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2014 2

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Issues of information and communication on transport

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Life safety on transport

  • Transport building

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Universities transport



Kh.T. Turanov, A.A. Gordienko, S.A. Sitnikov
Calculation of flexible fastening elements wheeled vehicles from the influence of longitudinal forces according to a new method at a variation of the coefficient of the longitudinal dynamics of the car

The graphic dependences of lengthening and effort in each flexible element of fastening of freight on the value of the coefficient of the longitudinal dynamics of the car are made for the first time on the basis of the earlier obtained analytical formulas. The results of calculations proved the possibility of the safety and reliability of the transportation process without commercial damage in transit.
Key words: wheeled vehicle, coefficient of the longitudinal dynamics of the car, efforts in the elements of fastening of freight

B.I. Pavlitsky, A.A. Demyanov
New problem solving of wear of elements of supporting and returning devices

The causes of wear of the center plate arrangement are considered, the review and the analysis of the patents offering problem solutions of increase of durability of the arrangement are carried out. The new problem solving by means of self-organizing systems is offered.
Key words: center plate, center pivot, wear, friction, lubricant, bearing, self-organizing system

E.V. Chuprakov
Analysis of existing and proposed technical solutions of wheel pairs of rolling stock of differential execution

The analysis of the existing technical solutions of wheel pairs of rolling stock of differential execution is made and their classification is offered. The functioning of wheel pairs with hard and easy fit wheels on the axle is considered, their advantages and disadvantages are defined. The basic requirements are formulated, and the optimal design of wheel pairs of differential execution for Railways of Russia will meet these requirements. The technical solution for improvement of steady interaction of "wheel-rail"system is proposed.
Key words: interaction of track and rolling stock, wheel pair the car, the wheel, rail, axle

D.P. Kononov
Increase of working life of car wheels using the local heat treatment

It is proposed to increase the fatigue strength of solid-rolled wheels by means of local heat treatment of disks. Locally reinforced areas are put evenly with external and inner side of the wheel disk in places of transition a disk into a rim and a hub.
Key words: wheel, fatigue strength, local heat treatment, safety

V.V. Mikhaylov
History of application of television on railway transport (1936 - 2013)

The history of a periodization of inventions and application of black-and-white television (monochromatic) in systems of picture signal transmission of objects of railway transport with representation of chronological dates is executed.
Key words: history, periodization, reading of numbers of rolling units of railway transport, control of integrity of moving trains

A.F. Fomin
Asymptotically optimal algorithms and potential noise immunity of stochastic dynamical systems at influence of noisy signals with arbitrary known distribution law

Asymptotically optimal algorithms of maximum likelihood in problems of recognition and estimation of signal parameters under influence of additive noise with arbitrary known univariate distribution of probabilities are considered. The analytical equations of optimization (block diagrams) and quality indicators of their work possessing the maximum possible (potential) noise immunity on the given class of distribution of noisy signals are received.
Key words: asymptotic optimal algorithms of signal recept, potential noise immunity

A.V. Saushev
Reliability improving of the transport electrotechnical systems on the basis of optimal parametric synthesis

The issues of increase of parametric reliability of transport electrotechnical systems are considered. The method of tapering areas intended for optimal parametric synthesis of electrotechnical systems on the criteria of working capacity margin is stated.
Key words: electrotechnical system, working capacity area, working capacity margin, parametric synthesis, state control

V.A. Bugreev, I.N. Markin
Increase of reliability of technological line equipment of conveyor production

The problem definition on increase of reliability of engineering system of conveyor production is carried out; the life cycle stages of the machine are considered. The cumulative frequency curves for mathematical modelling of operational process of the equipment on time redundancy are found.
Key words: allocation of equipment costs between the life cycle stages of the equipment

V. I. Apattsev, M.G. Lysikov, A.M. Ol'shansky
Ideology of intellectual management of complex transport systems

The article is devoted to the analysis of the main approaches to management of transport systems from the viewpoint of adaptability and intellectual management. The indexes of the authors studying the application of artificial intelligence techniques are given. The general concept of the transport system as a set of the elements functioning in the conditions of changeable environment is considered, and on this basis the corresponding ideological platform is postulated.
Key words: artificial intelligence, free will, multi-agent systems, region, evolution, algorithm, concept

