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2016 ¹4

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Mechanics of transport structures



K.A. Sergeev, O.Yu. Krivich, A.S. Antonovsky
Total technical state estimate of the electric equipment of passenger cars at depot repair

The data organization of the experimental estimate of the technical state of the car electric equipment is based on the application of the automated record system, dislocation control and the analysis of the car fleet use. The obtained data are used to calculate indicators determining the probability of no-failure operation of the rolling stock.
Key words: quality control, depot repair, repair department of electric equipment

E.V. Slivinsky, V.I. Kiselyov, M.A. Ibragimov
Long-range swing bolster spring suspension of passenger cars

The spring suspension of passenger cars of the our railways is analyzed and more advanced design of the suspension allowing to change automatically its characteristics depending on the mode of a dynamic load is offered. The analytical and mathematical model-based study of the offered design allowed to identify its advantages over the known decisions.
Key words: passenger car, spring suspension, reñentering device, design model, dynamic analysis

S.I. Gubenko, I.A. Ivanov, D.P. Kononov
Influence of nonmetallic inclusions in steel on corrosion resistance and fatigue strength of railway wheels

The corrosive attack problem of railway wheels in the operating process is discussed. The influence of nonmetallic inclusions on tendency of wheel steel to corrosion cracking and fatigue strength in corrosive environments was investigated. The consecutive order showing the degree of an adverse effect of inclusions on mechanical characteristics of wheel steel in corrosive environments is established and validated.
Key words: wheel, fatigue strength, corrosion, nonmetallic inclusions

V.B. Karpukhin, G.M. Bilenko
Mathematical model of the optimal scheduling of car traffic volume at the railway division

The mathematical model of optimum scheduling of car traffic volume at the railway division carrying out the freight transportation is considered. The problem is formulated as the choice of the optimum car traffic volume in given directions; the simplex method of linear programming is used; the numerical example is made.
Key words: railway division, mathematical model of the problem, optimum planning

P.A. Kozlov, N.A. Tushin
Interaction of a structure and a partially controlled traffic current

The problem of interaction of a structure and a traffic current underlies the problems of calculation and improvement of railway stations. For a long time the rated traffic current was presented as the average multiplied by the irregularity coefficient. Then the interaction was described by means of the queuing theory. The real traffic currents are nonrandom, they are partially controlled. The article examines the fundamental principles of the interaction of the mixed traffic current and a structure.
Key words: traffic current, structure, random, controlled, interaction

A.A. Antonov, M.E. Bakin, V.I. Lin'kov
Computation methods of the level of traction current harmonics of the adjacent track in the siding with the traction substation track circuits with the insulated joints and the common power supply

The assessment technique of the traction current influence in the contact wire of the adjacent track on the track circuit with the isolated joints and the common power supply siding with the traction substation in normal and control operating conditions is considered. The analytic expressions for the determination of the current flowing through the track circuit equipment and having harmful influence are received.
Key words: mathematical formulation, rail line, traction current harmonic, harmful influence, traction substation

V.K. Musaev, O.S. Yudaeva, L.E. Shvartsburg, V.A. Aksyonov, S.A. Khachatryan
On methods and approaches of integrated reliability improvement of technical systems

The analysis in the field of integrated reliability improvement of technical systems is considered.
Key words: method, approach, reliability, technical system, analysis, mechanism, apparatus, device, machine, complex system

Yu.N. Pavlov, R.A. Kuz'minsky
Research of monitoring of water supply systems. Problems and their solutions

The monitoring problems of water supply systems are considered. The suggestions on the monitoring organization of water supply systems in present-day conditions are developed.
Key words: monitoring of water supply systems, technical inspection of water supply systems

F.I. Khusainov, M.V. Ozherel'eva
Influence of railway tariffs on the coal industry competitiveness

The role of coal transportations and its contribution to profitability of JSC "Russian Railways" are considered. Rates for coal transportations by rail and the transport (railway) component in the final price of coal are analysed. The influence of railway tariffs on competitiveness of the Russian coal is shown.
Key words: railway tariffs, transport component, rates of railway operators, coal

A.V. Sorokina, M.A. Basyrov
System retrofit of company management at the expense of process management introduction

The features of quality management of the railway transport are considered. The example of the card of business processes of the company of the freight service operator is given. The methods of business process inspections are examined. The approach to the systematization of business process inspection results is proposed.
Key words: business process system, business process inspection, management of railway transport

A.S. Bolotov
Modeling of effective organizational and managerial structures of transport company

The questions connected with modeling of effective managerial structures of transport company, McKinsey's model and organization development factors are examined. The review of the comprehensive option of the effective organizational structure of the management system is carried out, the basic diagram of "tree" of the purposes and problems of management in transport company is denoted.
Key words: management system, construction process, transport process, optimization, effectiveness increase, organizational structure, transport complex

V.M. Alekseev
Monitoring system of information security for high-speed transport

The questions of information securing in the information environment of high-speed transport are examined. The existence of covert channels is proved. The realization of methods of information leakage protection through covert channels by means of monitoring of objects and subjects on the basis of the identifying systems is proposed.
Key words: information security, isolated software environment, covert channels

L.A. Osipov
Overcoming of signal processing complexity in numerical control systems

Transformation methods of discrete signals in numerical automatic control systems are considered.
Key words: numerical handling, discrete signals, control systems

L.G. Kopteva, A.G. Ruban
Analysis of protection methods of confidential information leakages

The main information risks and basic facts of the confidential information leakage registered for several years are considered. The results of researches carried out by information leakage types are given. Various protection methods taking into account their advantages and disadvantages are adduced.
Key words: security system, risk, unauthorized access, confidential information

A.V. Shemyakin, A.A. Kuraksin
Research technique of traffic characteristics in the central part of the city of Ryazan on the basis of global satellite positioning technologies

The research technique of traffic characteristics in the central part of the city of Ryazan on the basis of global satellite positioning technologies is provided. The research results can be applied in case of adequacy assessment of computer models of transport systems of the cities on macro, meso and micro levels.
Key words: global satellite positioning technologies, speed, travel time, experimental researches

S.D. Algazin
Computing experiment in the problem of free vibrations of a rectangular plate

The review of computation researches of free frequency of a rectangular plate and results of computing experiments where it is shown that the second and third frequency of a square plate are multiple, and this proves that the respective proper subspace is two-dimensional. Two respective proper forms are given.
Key words: proper vibrations of a rectangular plate, biharmonic equation, numerical algorithms without saturation

V.K. Musaev, A.M. Zavyalov, V.G. Merzlyakov, V.A. Aksyonov, I.V. Derevyashkin
Mathematical modeling of the plane longitudinal wave in the form of a rectangular pulse in the elastic half-plane

The information on the modeling of the plane longitudinal wave in the form of a rectangular pulse in the elastic half-plane is given. The problem is implemented by means of the equations of the theory of elasticity. Developing the complex of programs the algorithmic language FORTRAN-90 was used. The investigated range is divided into variables of final elements of first order.
Key words: transient (nonstationary) waves, numerical method, boundary-value problem, initial value problem, Cauchy problem