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2017 1

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Transport building

  • Life safety on transport



A.S. Kosmodamiansky, N.N. Strekalov, A.A. Pugachev
Reduction of temperature variations of force semiconductor devices of the traction transducer

The urgency of regulating of temperature variations of force semiconductor devices of autonomous voltage inverters is shown. The possibilities of variation reduction are considered. The control system of temperature variations applying the frequency of switching as the control action and working on departure from the given value of variations is offered. The simulation results are given in MATLAB.
Key words: autonomous voltage inverter, loss power, temperature, equivalent circuit, control system

N.L. Mikhalchuk, N.S. Nazarov, M.Yu. Kapustin
Automatic control system of the traction drive with adaptive excitation of electric motors

The transition to axle-by-axle control with separate excitation allows to maintain optimum rigidity of the traction characteristic of each traction electric motor. Such regulation in case of a lack of information about the control object is possible with the implementation of the adaptive control system with identification devices of identification and the electric semiconductor variator.
Key words: regulation, automatic control system, adaptive control, traction electric motor, tractive force

V.N. Filippov, V.G. Popov, V.M. Ponomarev, Yu.N. Shebeko, S.V. Bespalko
Problems and methods of protection of tank wagons in case of emergency

The scenarios of emergency with tank wagons introduced in regulatory documentation are developed. Results of long-term researches of durability, stability, thermal processes, dynamic loading in case of wrecks are explained. The safeguarding equipment in case of accidents are created. A number of models of tank wagons is made for dangerous and especially dangerous freight.
Key words: tank wagon for dangerous freight, emergency, scenarios of emergency, safeguarding equipment, thermal processes

S.V. Bulatov
Analysis of the current state and problems of the passenger motor transport

The analysis of the current state and problems of the passenger motor transport for the purpose of identification of number of buses (minibuses) operated with excess of the normalized service life is carried out. Thereby there are the risk and the initiation of failures, and also the need for spare parts that requires the optimal solution of tasks of material logistics.
Key words: bus fleet, make, year, federal district, failures

V.I. Apattsev, I.M. Basyrov
Factor score on the choice of an optimum location of logistic infrastructure objects

The problem of optimum allocation of elements of transport and logistic infrastructure is considered. The basic approaches to the problem solution of the location choice of logistic infrastructure objects; theoretical questions of an assessment of influence of the revealed factors of the market environment on the location of the logistic centers are analysed. The method of implementation of the combined analysis based on the use of Ishikawa diagrams is offered.
Key words: transport and logistic infrastructure objects, energy efficiency, combined analysis

V.A. Bugreev, I.N. Markin
Bilateral assessment of reliability under known frequency moments of random variables for system of continuous use with float time

The assessment of reliability indicators of systems with float time of continuous use in the conditions of the minimum of a priori information on partition laws of random variables is offered, and that corresponds to a large number of real situations. In particular, in case of only the initial moments of distribution functions of random variables are known, and the type of these functions is random.
Key words: object and time system, random variable, distribution function, mathematical expectation and variance

V.K. Musaev, O.S. Yudaeva, L.E. Shvartsburg, V.A. Aksyonov, S.A. Khachatryan
On the safety of complex technical systems

The problems of safety of complex technical systems are considered. The analysis of constructive solutions of the technical systems of different function connected with their survivability is made.
Key words: safety, survivability, modeling, accident, catastrophe, anthropogenic processes, technical systems

A.S. Veselova
The assessment principles of risks connected with unreliable operation of railway automation objects

Questions of application of methodologies of ALARP and URRAN for the integrated assessment of risks of unreliable operation of railway automatic equipment are examined. The example of a matrix of risks connected with the level of operation reliability of railway automation object is made, the determination sequence of norms of operation indicators of railway automation objects and synthesis of the risk matrix are given.
Key words: reliability indicators, risk level, matrix of risks, reliability control

A.A. Alferova
Research of recovery of economic losses of freight owners from the risk of delay in freight delivery

