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2014 4

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The problem of railway track

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Life safety on transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport



Yu.M. In'kov, A.S. Kosmodamiansky, G.A. Fedyaeva, V.P. Feoktistov
Use of battery-trolley electric locomotives for shunting work at stations

Shunting work at stations should be carried out using battery-trolley electric locomotives. The concept of such electric locomotive is proved, and its operation efficiency on the basis of diesel traction electric motors and iron-nickel accumulators is shown. Operating experience of VL26M electric locomotives is considered.
Key words: switching electric locomotive, battery-trolley traction, electrochemical accumulators, energy storage systems

Kh.T. Turanov, M.V. Korneev, A.A. Gordiyenko
Stability rating of wheel equipment on a railway platform at a variation of tension of preliminary wire twist of fastenings

Results of the conducted researches proved the stability rating possibility of freight or the car with freight relative to one of bearing at a variation of tension of preliminary wire twist of fastenings. It is established that, unlike specification technique, the stability rating of freight and the car with freight needs to be carried out taking into account the tension of preliminary wire twist of fastenings.
Key words: car, wheel equipment, flexible elements of fastening, pretension, displacement of freight across a car

A.V. Orlov, V.V. Grishankin
Control of coupling of locomotive wheel pairs

The coupling derangement of locomotive wheel pairs in the form of skids is a frequent phenomenon and, as a result of a set of negative consequence, undesirable. The control method based on pattern identification of operation condition of locomotive wheel pairs by means of artificial neural networks is offered and the results of certainty value assessment of the coupling derangement of wheel pairs are given.
Key words: coupling derangement, skid, locomotive, wheel pair, artificial neural networks, Kohonen feature map

N.N. Sidorova, V.A. Sharov, A.Yu. Malyutin, D.V. Nazarov
Technical and economic efficiency of modernization of electric driving car trains of direct current

The reasons of the raised expense on energy consumption in passenger traffic are considered. The appropriateness of transition to the accounting system of the specific consumption of the electric power including the density of passenger traffic in passenger/km is shown. The analysis of stage-by-stage modernization of electric trains is carried out. Calculation of use of asynchronous traction engines with pulse control that makes possible to liquidate starting losses is given and allows to recuperate energy to the speed of 6-7 km/h.
Key words: electric driving car trains, asynchronous traction engines, pulse control

V.P. Smirnov, O.O. Sokolov
Experimental and statistical reliability research of traction electric machines of electric trains of direct current

It is established that growth of current load causes the essential decrease in reliability of traction machine, especially in winter operating period, because of closure of air outlet holes of the ventilating air from the traction machine. The influence of contact line voltage on the reliability of traction electric machines is shown.
Key words: reliability, traction electric machine, armature winding, current load, ventilation, electric wear

A.A. Loktev, A.V. Sychyova
Determination method of parameters of a railway track on the basis of an assessment of anisotropic properties of soil and rheological feature of the terrain

The new realization of the determination method of the kinematic and power quantities characterizing the behavior of railway track elements under the action of dynamic load is considered. The offered technique is capable to simplify the procedure of track diagnostics and allows to determine the displacement and tension near given points.
Key words: dynamic influence, standard values of settling, railway track, mechanical characteristics

V.I. Apattsev, A.V. Podorozhkina, V.O. Rusakov
Assessment of appropriateness of the organization of the heavy freight traffic on the electrified railway sections

The problem of the organization of the heavy freight traffic on the double-track electrified sections is considered. The fields of efficiency, inefficiency, and partial efficiency of the heavy freight traffic depending on intervals between consecutive trains are established. The calculation formula is developed to determine the percentage of heavy freight trains in the total train flow at which the maximum freight capacity of double-track railway sections is reached.
Key words: organization of heavy freight train operation, versions of the passing of freight trains, freight capacity

V.O. Rusakov
Influence of track infrastructure condition of the operation polygon of heavy freight trains on freight capacity of railway sections

The influence of track infrastructure condition on the organization of heavy freight traffic is considered. The conditions allowing to establish the efficiency or the inefficiency of the heavy freight traffic depending on characteristics of warnings of speed limit of train operation are developed. The technique of a choice of the optimum traffic condition of freight trains on the sections included in the operation polygon of heavy freight trains is offered.
Key words: organization of heavy freight train operation, versions of the passing of freight trains, cash freight capacity of railway sections, traction calculations

O.O. Sokolov
Research of temperature and humidity operation mode of traction electric machines of electric trains of direct current

The most damaged components of traction electric machines of electric trains are armature winding and additional poles. It is caused by the elevated heating temperature because of increase in traverse speed, intensive application of electric braking and decrease in intensity of ventilation of traction machines during the winter operating period.
Key words: reliability, traction electric machine, armature winding, winding of an additional pole, ventilation system

V.A. Bugreev, I.N. Markin
Selection criterion of the efficiency indicator of maintenance of complex technological systems

