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2013 3

Main subjects

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Industrial engineering on transport

  • Life safety on transport



D.L. Raenok
Rationale for the development of production and economic optimization concept of a repair and track complex of JSC "RZD"

The concept of economic and mathematical model for solving the problem of formation of a repair and track complex of JSC "RZD" for rational placement of production bases of the track laying machine station is offered.
Key words: economy, modeling, infrastructure

L.A. Osipov
Approximation of tabulated probability integral of Gauss by the exponential function

The method of rather faithful representation of integral of Gauss by the exponential function is offered.
Key words: probability, distribution function, inverse distribution function, random number generation

A.V. Gorelik, V.V. Shuvayev, D.E. Minakov
Investigation of the mechanism of rail behavior in a contact zone with a wheel of a moving rolling stock

When passing the wheel and axle set of rolling stock on the switch, the size of lateral pressure of a wheel on the rail head reaches the value of Q=950 kH. The authors give the results of research and form the standards for the maintenance of a track, a rolling stock and traffic speed taking into account the physical processes in a contact zone of a wheel and a rail.
Key words: electric drive, switch, stock rail, wheel and axle set, switch rail, axle weight, lateral pressure of a wheel

I.I. Petrova, A.A. Lobov, M.Yu. Malakhov, N.M. Lyogky
Satellite radio navigation technologies in the systems of monitoring of public road condition

The possibility of application of satellite radio navigation systems in monitoring systems of pavement condition is analyzed. The use of such systems will allow to construct the dynamic system of collection of a payment for the damage to public roads by transport means.
Key words: navigation, satellite radio navigation technologies, condition monitoring, motor road

L.V. Pankratov
Digital realization of integrator function of automatic control system

The digital realization of integrator function of the first-order of adaptive automatic control system is considered. Recurrent relations for calculations of values of a quantity of output level according to the indications of the input made on the differential and integrated equations of a level are presented.
Key words: digital realization of integrator function, automatic control system

M.A. Zotova
Regression models of mainframe cost

The technique of receipt of simple regression equations connecting the mainframe performance (an independent variable) and its cost (a dependent variable) is considered. Accuracy of approximation of the experimental data given in the Internet, the received regression equations of the 2, 3 and 4 orders, is acceptable for carrying out various engineering calculations.
Key words: mainframe cost, regression equations

L.A. Baranov, P.F. Bestemyanov, V.G. Sidorenko, E.G. Shcherbina
Estimation method of change of an electromagnetic situation in places of functioning of systems of interval train operation control

The solved problem is the ensuring of electromagnetic compatibility of an electric rolling stock and safety systems of train operation on the underground railway. The control method of change of electromagnetic compatibility conditions on the basis of an estimation of statistical characteristics of an electromagnetic situation in places of operation of trackside devices of rail chains is offered.
Key words: electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic situation, rail circuitry, electric rolling stock

S.N. Naumenko, E.V. Drabkina
On the issue of a common methodology of the assessment of measurement errors at oil product delivery in JSC "RZD"

The method of ensuring metrological compatibility of system: fuel and distributing column - an on-board subsystem is presented. This system will allow to organize the effective assessment of oil products in operating fuel warehouses having provided at any moment possibility of carrying out the remote inventory and to exclude completely an assumption of an excess underfilling of oil products at the equipment of locomotives.
Key words: oil products, actual debalance, permissible debalance, fuel and distributing column

V.I. Apattsev
Indicators of quality estimation of technological processes of railway station operation

Problems of quality estimation of technological processes of railway station operation and the requirements to the projects of railway stations are considered. Using the system approach to object of research, the railway stations are considered from the organization theory of production. The definition of quality of technological process of railway station operation is given. The system of organizational and production indicators for a quality estimation of technological processes of stations is offered.
Key words: railway stations, principles of organization of production, estimation indices of quality

Kh.T. Turanov, E.D. Pserovskaya
Calculation of longitudinal shift of freight on the car and the effort in fastening elements by a new technique on the example of caterpillar equipment

On the basis of previously received analytic formulas the freight shift along the car is calculated, and the lengthening in each fastening element of freight is determined. According to the lengthening size in each fastening element the efforts are found with a large safety factor. The graphic dependences of the shift of freight along the car, the lengthening and efforts on each flexible element of fastening at a variation of the longitudinal dynamic factor of the car are constructed.
Key words: freight, elastic and thrust fastening element of freight, factor of longitudinal dynamic of a car, shift of freight along the car

K.A. Sergeev, M.P. Kozlov, V.A. Koturanov
Finding of rigidity characteristics of shockproof devices of cars

The simplified technique of finding of required rigidity of resilient members of cushioning devices of various types and designs is stated. Dependences for determination the force and the allowable velocity of impact are given.
Key words: technique, cushioning device, draw-and-buffer gear, freight cars, rigidity of resilient members

M. Babel, G. Zhepeevsky
Diesel locomotive SM42 with the accumulator drive of traction electric motors

The design, structural configuration of electric system and the characteristics of devices of the accumulator drive installed on a shunting diesel locomotive SM42 are presented. Results of calculations of train resistance and traction characteristics of a diesel locomotive during the operation of the accumulator drive for different variants of connection of traction electric motors are set. Results of operational tests of this diesel locomotive are specified.
Key words: diesel locomotive, accumulator drive, switching of traction electric motors, mode of operation, efficiency

A.G. Kazantsev, V.S. Dubrovin, A.A. Silaev, K.A. Soin, A.V. Ovchinnikov
Strength and durability of wheel set axles with operational defects

The numerical analysis data of the tension of wheel set axles at the action of operational loads are submitted. Methods of a schematization of tension are considered. The technique of durability assessment of axles at cyclic loading taking into account the velocity of growth of defects is described. Estimated characteristics of metal of axles established according to test data of tension, impact bending, static and cyclic crack growth resistance are provided.
Key words: rolling stock axes, cyclic loading, fracture toughness, cyclic crack growth resistance

D.G. Evseev
Evolution of system of the repair organization of a rolling stock

The stages of reforming of repair production, the specificity of the existing structure of a repair complex, the ways of increase of repair efficiency of a rolling stock on the basis of life cycle control of locomotives in the course of their service are considered.
Key words: rolling stock repair, support manning, life cycle

A.V. Alekseev
Analysis of structure of modern warehouses of bulk cargo

The analysis of structure of modern warehouses of bulk cargo is made. The place and role of filling devices in technology and the organization of transport production are studied.
Key words: transport, warehouses, bulk cargo, filling device, loading and unloading of freight

A.I. Evsikova
Specificity of diagnostics of object "potentially dangerous passenger"

It is devoted to problems of aviation safety in the airport. The main signs of potentially dangerous passengers, their classification, and also the methods of identification of dangerous passengers in the airports for protection of activity of civil aviation against the acts of unlawful interference are considered.
Key words: airport, passenger, safety, inspection, examination, identification, biometry

V.A. Aksyonov, P.N. Potapov, A.M. Zavyalov, Yu.V. Zavyalova
Efficiency increase of an assessment of traumatism in the analysis and an assessment of occupational risks

The problem of increase of informational value of analysis results of traumatic cases for the analysis purposes and an assessment of the occupational risks is considered. The solution of this problem is provided with introduction of the technology of the registration and the analysis of microtraumas on the production.
Key words: microtraumas, occupational traumatism, occupational risks, control system of labor safety