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2017 2

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The problem of railway track

  • Transport building



A.S. Kosmodamiansky, V.I. Vorobyov, V.O. Korchagin
Increase in adhesion of locomotive wheels with rails under the influence of constant magnetic fields on the contact zone

The problem of increase in adhesion properties of the locomotive by magnetization of wheel and rail contact is considered. The researches on the installation are carried out, the analytic dependence and the plot are received. The practicable variant of this method on the locomotive is suggested. The magnetization modes and parameters of the locomotive device of adhesion increase are determined.
Key words: adhesion of the wheel with the rail, installation, steel friction pairs, magnetic field, contact magnetization

V.I. Apattsev, A.N. Skachkov, O.S. Yudaeva, A.V. Zaytsev, S.L. Samoshkin
Disturbance assessment of the railway track as the factor of vibration onset of passenger cars

The possibility of the irregularity formation of the railway track according to the measurement of acceleration displacement of axle-box components are considered. Using the measurement of vertical and horizontal transverse accelerations of axle-box components of the passenger car the algorithms of the irregularity formation and the disturbance of the railway track are represented.
Key words: vibration, accelerations of axle-box components, disturbance and irregularity of the railway track, translation algorithms

K.A. Sergeyev, M.P. Kozlov, P.S. Grigor'ev, K.E. Suvorova
Determination of service life of the tank boiler from the fatigue resistance

The question of the deterministic approach application for the determination of service life of the tank boiler from the fatigue resistance is examined. The tank boiler service life of different parameters of shell thickness is evaluated on the example of 4 axes tank 15-145 for petrol and other light oil products.
Key words: tank boiler, tank boiler service life, fatigue resistance, semimomentless theory of shells

A.S. Kurenkov, V.P. Smirnov
Substantiation and development of model of operation of the asynchronous auxiliary machine of the alternating current electric locomotive of the East polygon of Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways"

The substantiation of applicability of Markov chains for model development of operation of the asynchronous auxiliary AC machine of the East polygon of the RZD are carried out. The model of operation of the asynchronous auxiliary machine is developed.
Key words: electric locomotive, asynchronous auxiliary machine, Markov chains, model

A.V. Gorelik, I.A. Zhuravlyov, A.V. Orlov, A.S. Veselova, D.V. Soldatov
Rate setting of reliability indices of railway infrastructure facilities

The concept and fundamentals of the developed by these authors rating technique of reliability indices of railway infrastructure facilities are considered. The results can be used for the performance assessment of railway infrastructure within the bounds of the methodology of resource management, risks and reliability analysis (URRAN), and also for other problems directly disconnected with this methodology.
Key words: URRAN, train-hours losses, availability ratio, failure rate, mean time to recovery

N.V. Kovalenko, E.N. Pirogov, V.A. Semenovykh
Thermal pumps and efficiency conditions in the heating system of industrial facilities

Alternative sources of heat supply of detached production facilities on the basis of thermal pumps are considered, and the assessment of energetic and ecological efficiency of this technical decision is carried out. The assessment of low-potential heat sources for heat supply facilities of production buildings is given.
Key words: thermal pump, low-potential heat source, conversion coefficient

V.I. Apattsev, I.M. Basyrov
Substantiation of new forms of forwarding service of freight owners

The negative factors affecting the quality of transport service of freight owners on the railway transport are considered. In order to determine the most significant of them the method of expert evaluations was used. The results of expert survey were processed with the mathematical statistics methods. It is suggested for quality improvement of transport service of freight owners to involve the small business in activities of holding company "Russian Railways" on the terms of franchise.
Key words: forwarding service of freight owners, method of expert evaluations

A.S. Gershval'd
Organization of control of station processes for feedback

The solution algorithms of the station processes from daily plans are suggested. The monitoring is based on the comparison of the information of plans and the condition models of station parks. It is accepted that the models are supported with the messages of the shunting automatic locomotive signaling system. The monitoring aim is to determine the opening moment of next planning session.
Key words: discreteness of planning sessions, algorithm of departure control, operation completion delay, information technologies for the operation of the operational executive, the shunting yardmaster, , the interlocking station master on duty

