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2012 2

Main subjects

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Problems of mechanics in transport

  • Transport building

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • The problem of railway track

  • Life safety on transport



D.V. Efanov, A.N. Pavlov
On some properties of homogeneous questionnaires

The properties of the irredundant realized questionnaires with the identical bases of all questions (homogeneous questionnaires) of special types (with equal/unequal questions and equilibrium/nonequilibrium events) are considered. Some properties of homogeneous questionnaires are established, the simple algorithms of their optimization being a generalization of the algorithm of David A. Huffman and simplification of algorithm of P.P. Parkhomenko also are given.

D.V. Shalyagin, Yu.M. Nichiporuk
Modeling of work of a man-operator of the train traffic control system

The problem of the influence of the human factor on the safety ergonomical systems is considered. The basic models of a man-operator of such control systems of train traffic depending on an operation mode and a type of the control actions are presented and analyzed.

D.A. Akmaykin, V.V. Yaroshchuk, D.A.Bushko
Increasing of safety of navigation on sailing pleasure vessels by means of software and hardware

The actual theme of safety of navigation on sailing vessels is described. Theoretical and practical training is necessary to sail, but it is not always possible to receive training. A software and hardware set allowing to navigate safely was developed to help the crew of a sailing vessel.

A.F. Fomin
Robust non-linear amplitude suppressors of not Gaussian interference

Methods for synthesis and analysis of efficiency of the robust nonlinear suppressors of strong not Gaussian interference on various classes of distribution laws are given. It is shown that all examined classes of distributions and their corresponding characteristics of blocks of nonlinear suppression are non-linear (with the exception of the class of Gaussian distributions P1).

E.P. Balakina, E.V. Erofeev, M.I. Shcheglov
Automation of an assessment of options for the organization of train service on metro line

The article describes the system of the automated assessment of options for the organization of train service on metro line. The urgency of development of the automated system and prospects for its use as a recommended system of the dispatching control of metro is shown.

D.S. Zlobin, Yu.N. Urtmintsev
Substantiation of optimal parameters of "river-sea" vessels in modern operating conditions

Methodical approaches to a substantiation of the basic parameters of the perspective fleet of river-sea vessels in modern economic and operating conditions are considered.

B.N. Minaev, A.V. Kostin, G.M. Stoyakin
On the influence of the artificial turbulization of the boundary layer on the hydraulic resistance of the round pipe bundle washed by the crossflow of viscous medium

The method of the artificial turbulization of the boundary layer is considered. It leads to a reduction of hydraulic resistance of the round pipe bundle washed by the crossflow of a viscous medium. At the same time the critical Reynolds number ensuring the transition from laminar boundary layer to turbulent decreases.

Yu.A. Ermolin
Mathematical model of a main line as an element of the automated control systems of pipeline transport

The transmission function and the frequency characteristics of the channel (the main element of pipeline transportation systems) obtained on the basis of the linearized differential Saint-Venant equations of are presented. It opens up the possibility of structural transformations of the object in problem solving of its automation.

V.N. Glazkov
Methodology of the search for the optimum strategies to improve the technical level of production of departments providing the transportation of passengers and tourists

Approaches to problem solution of the search for the optimum strategies to improve the technical level of production of departments providing passenger and tourist transportation are considered.

E.V. Serdobintsev, P.N. Zvantsev
Research of traction properties of a monoaxial bogie

The description of the research methodology of traction properties of a promising motor car of an electric train on four monoaxial bogies is adduced. Graphs of the displacements of points of the body over axle boxes of the first wheel set and change of utilization coefficient of adhesion weight in transitional modes of movement are shown. Results of the analysis of the obtained dependencies are given.

A.S. Serebryakov, L.A. German, D.E. Dulepov
Adjustable installation of the transverse capacitive compensation with controlled semiconductor keys

The article considers the problem of improvement of adjustable installations of the transverse capacitive compensation to increase the efficiency of their work with consideration of high-speed traffic and the running of trains of increased weight and length, as well as with account of the new standard and legal documents and modern technology achievements.

A.V. Alekseev
Choice of a rational form of working bodies of the rotary-vane feeders of bulk cargo

Rotary-vane feeders are widely used in technological machines of various purposes. Vane rotor is the main constructive element of a rotary-vane feeder determining the efficiency of its work. The simple calculation formulas were received by the author of the article. The practical recommendations concerning a choice of a rational design of vane rotors are given.

V.P. Anan'ev, V.N. Alekseev, N.I. Ibragimov
Calculation of the coefficient of heat in the combustion of fuel mixture in the thermodrill

The questions connected with the possibility to calculate the coefficient of the heat in the combustion of fuel in the combustion chambers of thermodrills used for the thermal destruction of solid rock are considered.

N.M. Pushkov
Some questions of integration of calculation technology of ferroconcrete cross-sections with finite element program complex

Questions of interaction of the calculation program of ferroconcrete cross-sections on nonlinear deformation model with the program complex for the calculation of transport constructions on FEM are considered. The proposed method of organization of this connection is shown on an example of modelling the limiting state of a ferroconcrete frame calculated with the help of "Katran" complex.

P.A. Kozlov, O.V. Osokin, N.A. Tushin
Technological problems of the railway transport and ways of their solution

Technological problems of the railway transport in connection with the transition to a market economy and its reform are considered. Approaches to their solution including the restoration of the technological potential of the branch and the technological support of reforms, the creation of intelligent information environment and automated control systems are offered.

V.A. Aksyonov, A.S. Ilyinykh
Ensuring of labor, personal and social safety requirements at the expense of the implementation of the technology of rapid grinding of rails in the track

The question of reduction of noise impact on the population of areas adjacent to the railway on the basis of the implementation of the new technology of rapid grinding of rails in the track is considered. It allows to decrease in the own noise of the rolling stock at the expense of removal of various geometric defects of rail profile and due to the formation of the demanded surface roughness after machining.

V.M. Ponomarev, V.A. Ulyanov
The influence of labor motivation on increasing of the safety of personnel

The article considers the labour motivation of the personnel as an important element of the economic incentives, the influence of motivation on the safety of the personnel of the enterprises, the causes of the accidents at industrial enterprises, sources of financing of actions on improvement of conditions and labour safety, economic mechanism of labour safety management at a modern enterprise, improvement of the motivation mechanism of safe work of personnel.