rolling stock bodies of the railway transport

The research of the process solutions applied to the rolling stock washing to determine the suitability for outside washing (at 20 °C) of passenger car bodies painted by polyurethane enamels or alkyd materials is conducted. The test results of the pH value assessment of samples of the washing agent "Avant-Ñ" are presented.
Key words: calibration solution strength and density, washing agent, washing of cars, acidity

O.S. Yudayeva, O.V. Kanunnikov, V.A. Axel'rod, S.Yu. Alyokhin
Sanitary and hygienic and antiepidemic protection of the rolling stock when using sanitary engineering systems of the closed type

The article considers the introduction rates of modern systems of the ecological toilet complexes on the rolling stock of Russian Railways. According to statistical data the dynamics of the ecological toilet complex equipping of the rolling stock of JSC "Federal Passenger Company" is given. The development prospect of the task program of the ecological toilet complex equipping of the cars during the overall reconditioning at the car-repair plants is considered.
Key words: railway transportation, ecological toilet complex, passenger cars, ecology, track structure, pollution

L.V. Shkurina, F.V. Appazov
Theoretical aspects of investment competitiveness assessment of transport company - owner of freight cars

Topical issues of investment potential assessment of the companies-owners of the rolling stock for their long-term and sustainable development for transport service improving of freight owners are considered.
Key words: competitiveness, investment potential, investment competitiveness

D.V. Agafonov
Government regulation of railway infrastructure services in the conditions of structural transformation of the branch (Russian and world experience)

The main approaches to the government regulation of railway infrastructure services, tariff regulation methods in the Russian Federation and abroad are considered. The views of the tariff regulation problem of railway infrastructure services are generalized. The foreign practice examples of the realizable approaches to the tariff regulation are given.
Key words: railway infrastructure, railway transport, structural reform, tariff regulation, government regulation

D.V. Efanov
Look-and-feel of monitoring of logic units in case of half partition of outputs based on codes with the smallest total amount of undetectable errors in information vectors

The partition efficiency of outputs of diagnostic objects into groups under their monitoring on the basis of sum codes is analyzed. Look-and-feel of partition of outputs in case of their monitoring on the basis of modifications of Berger codes with the smallest total amount of undetectable errors in case of the set points of the lengths of information and control vectors are marked. It is proved that the best option is half partitioning of outputs into groups.
Key words: functional check system, Berger code, separable code, monitoring of groups of outputs, half partition, efficiency of partition

A.A. Loktev, K.A. Izotov, V.I. Lin'kov
Possibility of bandwidth increasing of fiber-optics communication lines

In the research the problem of capacity growth of the existing and operated optical fibers by more effective use of the detached wave band due to reduction of dispersion of optical signals and more dense arrangement of channels is solved.
Key words: optical fiber, bandwidth, specific dispersion of optical signal, normalized frequency

A.M. Zavyalov, I.N. Sinyakina, Yu.V. Zavyalova
Analysis of types, causes and consequences of technological disturbance in railway station operation

The comparative analysis of incident kinds is provided. The types, causes and consequences of the technological disturbance with the delay of trains at properly functioning of technical means as a result of professional activity of operation personnel in defiance of the established requirements, rules, instructions and other normative documents of JSC "Russian Railways" are analysed in detail.
Key words: failure of technical means, technological disturbance, analysis of types, causes and consequences

P.A. Kozlov, V.S. Kolokol'nikov
On the coordinated structural and functional construction of railway stations

The article is devoted to development of new macrostructure approach of the description of yard necks of railway stations. A yard neck element here is not the separate switch, but the structural channel - the group of switches providing some movement. This approach is more effective at the description of interaction of parks and yard necks, and it will allow to improve the designing design and technology solutions.
Key words: station, yard neck, yard, structural canal, compliance of parameters, capacity

E.V. Drabkina, Yu.N. Pavlov
Research of methods of water deferrization for boiler installations and steam generators

The topical issues of the use of various technologies of water deferrization for the heat supply systems are considered.
Key words: water deferrization, aeration, catalytic deferrization, ozonization