S.Yu. Yeliseyev, E.S. Kulieva
Process approach as a basis of effectiveness increase in the service system of freight owners on the railway transport

The question of the formation of the control system which would consider new working conditions in the market relations is examined, thereby increasing the quality and the efficiency of service system of freight owners on the railway transport. The application of the process oriented control system is the perspective trend.
Key words: high-quality service of freight owners, control of transportation process, functional approach

V.A. Bugreev, A.F. Slutin, M.S. Mil'to
Unipolar energy storage system

The design and the calculation method of the unipolar energy storage system and energy converter on the basis of the unipolar electric machine (UEM) adapted for this purpose are considered. The UEM has the flywheel rotor and operates in the process of kinetic energy storage in the engine mode, and in the process of return of electromagnetic energy as the generator.
Key words: unipolar energy storage system, flywheel rotor, unipolar electromotive force (emf), liquid metal contacts

A.A. Loktev, A.V. Boyko
Modeling of the "head and crash helmet" system at various speeds of shock loading

The problems of dynamic impact on the person are considered In the framework of the exact problem definition of mechanics of continuum. The special attention is paid to shock impact on the "head and crash helmet" system. The dynamics of failure zones of the protective design is shown at various speeds of blow, values of the major dynamic and kinematic characteristics in various characteristic points of the "head and crash helmet" system are received.
Key words: mathematical modeling, dynamic impact, "person and protective design" system

L.V. Pankratov
Modeling and optimization of the PID regulator

The block diagram of the automatic control system by exception with the proportionally integral and differential control law is submitted. The transitional and amplitude-frequency characteristics are examined. The functional relations between parameters of links of the PID regulator were received, they serving as the theoretical design basis for automatic control systems. The optimization of the control system structure in case of identical converters of the set and actual values of controlled variable is executed.
Key words: numerical optimization, regulators, modeling, control quality

L.A. Osipov
Solution of Bessel problem - discrete point-by-point plotting of envelope at unequal intervals

The method of transformation of discrete points to the continuous approximating path describing the movement of an object is considered.
Key words: digital processing, discrete signals, control systems

E.A. Gridasova, P.A. Nikiforov, A.A. Loktev, A.V. Grishin, A.E. Sukhorada
Influence of high-frequency loading on the structure of the low-carbon steel

Topical issues of change of the microstructure and the microhardness in the steel under the high-frequency vibration influence which can be observed in the rail length at the high-speed movement of crews are examined. The optical and electronic microscopy is applied to research the microstructures of samples affected by the high-frequency gigacycle loading.
Key words: gigacycle fatigue, high-frequency vibrations, sample microstructure, microhardness of material

A.V. Sychyova, M.V. Gridchin
Increase in soil bearing capacity of subgrade and ballast bed in the railway track construction

On the basis of theoretical and experimental investigations of the soil quality assessment of different open pits used in the railway track construction and the quality of ballast materials the recommendations and calculations for a choice of soil and ballast providing the increase in bearing capacity of a railway track are provided.
Key words: subgrade, soil, ballast, bearing capacity

L.V. Eder, I.V. Provornaya, I.V. Filimonova, A.P. Dementyev
Provision of world regions with the pipeline transport: methodical approaches, comparative estimates, potential of Russia

The research of theoretical approaches to the analysis of provision of world regions with the pipeline transport is executed. The dynamics of provision of world macroregions with the pipeline infrastructure for the last five years is analyzed.
Key words: pipeline transport, macroregion, area, population size, economic development

I.A. Tararychkin
Assessment and comparative analysis of properties of network structures of pipeline systems

The features of process of the progressing damage of structure of pipeline transport system are considered. The process characteristics of structural damage are set. The index of structural stability to the progressing damages is developed. The classification of the primitives representing objects with the simple network structure is suggested. The comparative analysis of properties of primitives with different topology is carried out. The influence regularities of primitives' structure on the expected operational characteristics of pipeline systems are determined.
Key words: pipeline system, primitive, structure, damage, stability, network, survivability