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2015 2

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Transport building



V.A. Ulyanov
Assessment of level of technological safety on a railway transport

Priority approaches to railway transport safety are given. The assessment technique of technological safety level on a railway transport is given. The use of results of the quantitative risk analysis and method of expert assessment is considered as an assessment criterion of technological safety.
Key words: causes of anthropogenic accidents, technological safety, quantitative risk analysis, method of expert assessment

V.A. Fisun, O.V. Voronov
To the question of an assessment of air pollution as a result of operational activity of the railway transport infrastructure

The approximate analysis of air pollution processes in consequence of operational activity of the railway transport infrastructure is submitted. It is revealed that the most accurate mathematical model of formation of environmental pollution levels is the diffusion parabolic equation for some stationary mesoprocesses.
Key words: polluting substances, air pollution source, dispersion of impurity

Yu.V. Moskalyov, M.A. Karabanov
Definition of a location and power intensity of the energy storage in the traction power-supply system of direct current of a double-track section

The power converters are installed to reduce excess energy volumes of recuperation on traction substations. The small-sized power-intensive stationary stores of energy are considered as an alternative technical solution, being necessary to determine the location of the energy storage and its power intensity depending on the excess energy recuperation volume in various points of a traction network.
Key words: excess energy recuperation, power intensity, energy storage

V.N. Li, S.V. Klimenko
Assessment technique of a thermal softening of a contact wire

The researches devoted to wear types of a contact wire are analysed. It is shown that the leading factors of a numerous wire breaks in addition to mechanical wear are electric and thermal wear. The latter consists in a thermal softening of some volume of a contact wire under the action of an electric arc. The improved technique of definition of degree of a softening of contact wire material is offered.
Key words: contact wire, electric arc, thermal softening, thermal wear, technique

L.A. Osipov
Optimization of the information system project

The technique of definition of optimal characteristics of queuing systems by means of the received formulas of the inverse solution of such systems not requiring the probability calculation of their states is developed.
Key words: information systems, queuing theory, queuing system, direct problem, inverse problem

A.A. Astakhov, V.P. Ananyev
Use of non-electrical systems and sensors safeguarding the transport infrastructure

Questions of technical infrastructure development and response to the new safety risks in habitat which becomes vulnerable in the absence of safe railway, automobile, information components of transport infrastructure are examined. New approaches to a problem of safety of these objects in their nonlocal extensive structure using non-electrical systems and sensors are defined.
Key words: safety, transport infrastructure, non-electrical systems and sensors

N.M. Legky, A.I. Barannikov
Reliability improvement of determination of navigation coordinates of transport means

The malicious interference effect to transport navigation receivers of satellite radionavigational systems is considered. Consequences for transport means during the operation of the receiver in the conditions of interferences are given. The method improving interference immunity of determination of coordinates of transport means is given.
Key words: GLONASS, GPS, satellite radionavigational systems, intelligence transport systems, interference, protection, safety

Yu.N. Pavlov, R.A. Kuz'minsky
Modernization of ventilation system of a passenger car

On the basis of the analysis of designs of ventilation systems and air conditioning in passenger cars recommendations for the ventilation system improvement in passenger cars are made.
Key words: air ventilation in cars, ventilation system, natural and forced ventilation systems

M.D. Pautov
Model of transshipment of imported grain cargoes through seaports of Russia

The process of transshipment of bulk grain cargoes in seaport by direct board-car option in the absence of elevator storability is considered. The reasons of possible loss of process efficiency are shown, and ways of its optimization with the participation of the forwarding agent are planned. The model of process of the bulk grain cargo forwarding handled directly from ships in grain-cars which can be used at creation interactive workstations of the forwarding agent is created.
Key words: bulk grain cargoes, transshipment by direct option, cargo forwarding, transport process coordinating, seaport, grain-cars

V.P. Chervinsky
On the stability of the transverse motion of statically unbalanced wheel pair taking into account parametrical excitation and nonlinear damping

The linear equations in variations corresponding to the nonlinear differential equations of the transverse motion of statically unbalanced wheel pair taking into account forces and the moments of elastic slip allowing to investigate parametric vibration generated by defects of wheel pair are removed. From conditions of asymptotic stability the analytical restrictions for coefficients of linear damping and critical speed as functions of parameters of system of the equations are received. Expressions for the reference frequency of the periodic solution of system are received.
Key words: wheel pair, force and moment of elastic slip, parametric vibrations, linear damping, critical speed

Kh.T. Turanov, A.A. Gordiyenko
Analytical definition of time of car rolling on the second high-speed section of a hump at influence of a favoring wind of small size

The simple formulas for the definition of time and speed of car rolling on the second high-speed section of a hump at influence of gravity of the car with (or without) freight and a favoring wind of small size in combination with resistance forces appearing at influence of ca-track system are received for the first time.
Key words: hump, car, favoring wind, D'Alembert's principle, integral of rational functions

P.A. Kozlov, N.A. Tushin, I.G. Slobodyanyuk
Macro-modelling of railway stations and junctions

The technology of the integrated modeling (macro-modelling) of railway stations and junctions realized in the simulation system of IMETRA is given. The technique of the integrated representation of structure and technology in the model is offered. Examples of the calculation results are made.
Key words: simulation system of IMETRA, micro- and macro-models, railway stations and junctions

Yu.I. Popov, O.O. Sokolov
Process research of electric strength reduction of insulation of traction electrical machines of the locomotives operated in difficult climatic conditions

The research results of the mechanism of electric strength reduction of insulation of traction electrical machines of locomotives are given. It is established that from 65% to 90% of insulation failures of traction electrical machines occurred because of reduction in electric strength of insulation when overwetting. It is revealed that lack of effective diagnostics tools leads to the insulation failure.
Key words: locomotive, traction electrical machine, insulation, aging, overwetting, electric strength reduction

A.M. Zavyalov, P.A. Nevarov
Ways of quality improvement of operation of infrastructure objects of a railway transport

The practical approaches allowing to improve the efficiency, quality and reliability of technological processes through the address created, preventive and corrective actions minimizing influence of potential inconsistencies and possible deviations at design and realization stages of technological processes are described.
Key words: technological process, risk management, expert methods

S.N. Beryakov
Improvement of calculation methods of risk factors at the efficiency assessment of investment projects

The article is devoted to the improvement of calculation methods of risk factors at the introduction and further functioning of the investment project. The full classification of external and internal risk factors is considered, the comparative description of assessment methods of investment risks is submitted.
Key words: risk management, risk factors, economic reserve, sensitivity analysis

V.G. Dmitriev, A.V. Patrikeev, E.K. Salatov
Monitoring features of dynamic characteristics of buildings and constructions on the transport

Questions of the monitoring of dynamic characteristics of buildings and constructions on the transport are examined. The general order of the monitoring is given and its main stages are described.
Key words: dynamic monitoring, dynamic characteristics, buildings and constructions, transport, inspection