Yu.A. Kravtsov, E.V. Arkhipov, A.A. Antonov, M.E. Bakin
Standards for electromagnetic compatibility of rolling stock and track circuits and methods of their check

The analysis of standards for electromagnetic compatibility of rolling stock and track circuits and methods of their check applied on the Russian Railways is carried out. The comparison of results of processing of the records of the variable component of traction current in the frequency and time domain is executed. The algorithm of an assessment of working capacity of track circuits of tonal frequency in normal conditions at influence of harmonics of traction current in operating frequency band.
Key words: electric rolling stock, harmonic of traction current, electromagnetic compatibility, spectrum, signals, spectrogram

O.S Yudaeva, S.V. Demidov, E.A. Toloknova
Mathematical model of formation of dangerous factors of a fire in passenger car with risk calculation for environment

The main dangerous factor of fire in passenger cars is the outburst of toxic combustion products and thermal decomposition of materials. The description of the software package "Ecorisk" developed for automation of data processing obtained by results of ecotoxicological tests in passenger cars for the assessment of this factor is presented, and also the received results are given.
Key words: car passenger, toxic combustion products, automation of data processing, toxicity index

V.I. Apattsev, A.M. Zavyalov, I.N. Sinyakina, Yu.V. Zavyalova, E.V. Grishina
Safety of train operation on the basis of decrease in influence of human factor

The article is devoted to the analysis of possible approaches to the assessment of the influence of human factor on the safety and efficiency of train operation. The analysis of existing approaches is presented. It is shown that the questions of the role of human factor should be given attention to, both at the design phase, and at the implementation phase of technological processes in transport.
Key words: human factor, traffic safety, operation of transportation processes

V.P. Anan'ev, V.N. Alekseev
To the question of thermal destruction of rocks

The mathematical model of influence of high-temperature gas jet on an elastic half-space is considered. In the framework of the accepted model it is estimated the possibility of thermal destruction of rocks.
Key words: thermal drilling, thermodrill, fire drilling, high-temperature gas jet, rocks

V.V. Krishtal`, A.V. Stepanenko
Training of personnel for high-speed railway main lines is impossible without the development of professional standards

In connection with preparation for the construction of high-speed main lines in Russia it is necessary the training of qualified specialists of railway construction. This training is impossible without the actualization of educational programs of Higher Professional Education, Secondary Professional Education, Further Professional Education, the correction of the Uniform Wage-Rates and Skills Handbook and the development of professional standards.
Key words: high-speed main lines, construction, Self-regulating Organizations (SRO), professional standard

E.M. Lytkina, E.Yu. Dul'sky, A.M. Khudonogov
Technical solutions to automatic optimization of technology of insulation capsulation of end coils of electric machines with oscillating IR-power supply

The presented constructive decisions on this installation demand the careful analysis on the substantiation and choice of three basic systems: the control system of frequency-controlled asynchronous electric drive, the control system of ensuring of precision supply of impregnating material on end coil isolation, and the control system of spectral composition of thermal radiation.
Key words: automatic optimization, oscillating IR-power supply, traction engine, insulation

A.A. Vlasensky
Operation problems of locomotives and locomotive crews on polygons of great length

The main aspects of transition to through polygon technologies of operation of engine yard and the contingent of locomotive crews are stated. The recommendations for the training of personnel of control center of traction resources of different levels of organizational hierarchy are made.
Key words: control center of traction resources, operation of locomotives and locomotive crews, polygons of great length, training of personnel

M.P. Isakov
Economic substantiation of a control system of traction resources of transport organizations

Transition questions to a new control system of traction resources are taken up, and the approaches allowing to prove this system are offered.
Key words: railway transport, polygon technologies, control centralization, traction resource, internal exchange of services

A.V. Gorelik, A.E. Ermakov, O.P. Ermakova
Engineering education on railway transport: Foresight of Competences-2030

The analysis of the competence approach to training of specialists in the field of railway transport in the view of long-term trends and innovative lines of development of science and engineering of transport (in the context of the project "Foresight of Competences 2030") is carried out. The proposals for improvement of Federal state educational standards of new generation on the example of the specialty 23.05.05 "Control systems of train operation" are considered.
Key words: railway transport, educational standards, competences, integrators, translators