The selection of the efficiency indicator of maintenance of complex technical system is realized. The comparison of indicators is carried out. The principles the versatility indicator of maintenance efficiency has to correspond are defined.
Key words: maintenance, efficiency indicator, selection criterion

K.V. Shchurin, N.A. Morozov, Yu.L. Vlasov
Frequency-response analysis of vehicles at collision through an external air bag

The dynamic model of collision of vehicles through an external air bag is considered. Dynamic characteristics of vehicles at collision are defined. The measures for reduction of the dynamic load acting on the colliding objects are developed.
Key words: collision, vehicle, deformation, air bag

E.Yu. Lipatov, A.A. Gorshenin
Reasons of decrease of driver work capacity

Classification of the conditions of the vehicle driver resulting in decrease in work capacity is given and also the possible reasons of the road accidents caused by these conditions are considered. The statistics of accidents connected with low work capacity of the driver and the danger of driving in such condition are shown.
Key words: driver, work capacity, statistics of accidents, road accident, traffic safety, motor transport, DWI

V.A. Aksyonov, O.S. Yudayeva, S.V. Demidov, A.S. Gladarenko, O.G. Egorova
Assessment of processes of thermal-oxidative destruction of polymer-containing constructional and finishing materials of the internal equipment of passenger cars

Carrying out full-scale firing tests of passenger cars the assessment of potential biological danger of products of thermal decomposition of polymer-containing of constructional and finishing materials that allows to consider effect of a summation and potentiation of the allocated toxic chemicals is made.
Key words: thermal-oxidative destruction, full-scale firing tests of passenger cars

V.G. Struchalin, V.M. Ponomaryov, V.Yu. Navtsenya
Possibility of emergency situations when filling railway tanks with flammable liquids

The assessment of possibility of emergency situations during the operation of tanks with flammable liquids is carried out. It is indicated the need of strengthening of measures for the prevention of emergency situations caused by the ignition of vapors of flammable liquids.
Key words: transportation of dangerous freights, flammable liquids, explosion hazard zones, emergency situations

S.N. Klimov
Methodological foundations of safety philosophy

Safety philosophy questions in a philosophical perspective are examined. The introduction of safety philosophy perspective to a social and philosophical field allows on the one part abstract-theoretical approach to the understanding of complex and essential problems of safety in historical and logical, ontological and anthropological aspects, and on the other part, to enrich theoretical approaches to this phenomenon with empirical data.
Key words: safety philosophy, historical and logical aspect of safety, ontological aspect of safety, anthropological aspect of safety

G.V. Barinova
Disability and transport: determination problems

The disability phenomenon from the point of view of the philosophical principle of determinism is analyzed. Subdividing the set of determinant on objective and subjective the author examines the anthropogenic reasons of disability in the plane of causal determination, and also analyzes the subjective causes and effects of transport accidents promoting the growth of disability.
Key words: disability phenomenon, personality with limited possibilities, objective and subjective determinants, anthropogenic reasons of disability

V.M. Medvedeva, E.N. Pirogov, V.A. Semenovykh
Oxidative methods in water treatment

The technology of potable water purification with the use of oxidation methods is considered. The substantiation of application efficiency of ozonization to this effect allowing to provide deep water purification from a wide range of pollution is given.
Key words: ozonization, oxidation-reduction potential, water treatment, Pourbaix diagram, deferrization

R.R. Guseynov
Feasibility study of effective application spheres of railway stations serving the contrailer terminal

Substantiating the economic efficiency of the contrailer terminal construction on the basis of the existing railway stations the capital expenditure for construction of the contrailer terminal and additional average annual operating costs are considered as expenses, and as revenues - the profit from providing services in carrying out of initial and final operations with contrailers by the station and the terminal.
Key words: contrailer transportation, railway station, contrailer terminal, economic efficiency, application spheres, complex rate

Yu.A. Lygin
Discrete model of estimated asymmetry parameter of motion of the reverse traction current

The discrete model of estimated asymmetry parameter of motion of the reverse traction current when applying of sand on the wheel-rail contact is offered. The result of the researches described in this article is the definition of probability distribution function of asymmetry parameter. It is shown what parameters have an influence on distribution of asymmetry parameter of motion of the reverse traction current. The example of determination of asymmetry parameter at the set-up parameters is given. Some recommendations for minimization of this phenomenon on devices of railway automatics are made.
Key words: asymmetry parameter, reverse traction current, Bernoulli's principle, coefficient of traction, conductivity of the wheel-rail contact

A.S. Serebryakov, E.V. Novikov, D.A. Semyonov
Modeling of the thyristor voltage regulator feeding the electric gas-discharge reactor in Matlab and SimPowerSystems

The results of simulation modeling of processes in "the thyristor regulator - nonlinear inductive-capacitive load" system are given. It is shown that in such system there is a specific voltage resonance called thyroresonance. Quantitative characteristics of this phenomenon are provided.
Key words: nonlinear inductive-capacitive load, gas-discharge reactor, electronic-ionic technology, thyroresonance