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2013 2

Main subjects

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The problem of railway track

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Transport building

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Life safety on transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning



D.S. Zlobin, Yu.N. Urtmintsev
On the issue of development strategy of mixed "river-sea" transportations

The basic diagrams of development of export freight transportations and the determination technique of zones optimality, development of freight flows by different kinds of transport are considered. The question of competitive ability of participation in separate segments of the market of transport services of the "river-sea" navigation vessels is raised also. The comparative analysis and the cost calculation of development of the mixed "river-sea" transportation by different kinds of transport are submitted.
Key words: alternative diagrams of development of foreign trade transportation, development strategy of mixed "river-sea" transportations

L.A. Osipov
Formulae of approximating envelope of equidistant discrete counts

Five methods of envelope restoration of discrete counts at their regular arrangement are considered. Formulae were brought to the operational programs in a mathematical Mathcad package.
Key words: digital signal processing, discrete processes, discrete-continuous control system

A.O. Lin'kov, O.V. Mel'nichenko, A.Yu. Portnoy, S.G. Shramko
Mathematical modeling of the operation of an electric locomotive with the new rectifying installation of excitation on IGBT transistors

The circuit solution of the rectifying installation of excitation on the basis of IGBT transistors with a new control way is developed. It allows to raise power indicators of an electric locomotive of alternating current in a regenerative braking mode. The model-based analysis confirmed that this solution allows to increase the return of active energy to a contact system approximately for 5-6%.
Key words: electric locomotive, regenerative braking, rectifying installation of excitation, power factor

V.Yu. Gorelik, M.A. Zotova
Optimal design of an arrangement of data processing centers on a railway section

The solution of an optimal choice problem of data processing centers and the redistribution of computational power of mainframes in the corporate network is described. The search of the optimum placement of data processing centers is made by the direct enumeration technique with elimination of options at which in a network there is no stationary (established) operating mode.
Key words: data processing centers, optimization, direct enumeration technique

V.A. Aksyonov, A.S. Ilyinykh, A.V. Matafonov
Application of profile grinding of rails at the repair and the maintenance of a low-served track on sections with different operating conditions

The main rail defects arising at operation are considered. The defect elimination with the use of technology of profile grinding of rails minimizes the number of the factors negatively affecting an operational life of rails, thereby reducing the number of technological actions on maintenance and repair of a rail track.
Key words: railway track, grinding of rails

A.V. Faraonov
Development of situational choice model of a delivery route in case of need of the change of the basic plan based on fuzzy sets

The situational model of operational decision making in case of an unforeseen situation on a route, the updating of the basic plan and the choice of a new delivery route is considered. The problem of a multicriterion choice of routes of delivery in the conditions of the uncertainty based on the fuzzy-set theory is solved. The ranging of alternatives of a set of routes is carried out, and the best alternative of a new route on the basis of fuzzy sets is chosen.
Key words: situational model, basic plan, delivery routing, unforeseen situation, the best alternative of a new route, fuzzy sets

P.A. Kozlov, V.Yu. Permikin
Car flow transformation in transport processes

The stations in the junction interact through the car flows, not only their size and also the parameters being of primary importance. It is offered to represent processes of the car flow transformation as the active conversion of their properties or decrease of disorganization accompanying naturally all station processes. The problem statement of optimization of transportation processes in the form of the best possible construction of the change dynamics of the car flow properties is defined.
Key words: flow, interaction, property, disorganization, conversion, reserves

N.I. Plotnikov
Development of resource methodology of transport complex design

The bases of resource methodology of design of complex-structured objects on the example of a transport complex are presented. The methodology of new approach is directed on overcoming of design complexity of objects of the non-numeric nature. The main terms and definitions, ways and formalization schemes are described.
Key words: resource, methodology, complex object, design, soft computing

S.N. Glagolev, N.G. Gorshkova, N.S. Sevryugina, A.A. Konev
The general questions of cluster approach in the formation of regional system of wayside service on the example of the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region

The concept of formation of a regional cluster in the sphere of wayside service of the Korochansky district is offered. The basic principles of location of enterprises forming a cluster of wayside service of a regional level are formulated. Classification of elements of infrastructure of wayside service is offered.
Key words: clusters, wayside service, infrastructure

A.V. Gorelik, V.V. Shuvayev, D.E. Minakov
Aerodynamic impact of the train operation speed on the wayside signals and interlocking

The organization of train operation with speed of 250 km/h and more demands another non-traditional methods and mechanisms of the solution of tasks ensuring the reliable functioning of the transport conveyor and the traffic safety. The authors propose technical solutions on the aerodynamic stabilization of the wayside signals and interlocking at the organization of train operation with speed more than 200 km/h.
Key words: aerodynamic tests, light signal, electric drive, wayside signals and interlocking

A.L. Manakov
Object-oriented approach to organizational and production support of an infrastructure complex of the railways

A number of conceptual and practical solutions on the application of the object-oriented approach to improvement the reliability and efficiency of the system of technical operation of the technological machine complexes is offered. These solutions are based on the analysis of work and the technical condition of each machine as an object in the structure of complexes of technologically interconnected track and way construction machines for the achievement of goals.
Key words: object-oriented approach, organizational and production support, infrastructure, machine complex, outsourcing

A.S. Serebryakov, D.A. Semyonov
Diagnostics of the main insulation of transformers of the longitudinal power supply line of the railways

The device for diagnostics of a condition and an assessment of the remained resource of the main insulation of transformers of the longitudinal power supply line of the railways is offered. The self-discharge voltage is used as a diagnostic parameter.
Key words: diagnostics of high-voltage insulation, self-discharge voltage, time constant of self-discharge, insulation wear

A.A. Klykanova
Reduction of diesel engine emissions on application of an antiwear magnetic additive

The question of reduction of diesel engines emissions is considered at application of an antiwear magnetic additive on the basis of the oleic acid made on nanotechnology. Molecules of oleic acid are adsorbed on the magnet surface as a result of chemisorption process.
Key words: additive, diesel fuel, emissions

V.A. Aksyonov, A.M. Zavyalov, A.V. Matafonov, Yu.V. Zavyalova
Formation of a technique of analysis and assessment of occupational risks in the labor protection control system of linear structural subdivisions of a railway transport

Questions of formation of a technique of analysis and assessment of occupational risks are considered as a modern tool for raising the efficiency of the labor protection control system by labor protection.
Key words: occupational risk management, technique of analysis and assessment of occupational risks

A.A. Biryukov
Improvement of methods of mobilization of investment into the development of transport production

The main problems of improvement of the organization of production, the investing of production processes on a railway transport are considered.
Key words: organization of production, strategy, investment of capital, modernization, assessment