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2013 ¹4

Main subjects

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Industrial engineering on transport

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Transport building

  • Life safety on transport

  • The problem of railway track



E.Z. Zagidullin, E.V. Syomochkin, V.I. Lin'kov, D.S. Boyarintsev
Technological development of interval control of train operation

The solutions actual for the theory and practice of the tasks connected with the estimation and increase of efficiency of interval control of train operation are submitted. The new indicators of efficiency and their application are considered. The method of interval control of train operation is given. It allows to increase the efficiency, including to provide possibility of traffic with a shorter interval.
Key words: efficiency of interval control, indicators of efficiency, delay in train operation

V.I. Apattsev, G.M. Bilenko, V.V. Golubev, E.V. Grishina
To the question of decrease of risks at the organization of freight traffic according to schedule

The estimated probability of emergence of risks and their influence on performance of the main indicators of transportations is made; parameters of threshold values of possible risks are established. On the basis of the efficiency analysis of existing measures the map of reserves of quality in compliance with freight delivery time-frame is formed. For the assessment of influence of risk factors it is offered to use modeling of scenarios with application of logical-and-probabilistic methods.
Key words: transportation process, quality and indicators of transportation process, freight traffic according to schedule, freight delivery time-frame

Yu.I. Palagin, A.I. Mochalov, A.V. Timonin
Optimization of routes and freight traffic in transport terminal networks of multimodal transportation operators

Mathematical models, algorithms and programs for calculation of routes and freight traffic in transport terminal networks of multimodal transportation operators with own developed polymodal (auto-avia-railway) network of routes are developed. The description of developed algorithms and the program is maid. The examples are given.
Key words: multimodal freight operators, transport terminal networks, algorithms, software

S.S. Poznakhirev
Reserves of efficiency increase of productive and economic activity of a transport company in modern economic conditions

The analysis of the transport market condition and its influence on productive and economic indicators of operation of railway transport is carried out. The possible mechanisms of stimulation of operating efficiency of JSCo "RZD" directed on the solution of the tasks set for railway transport are offered.
Key words: economic efficiency, tariff policy

L.V. Shkurina
Strategy of competitive recovery as the instrument of effective management in a transport company

Theoretical and organizational problems of competitiveness management of transport production are investigated. Economic methods of management of competitive advantages of companies functioning in the transport market are considered.
Key words: competitive advantages, quality of transport service

S.N. Beryakov
Influence assessment of implementation of investment programs of railway transport development on the economy of regions of the Russian Federation

Article is devoted to the influence assessment of implementation of investment programs of railway transport development on the economy of regions of the Russian Federation. The investment volumes into the transport branch in regions with a favorable economic status are presented. The problems of development of JSC RZD infrastructure are considered.
Key words: transport infrastructure, investments, financing, investment appeal

Yu.A. Sheptukhina
Assessment criteria of efficiency of measures aimed at providing competitiveness of companies functioning in the transport market

The quality indicators of transport service of freight owners as the main characteristics of competitiveness are considered. The effect of realization of measures directed on traffic safety is shown. It is one of the most essential characteristics of competitiveness.
Key words: competitiveness, quality, effect of traffic safety

Kh.T. Turanov, E.D. Pserovskaya
Calculations of the cross shift of the cylindricity freight and efforts in fastening elements at a variation of number of fastening elements

Results of calculation of the shift of freight across the car, the lengthening and efforts in flexible elements of fastening at a variation of number of fastening elements are presented for the first time. Graphic dependences of the lengthening and the effort in each flexible fastening element are constructed. The necessary number of fastening elements where there are possibilities of ensuring their guaranteed durability without destruction that promotes stability of transportation process operation is established.
Key words: cylindricity freight, friction force, fastening elements, efforts in fastening elements

A.M. Ol'shansky
To the question of complexity of an organizational control system

It is considered the control system of any organization from positions of two approaches: the classical doctrine about organizational structures and the algorithmic representation of systems. The offered approach can be used both in the analysis of the developed organization control systems, and in the new organizational system engineering.
Key words: control system, organizational system, administrative communications and their codification system, control quality

A.B. Afanaskin, N.A. Taradin
Classification of incidents at the risk analysis in the field of communication on a railway transport

The classification of incidents within a control system of services of the communication network of JSC RZD is considered. The analysis of various approaches to the creation of classifiers is carried out. It is offered to expand the scope of the existing classifier within the introduction of methodology of management of resources, risks and reliability analysis.
Key words: incident, classifier, the risk analysis, quality management, communication on a railway transport

A.V. Gorelik, D.V. Soldatov
Modeling of technological restoration process of objects of transport infrastructure

The general questions of an assessment of restoration time after failure of systems and devices of railway automation and telemechanics are examined. The method of modeling of technological restoration process of technique by means of functional networks is offered.
Key words: URRAN, systems of railway automation and telemechanics, modeling, method of functional systems

V. V. Krishtal'
Improvement of Uniform certification system is a necessary step for the effective work of certification commissions of SRO uniting transport builders

According to requirements of Civil ‘ode of the Russian Federation the self-regulating organizations in construction are to qualify the technical and engineering employees for the competency certification. The main questions of improvement of the most popular model of certification, Uniform system of certification of heads and personnel of a construction complex, are considered; the practice of certification in SRO is analysed. The recommendations for its improvement are made.
Key words: certification, Uniform certification system, construction, Self-regulating Organizations (SRO)

V.A. Aksyonov, P.N. Potapov, A.M. Zavyalov
Formation of a control system by professional risks on transport

The possibility of modernization of the existing control system by labor protection in close interrelation with used on a network of the railroads methodology of resource management and risks at all stages of life cycle of objects and equipment on the basis of the analysis of reliability (URRAN) is considered.
Key words: professional risks, URRAN, control system of labor protection

Yu.P. Sidorov, E.Yu. Tolshchina
Choice of radiant heating system taking into account an admissible heat flow in the working area

It is made the calculation of the net radiant flow and the temperature of a heated surface between parallel plates with the centers located on one axis at various distances between them.
Key words: the heat exchange, net radiant flow, angular coefficient, threshold value of a heat flow

O.S. Yudaeva, S.V. Demidov
Ensuring ecological and hygienic and fire safety of passenger cars of locomotive traction

The program and procedure of full-scale firing tests of the mock-up of the car of model 47K ü017 12033 are developed. The complex of ecological and hygienic and toxicological tests is carried out, and the recommendations on the use of modern the polymer constructional and finishing materials are developed.
Key words: ecological and hygienic and toxicological researches, fire safety of the passenger car

A.A. Loktev, A.V. Sychyova
Frequency-response analysis of the rail track structure at dynamic impact

The questions of the registration of the wave effects and the properties of soil under the embankment of the railway bed on the basis of a ray-tracing method for the detection of a dynamic deflection of the track structure and the interaction force of a wheel and a rail are considered.
Key words: dynamic impact, ray-tracing method, compatibility condition, interaction model, soil characteristics