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2014 1

Main subjects

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Life safety on transport

  • Transport building



V.I. Apattsev, G.M. Bilenko, A.M. Orlov
Risk factor assessment of realization of technology of scheduled freight traffic on an indicator of the average service speed

To assess the influence of realization of the actual graph of train operation on an indicator of the service speed the influencing technical and production technology factors of risk of the first and second levels are considered and classified. For this purpose it is offered to introduce the variable parameter A determined by the multiple regression analysis. The modeling technique of its assessment is developed.
Key words: transportation process, service speed, actual graph of train operation, delay of trains

V.A. Kobzev, S.N. Shmal'
Calculation characteristics of the incline part of humps by the alternating-variable descent method

The new method of calculation of parameters of the longitudinal profile of designed and operated humps of the railway technical stations is proposed. It allows in the best way to consider interrelation of parameters of the hump with conditions of the splitting up of trains, to provide the highest speed of the rolling down and the best conditions of the sawing of cuts.
Key words: hump, optimization, calculation parameters, alternating-variable descent

O. Yu. Portnova
Risk management in the sphere of providing the industrial enterprises with a rolling stock

The succession of risk analysis of providing the industrial enterprises with a loaded and empty rolling stock is given. The influence level of risks of "oversaturation /undersaturation" on the process of providing the industrial enterprises with a rolling stock is calculated. The functional model of the origination of "undersaturation/oversaturation" risks is developed. Various actions fixing the moments of the origination of risks of "undersaturation/oversaturation" and directed on decrease and minimization of cases of origination of these risks in the process of providing the industrial enterprises with a rolling stock are considered.
Key words: industrial enterprise, analysis, risk, railway transport, risk in transport processes, economic risk, risk of "oversaturation/undersaturation"

A.M. Ol'shansky, M.G. Lysikov, G.M. Bilenko
To the question of need of an automated train dispatching system on the high-speed main line

The demand for the development of an automated train dispatching system on high-speed main lines and the problems connected with the task solution are proved. Various control algorithms of operation of railway lines, and the shortcomings of a traditional approach are considered. In the market conditions the polysystem algorithmic diagram providing the variety of control of railway line operation is offered.
Key words: automated train dispatching system, high-speed main line, control algorithm

K.N. Solomonov, N.V. Stoyanova
Some methods of modeling of a forming of details of transport systems

The classification of the details applied in transport systems (for which the offered methodology of modeling of their forming is suitable) is given. Some methods of modeling of processes and the objects suitable for the solution of technological and design problems of production of preparations of the details used in transport systems are presented.
Key words: transport systems, methods of modeling, plastic metal working, forming

P.A. Kozlov
System researches - new approach

System researches generated the grate volume of publications, but proved to be not efficient in science since the notion "system" was indistinct and included too wide class of objects. The new concept of a system, as an object with self-maintenance is introduced. It is shown that such approach is more useful to the effective organization of transport junctions.
Key words: system, object, self-maintenance, presystem, dynamic reserves, complexity

V.V. Knyaz'kov
Use of the minimum principle of power inputs for optimal design of icebreaking hovercrafts

Special issues of design of icebreaking hovercrafts are considered. The priority approach is used. The main priority is given to the minimum principle of power inputs on execution of icebreaking operations that corresponds to a minimum of the required power. The received charts allow to determine all general characteristics of such vessels.
Key words: design, optimization, icebreaking hovercraft, destruction of the ice cover

Z.V. Abuseridze
Investigation of the process of sparking in electric motors of the switch driving gear

The criterion of quality of switching of DC machines with the magnetoelectric system of energizing without interpoles is specified. On the basis of the experimental data obtained on model samples the design of the electric motor of the switch driving gear with magnetoelectric system of energizing from high-coercive permanent magnets made of ferrite-barium alloys is offered.
Key words: switching, sparking under collectors, interpoles, the main poles, magnetoelectric system of energizing, rotation from a field of reaction of a rotor

E.D. Pserovskaya
Results of an assessment of the actual impact loads acting on fastening elements of freight

The conclusion about the imperfection of the existing method of calculation of fastening of freights is made on the basis of previously carried out analytical researches of the author. The results of an assessment of the actual impact loads acting on freight and the change of efforts in its fastening at shunting impacts of cars are given. The regularities in the behavior of the bracing wire depending on its topology, speed of impacts, preliminary tension are defined.
Key words: freight, load, measurement, fastening elements, bracing, freight shift along the car, efforts in each bracing, impact

V.A. Karpychev, A.A. Moshkov, V.A. Yudin
Quality assessment of wheel pair mobility influence on the disk brake unit work for a railway transport

The question is studied and the qualitative assessment of wheel pair mobility influence on the disk brake unit work is done. The conclusions of the nature of mobility influence are made, and the measures for elimination of the negative effects from the mobility influence on the disk brake unit work are planned.
Key words: traffic safety, displacements and deformations of the car bogie, spring-loaded part of the car bogie, tick mechanism

M. Babel, A. Tuletski
Modernization of shunting diesel locomotives SM42

The design description and parameters of the modernized shunting diesel locomotive SM42 is submitted. The modernization volume of mechanical, pneumatic and electric systems of the locomotive is specified. The most important results of operational tests of the modernized diesel locomotive SM42 are given.
Key words: modernization, units and systems of the diesel locomotive SM42

A.V. Gorelik, N.A. Taradin, A.S. Veselova
Model of the reliability assessment and functioning efficiency of transport infrastructure objects

For the task solution of an integrated assessment and the analysis of reliability and functioning efficiency of transport infrastructure objects the models and the methods based on the random impulse stream theory are offered. Their application will allow in the framework the unified model to describe the interrelation of the diverse random processes directly influencing on the functioning efficiency of systems and objects of transport infrastructure.
Key words: reliability, efficiency, transport infrastructure, random impulse streams

V.I. Apattsev, V.A. Aksyonov, D.L. Raenok, A.M. Zavyalov
Basic directions of improvement of system of the personnel training ensuring safety of production processes

Continuous improvement of system of personnel training is one of key formats of steady operation of railway transport. The questions of training and retraining of heads and the specialists ensuring the production safety are considered. The new directions and profiles of training on the basis of modern educational technologies are offered.
Key words: personnel training system, strengthening of personnel potential

O.S. Yudaeva, O.G. Egorova, S.V. Demidov
Technique of assessment and analysis of ecological safety of storage batteries of passenger cars

The ecologic-hygienic assessment of acid and alkaline storage batteries of passenger cars is carried out. The recommendations for influence reducing of heavy metals on environment and human health are made.
Key words: ecological safety, storage batteries of passenger cars, heavy metals

V.V. Bugreev
The analysis of survey results on issues of the legislation improvement in the construction sector

The results of the survey analysis initiated by one of active public organizations are presented. The issues connected with a type of responsibility of SRO, the situation on a compensation fund and other issues of interest to market participants are considered. The SRO representatives and their members were the source of information. The real results of cooperation of public organizations and SRO were shown.
Key words: self-regulating organization (SRO), compensation fund