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2016 1

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • The problem of railway track

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Modelling of transport processes



M.A. Zhuravlyova, N.I. Zubrev, S.M. Kokin, V.A. Aksyonov
Lead pollution of wayside zones in the megalopolis

The lead distribution of in wayside zones of four railway sections and in the territory of marshalling yards within the city of Moscow depending on the traffic volume and the dispersion halo of enterprises is considered. The comparison of right of way pollution of railway and road is given. The comments on rate setting of heavy metals in the soil are made.
Key words: city ecology, heavy metals, right of way pollution, rate setting of heavy metals

Yu.I. Popov
Investigation of influence of meteorological factors on isolation of traction electric machines of electric locomotives operated on grounds of the railway polygons with difficult climatic conditions

Investigation results of influence of meteorological factors on isolation of traction electric machines of electric locomotives operating in difficult climatic conditions are given. The identity of dependences of isolation reliability of traction electric machines of "", "F", "" thermal-life characteristics from meteorological factors is shown. Influence of impregnation quality on isolation reliability of traction electric machines is revealed.
Key words: electric locomotive, traction electrical machine, isolation, meteorological factors, thermal-life characteristics, isolation impregnation

K.A. Sergeev, P.S. Grigor'ev, M.P. Kozlov
Adaptation of results of static stress analysis in the bearing components of rolling stock to their fatigue strength assessment

The deterministic approach for quantification of blocks of loading used as initial data in the analysis of structures on resistance to fatigue damages is offered. The adaptation variant of the equivalent stress received as a result of static calculation of the bearing structures of a rolling stock to their fatigue strength assessment is considered.
Key words: fatigue strength, static stress, bearing components of rolling stock

Yu.Yu. Tsykunov
Diesel locomotives of alternating current

Locomotives with the asynchronous traction drive are considered. Questions of locomotive traction with the asynchronous traction drive in the mode of start of motion are described.
Key words: traction coefficient, torque pulsation, passenger locomotives, pulse-duration modulation, axle weight, voltage distortion coefficient

L.V. Eder, V.Yu. Nemov
Projection of energy consumption on transport: methodical approaches, estimate results

The prediction technique of energy demand is presented by road transport. Results of calculations of energy demand and quantity projection of transport means in Russia and Europe are given.
Key words: projection, energy consumption, number of cars, power consumption, transport

A.A. Alferova
On the issue of the impact of freight delivery time on the competitiveness of railway transport

The influence of quality of transport service in terms of freight delivery to the customer's choice - the consumer of transportation services is considered. The analysis of the cost and time of delivery of freight by road and railway transport on some directions was carried out.
Key words: competition in the transport market, quality of transport services, freight delivery time

G. Gonzalez-Luchinin
Projection of passenger traffic volume on the basis of indicators of the market development of passenger high-speed traffic

The author's forecasting model of a passenger traffic on the basis of indicators of the market development of high-speed main lines is described. The system of the indicators characterizing the market development of passenger high-speed traffic is developed. The calculation of drivers of passenger traffic change is made, on their basis its projection is submitted.
Key words: high-speed railway traffic, passenger traffic projection, indicators of the market development of passenger high-speed traffic, assessment of economic efficiency

A.A. Loktev, V.V. Vinogradov, Yu.A. Bykov
Identification of concrete slab reinforcement of ballastless track

The wave approach to the identification problem of dynamic characteristics of deformation of flat target due to dynamic impact is modified, and the use of this method to determine the interaction points of wave fronts after their multiple reflections from the faces of the bearing orthotropic plate is given.
Key words: dynamic contact, wave equations of a plate, orthotropic properties, reflected waves, computational algorithm

V.P. Sychyov, T.V. Novozhilov
Research of influence of the shock-absorbing pads under rails and sleepers on the railway track operation

Theoretical and experimental researches of influence of pads on maintenance quality of a railway track are conducted. The decrease in crushed stone destruction in a contact zone with a sleeper base, the increase in service life of a link without replacement of rails on butt defects is proved.
Key words: railway track, rail, pad, sleeper, joint, defect of rails, shock load

D.A. Loktev, Yu.A. Bykov, N.I. Kovalenko
Use of the analysis technique of image blurring for detection of external defects of a railway track

The actual problem is the cycle control and monitoring of the railway condition for the presence of defects both of the track structure and in the ballast section and road bed. Graphic dependences of probability of errors of the first and second kinds depending on different defect parameters and settings of the monitoring system are received.
Key words: image blurring, hardware and software system, kinematic characteristics, probability of error

E.P. Korol'kov
Properties of contact points of a curvilinear profile

It is noted that the application of a curvilinear profile increases the contact zone at the cross motion of wheel and axle set. Three curvilinear profiles equations are described by cuspidal function and its modifications are considered. Profiles are called convexo-concave, concave and curvilinear - rectilinear. Along with them straight-line function is considered. It is shown that the greatest contact zone on a wheel and a rail is observed for a concave profile. It is noticed that the choice of a profile needs to be made taking into consideration other factors too.
Key words: wheel and axle set, rail, contact point, a driving profile, contact stress, movement in curves

A.A. Shatokhin
Logistic principles of effective coordination of freight traffic operators and freight owners

The process of loading ensuring by cars has great dependence on stochastic factors. These are the coincidence of the car arrival time to the freight deliver time and adjustment of loading volumes. Such dependence leads to unproductive expenditures. The ways of reduction of unproductive expenditures and decrease in dependence on stochastic factors are considered.
Key words: loading ensuring, stochastic factors, unproductive expenditures, optimization, decrease of risks, consolidation of operation of cars

A.E. Borovskoy, A.G. Shevtsova
Research of saturation degree of crossing with due regard for classification of motor cars

The physical meaning of value of saturation degree on the isolated crossings, regulated with traffic light objects is considered. The dependence of datum and vehicular traffic capacity was identified, the research of influence of motor cars and their classification on saturation degree was conducted. The ways of improvement and forecasting of vehicular traffic situation depending on the studied value are offered.
Key words: network of streets, saturation degree of crossing, traffic light objects, traffic signalization

L.A. Osipov
Linearly-approximating transformation of discrete signals in digital processing systems

The method linearly - the approximating transformation of multipulse signals in complex automatic control systems is considered.
Key words: digital processing, discrete signals, automatic control systems

G.A. Cherezov, V.B. Leushin, V.I. Lin'kov
Simulation of fault condition in the track receiver of a tonal track circuit

The mode of obtaining parameters of responses of signals on output control points of the track receiver of a tonal track circuit for use in diagnostics of this receiver condition is considered.
Key words: tonal track circuit, track receiver, diagnostics of track receiver, component failure simulator

P.A. Kozlov, I.O. Naboychenko
Research on the polygon macro-model at the organization of the heavy railway traffic

The macromodeling technology of polygons at change of railway traffic current is offered. The calculations by means of the IMETRA simulation system of the polygon of the Sverdlovsk railway at the organization of the heavy railway traffic are given. The rational staging of development is proved.
Key words: modeling, heavy railway traffic, traffic capacity, polygon