The economic losses of freight owners resulting from freight delivery untimely are investigated. The amount of their compensation when receiving the fine for delay of freight delivery from transport company is evaluated.
Key words: delivery time, risk, economic losses, fine for delay of freight delivery

D.S. Tanifa
Economic feasibility of introduction of TEM31M light shunting locomotive

The problem of replacement of outdated technologies on more effective meeting to modernity realities is considered. The assessment of the overall economic efficiency of the rolling stock replacement on the railway transport is carried out. The comparison of several locomotives on main types of expenses is executed for an example.
Key words: economic efficiency, innovation actions, expenses on primary activities

T.V. Boldyreva, I.M. Kublin, K.B. Ladyzhensky
Marketing support and tariff policy as a mechanism of increase in freight transportation by the railway transport

The principal trends connected with marketing are revealed and the need of use of marketing tools for tariff policy is proved. Questions of the organization of tariff policy of rail freight transportation on the principles of marketing are considered. It is noted that the flexible tariff policy is the effective instrument of attraction of additional traffic volumes.
Key words: marketing, cost, tariff, transport services

V.P. Anan'ev, V.N. Alekseev, O.V. Golovina
Determination of stressed state in the rock having tunnel production with the method of complex potentials

The problem of stressed state of the elastic isotropic plane is considered. The expressions for the components of a complex vector of conveyances for the problem of the elasticity theory are received with the method of complex potentials.
Key words: complex variables, complex potentials, stress functions, analytical functions, stress tensor

A.A. Loktev, V.P. Sychyov, O.I. Poddaeva, A.V. Potapov, G.N. Talashkin
Modeling of the bridge-tunnel for the passenger transport passing through infrastructure facilities

For the effective organization of road traffic and an exception of traffic blockage on city streets it is offered to develop the project the bridge-tunnel for the passing of cars. The presented mathematical model of the bridge-tunnel allows to define all necessary kinematic and dynamic characteristics of design elements and to begin the offered perspective structural design.
Key words: mathematical modeling, bridge-tunnel, cylindrical shell, aerodynamic effect

V.K. Musaev, O.S. Yudaeva, L.E. Shvartsburg, V.A. Aksyonov, S.A. Khachatryan
On the analysis of various reasons of accidents of building sites

Currently many organizations specialize not only in projects on strengthening of the bases and the foundations, but also create new technologies for reinforcing of construction objects from natural, anthropogenic and environmental extreme influences. The analysis of the cause of accidents of building sites is considered.
Key words: analysis, accident, catastrophe, building site, efficiency, reliability, deformation, yielding

G.V. Barinova, L.A. Astashkina
Human factor on the railway transport: safety problems

Aspects of traffic safety on transport, human activity in the control system, the role of human factor in the "person - vehicle - social environment" system, problems of decrease in probability of incorrect decision making in the course of working as a result of influence of external psychological and physiological factors on the human operator are considered.
Key words: safety, railway transport, human factor, accident, traumatism, accident risk

A.V. Shvetsov
Structural and logical model of underground protection

The trend analysis and the content of modern terrorist threats in the underground is carried out. The model of underground protection is offered. This model makes possible the problem solving of security level assessment of underground objects from terrorist threats.
Key words: underground, station, transport safety, vehicle, terrorist act

V.M. Ponomarev, D.N. Vasil'eva
Methodical recommendations on the determination of equivalent sound level in rolling stock cabs

The assessment technique of quality of made capital repair in terms of determination of equivalent sound level in rolling stock cabs is given.
Key words: special assessment of working conditions, capital repair, equivalent sound level

S.V. Lyukhanova, D.V. Gontar
Structural components of the integrated control system of transport safety on the example of JSC "Russian Railways"

The transport safety elements are defined from the point of view of an integrated approach. The creation of the integrated control system of transport safety is offered. The structural components of the integrated control system of transport safety are given on the example of JSC "Russian Railway".
Key words: transport safety, integrated control system of transport safety