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2016 2

Main subjects

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Life safety on transport

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The problem of railway track

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes



L.A. Baranov, V.A. Grechishnikov, M.V. Shevlyugin, Dang V'et Fuk
Assessment of harmonic components of traction current in Moscow Metro on the basis of experimental measurements

Electrokinetic performance of underground electric rolling stock of 81-740/741 type on the basis of experimental measurements are provided. The tests were carried out on Filyovskaya and Zamoskvoretskaya lines of the Moscow Metro. The received results were used for research of harmonic components of current of the train which influence on train operation systems: signals and interlocking, automatic train signalling with automatic speed regulation (ALS-ARS), both in the braking mode, and in the regenerative braking mode.
Key words: power quality, power-supply system of the Metro, drive with induction motors

Yu.Ya. Komarov, R.A. Kudrin, E.V. Lifanova, M.N. Dyatlov
Determination of driver professional qualities required for effective driving of passenger vehicle

The technique including the questionnaire with the list of the professional qualities necessary for drivers for effective driving of vehicles is developed and tested. This technique can be applied to the expert evaluations of professional qualities of other operator specialists.
Key words: drivers of passenger vehicles, professional qualities, method of expert evaluations

I.V. Lavrinenko, S.A. Dontsov
Assessment and minimization of the fire risk at the oil processing enterprises

Fire risks at the oil processing enterprises are considered. The tools for the analysis and record of fire risks are offered. The damage assessment is given and security measures against possible emergency situations are presented.
Key words: fire risk, oil processing enterprises, emergency situations, damage

V.M. Ponomarev, D.N. Vasil'eva
Research of sound volume in locomotive cabs under operating conditions

Research results allowed to develop the tool for the comparative assessment of equivalent sound volume in the cabs of various types of rolling stock and kinds of traffic received in actual operating conditions with the equivalent sound volume received in certification tests of rolling stock.
Key words: equivalent sound volume, certification tests, operated rolling stock

S.V. Fokin
The organization of exchange of indices in onboard monitoring and diagnostics system of special rolling stock

The onboard monitoring and diagnostics system of special rolling stock developed in JSC "Scientific Research and Design-Technology Institute of Rolling Stock" and used on the track maintenance machine RPB-01 is described. The structure of exchange of indices in system is presented. The particular attention is paid to the organization of the human-machine interface.
Key words: onboard monitoring and diagnostics system, ER model, human-machine interface, software, emergency

N.M. Legky, T.R. Sabirov
Efficiency increase of quality of development and production of antenna systems for transport applications

This paper considers the integration of the design antenna process in PLM for the organization of manufacturing and project management. Design approach is presented as analytical and numerical methods. An actual project developed and demonstrated that its integration to large extent reduce the time spent on the move from calculation to prototype.
Key words: PLM, ESA, manufacturing process management, microwave, antennas

S.Ya. Lutsky, V.V. Vinogradov, Yu.A. Bykov, A.B. Sakun
Development of the research of subgrade in permafrost

Summarized research results and the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on subgrade in transportation in cold regions. The main directions of studies of the safety of geotechnical constructions on permafrost are stated. The prospects of practical applications of scientific work on transport in the permafrost zone are shown.
Key words: subgrade, permafrost soils, safety, research

E.P. Korol'kov, K.A. Sergeev, A.I. Bondarenko
The choice of a rolling surface profile in condition of rolling stock's following curves

In the condition of rolling stock's following curves there is the heavy wear of a wheel as a result of contact of flanges and side surfaces of rails. The comparison of a difference of radiuses of rolling circles in the case of cross motion of wheel couple is made in the article. It is shown that wheels with curvilinear profiles have great differences of radiuses of rolling circles in the case of identical movements.
Key words: wheel and axle set, rail, contact point, rolling profile, contact stress, movement in curves

A.V. Gorelik, A.S. Veselova, A.A. Maslov
Application of simulation modeling during the designing and quality evaluation of operation of railway automatic systems

Questions of simulation modeling of technical operation process of railway automatic systems are considered. The example of a simulation model of functioning of software of the microprocessor interlocking system and the example of the application of the offered model for the faultlessness assessment of software are given.
Key words: simulation modeling, simulation examination, software, reliability

A.V. Sorokina
Regulatory foundations of strategic management of the state-owned company

The article analyzes the substantive regulatory foundations for the strategic management of state-owned companies. The author considers the system of state relations and the company which must be confirmed by the legal and regulatory aspects at every level of strategic management.
Key words: strategic management, legislative control, strategy, levels of management

L.V. Shkurina
Problems and prospects of forming of competitive advantages in transport and logistic business

Questions of forming of competitive advantages of the companies functioning in transport and logistic business are examined. The factors influencing the competitive status are provided and the conditions allowing to provide protection of competitive advantages are determined.
Key words: transport and logistic business, competitive advantages, competitive status, interspecific competition, protection of competitive advantages

N.P. Teryoshina, A.V. Sorokina
Economic-organizing analysis of condition and development prospects of the rail transport company as an object of strategic management

The article describes the features of the strategic management process in the companies of holding type; methodical principles of the economic-organizing analysis of the condition and development prospects of railway transport company as an object of strategic management. This article attempts revealing the features of the activity analysis of the railway company. This analysis displays in detail both the behavior of each subsystem and the local result of its activities.
Key words: economic-organizing analysis, strategic management, company development, decision-making levels

A.S. Gershval'd
Methods and algorithms of operational planning of train work on the polygon

Selection of requests of clients for transportations from the database of operators of rolling stock by volume not exceeding on daily work volume of restrictions from the technical plan are offered. The selected requests are distributed to shifts, and then on the three-hour periods. Selection and distribution is conducted so that first of all the most profitable requests were accepted to execution. The set of requests which is selected for the three-hour period acts as a task for intra replaceable planning of traffic flow of trains on solid route schedules by the principle "from door to door".
Key words: requests for transportations, stock of orders, technical plan, daily plan, replaceable task, three-hour period, method, algorithm

G.M. Bilenko, V.S. Volkov
Schedule of locomotive turnover as basis of the schedule of freight traffic

The authors present the necessity of introduction of the fixed schedule of train operation. The certain conditions providing a possibility of its implementation with the minimum side effects are given.
Key words: fixed schedule of freight traffic, operation of train formation, schedule of locomotive turnover

V.A. Sharov
New risks in the implementation of the single integrated planning on railway of general purpose

The isolation the main resources (cars, locomotives, infrastructure facilities, etc.) from overall process of operation of freight and passenger traffic leads to increase of risks of failure to provide of volume and qualities of transportations. The modeling was shown final increase in the demand for railway rolling stock and infrastructure. It is offered to reduce these risks through the integrated planning.
Key words: railway of general purpose, demonopolization, risks, integrated planning, modeling

S.Yu. Yeliseyev, A.A. Shatokhin
How to reduce the dynamic reserves at the loading station wagon?

The process of loading with the cars is more dependent on stochastic factors. The presence of such dependence is forcing operators to stock the cars at loading. The effect of the fragmentation of the freight fleet of cars on the size of the reserve.
Key words: ensuring loading, stochastic factors, stock of cars, risk reduction, consolidation of rolling stock

V.P. Postnikov
Analysis of functioning of public passenger transport in the megacities

The analysis of public transport functioning in the megacities (by the example of Perm) is provided in the article. Dynamics and structure of main functioning activities of public transport in recent years is presented, such as: fleet of vehicles, passenger traffic volume, fare, ecological compatibility. The comparative characteristic of the activities between the cities is carried out.
Key words: public transport, functioning activities, volume, dynamics, structure of transportation, fleet of vehicles, fare, megacities