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2015 1

Main subjects

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Life safety on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Transport building

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport



S.M. Efimov
Car use efficiency improving in a controlled segment of passenger rail traffic

We consider the efficiency of the passenger complex in terms of application of the modern approach to the management of the second-class carriage park. The new approach is to manage passenger cars as resource objects and "profit centers" of the passenger complex, with information about their deployment, planned inclusion into trains, depot maintenance dislocation taking into account.
Key words: passenger complex, the turnover of passenger cars, JSC "Federal Passenger Company" (FPC), Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

S.Yu. Eliseev, A.A. Shatokhin
The main factors affecting the efficiency of freight cars

Currently, the freight car fleet has a large number of owners. This leads to significant technological losses. Their reduction is possible with consolidation fleet of cars of different operators and the use of technologies increasing empty wagon maneuverability.
Key words: operation of freight cars management, numerous operators, the uncertainty of diurnal demands

N.N. Sidorova, O.V. Tretinnikov, V.P. Feoktistov
Improving the efficiency of recuperative braking in electric traction

The recuperative braking modes of the train in hazardous down grades are considered. An assessment of the regenerative mode effectiveness is recommended to carry out according to the criteria of total energy savings and better use of the section capacity in the zone of a hazardous down grades.
Key words: electric locomotive, recuperative braking, traffic schedule, speed limits, travel speed

E.P. Balakina, M.I. Shcheglov, E.V. Erofeev
Metro line operational control algorithm for restoration traffic on a planned schedule

Metro line day-to-day management algorithm for restoration traffic on a planned schedule is considered. The relevance to develop an algorithm and some prospects for its use in the centralized traffic control system is shown.
Key words: day-to-day management algorithm, centralized traffic control, full schedule, metro

L.Yu. Kataeva, A.A. Ermolaev, N.N. Kiseleva, D.A. Maslennikov
Numerical and experimental simulation of flow around bodies of different configurations

The process of preparing models of different configuration vehicles for purging in the air tube is described in detail, their assembly, handling and installation including. Numerical simulation of streamline models in conditions equivalent to experimental ones is performed. A good agreement between calculated and experimental results in the air tube is shown.
Key words: aerodynamics, numerical modeling, streamlining, air tube

V.M. Medvedeva, E.N. Pirogov, V.A. Semenovykh
The innovative technologies of water purification

The basic patterns of an ozonizing impact on iron removal and water demanganation efficiency are given. The article illustrates the equipment preparation for ozone-filtration technology implementation in water treatment and the analysis of the effectiveness of various schemes for the given technology.
Key words: ozonizing, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), iron removal, demanganation filtering

A.E. PLastinin
Assessment of the risk of oil spills on inland waterways

An original method of estimating risk of oil spills on inland waterways is suggested and an example of its use is given. The classification of transport vessel hazard sites with oil spill risks for Volga-Kama basin is worked out.
Key words: risks, oil spills, accident, traffic hazard sites, classification

Yu.I. Popov, A.S. Kurenkov, M.D. Glushchenko, V.P. Smirnov
Research of the state of tractive electric machines on operated in difficult climatic conditions electric locomotives

Research results of the state of locomotives operated in difficult climatic conditions revealed in electric locomotives work an accelerated aging, water logging of insulation with a sharp decrease in electrical resistance when long stay, its breakdown when operating.
Key words: electric locomotive, tractive electric machine, isolation, long stay waiting for work, water logging

P.V. Sychev
Application of micro-dispersed influence method on crack growth resistance in rolling stock residual resource assessing

The analysis of the possibility of using the method of dispersed hair crack on crack growth resistance (V.V. Bolotin method) for residual life assessment of special rolling stock in order to justify its further exploitation
Key words: residual resource, forecasting, cracking, supporting structures, special rolling stock, metal fatigue

M.Yu. Kapustin, Yu.I. Dezhin
Assessment of a train positioning accuracy when applying RFID technology

The possible accuracy margins of a train positioning when applying RFID technology are empirically studied and established. The research methods and applied technologies are described.
Key words: speed, accuracy, positioning, coordinate, way sizing, speed measuring, accuracy of measurement

Kh.T. Turanov, A.A. Gordienko
Refined mathematical model of a car motion down the grave hump under the influence gravity and headwind

The results of the construction of a specified mathematical model of a car rolling over a hump profile under the influence of a headwind are highlighted. Final analytical formulae for determining a rolling car speed and the distance traveled on the first section of the profile were received. Graphic dependence of speed and distance traveled versus time are performed.
Key words: hump, headwind, D'Alambert's principle in coordinate form, integral of rational functions

A.M. Khudonogov, V.P. Smirnov, E.M. Lytkina, E.Yu. Dulsky, P.Y. Ivanov, N.N. Garev
Zonal system to improve the reliability of traction rolling stock electrical machines

The authors analyze the question of reliability of traction rolling stock electrical machines (TPN), operated on the East circulation loop. Under the investigation conducted, a system structure to improve reliability of electrical machines TPN, based on an insulation state monitoring and innovative insulation restore technologies, allowing to perform TPN maintenance with given zonal features of its operation was suggested.
Key words: zonal system, loop, cracks, traction rolling stock, electrical machinery, insulation

A.V. Melikhov
Quality assurance of spare parts and components procurement for car- repair plants

The elements of the procurement system of materials, parts and components for domestic car repair production. An improved method for determining a procurement quality index on the example of axle bearing suppliers for Tambov wagon factory is suggested. A graphical analysis of component suppliers is represented.
Key words: procurement system, the quality of the car-repair production incoming inspection, index of supply quality

A.N. Savkin, A.V. Andronik, M.A. Sukhanov
On the application of a continuous damage approach and crack propagation in assessing the fatigue life of structural elements of vehicles

The basic models of damageability and continuous propagation of cracks are presented. With the factors affecting fatigue processes in transport structures, advantages and disadvantages of the approaches are described. The necessity and proportionality of sharing models per transport damageability in CAE is substantiated.
Key words: method of stress, method of deformation, crack propagation, transport means fatigue

V.A. Aksenov, A.M. Zavyalov, Y.V. Zavyalova, I.N. Sinyakina, N.A. Taradin
The analysis of potential inconsistencies in the processes of railway transport

The authors show the possibility to integrate methods of improving the efficiency, quality and process reliability by targeted preventive and corrective actions that minimize the impact of potential inconsistencies and possible deviations at design stages and implementation processes.
Key words: technological process, risk management, expert methods

V.V. Bugreev
Barriers in the Russian Federation construction industry

Major barriers in the construction market of the Russian Federation are considered. The hindrance degree in entering the market is evaluated. External as well as internal barriers are considered. A comparison of administrative barriers in different cities of Russia and the EU is submitted.
Key words: entrance barriers, exit barriers

L.A. German, E.V. Novikov, Z.A. Fomina, L.G. Ruchkina
Laying of a foundation for the use of high-speed reclosing in AC contact feeders

Work of electric rolling stock in voltage dips in a traction network due to short circuits, as well as high-speed reclosing operations at traction network emergency are considered.
Key words: APV (automatic reclosing), short circuit, voltage dip, disassembly circuit, traction network automation

N.P. Grigoriev, A.V. Voprikov, A.P. Parfianovich
Service life improving in traction transformer windings, with 25 kV AC substations by selecting traction network power supply circuits

The pressing problem of winding life service maximization in power transformers of 25kV AC traction substations is considered. Method of determining a winding isolation wear when connecting transformers to the traction network under new schemes is given. For new transformer connection schemes to the traction network, the effect of traction network power patterns for wear winding isolation is analyzed
Key words: power supply railways, traction network power supply circuits, transformer winding isolation wear