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2012 1

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport



V.A. Aksyonov, V.I. Bekasov, O.G. Baykuzina
Estimation technique of risk and labour safety at work on station tracks

The method of the technological analysis is offered which allows at a station designing or reconstruction stage to estimate risk of a dangerous situation, to develop and put into practice preventive actions for increase of labour safety.

V.N. Glazkov
Methodological approaches to an estimation of complex safety of tourist routes

New approaches to an estimation of complex safety of tourist routes are offered. They allow to carry out the detailed analysis of complex safety of railway tours taking into account the objects of railway tourism.

P.A. Kozlov, O.V. Osokin, N.A. Tushin
The application of the automated analysis on a railway transport

Necessity of use of the automated targeted intellectual analysis is shown. Principles of construction of automated analytical systems are offered. The application of this analysis at decision-making is considered.

N.I. Voronova, N.E. Razinkin
The investigation of technical characteristics of the modernized tank - cement truck

The question of modernization, re-equipment of unused tanks for transportation of bulk freight in tanks for transportation of liquid freight is considered.

Kh.T. Turanov, S.A. Sitnikov
Mathematical modeling of freight car speed and the traversed path at sorting from a hump under the influence of gravity and head wind

The mathematical modelling results of a car sorting from a hump under the influence of gravity and aerodynamic resistance of head wind are stated. These results have allowed to deduce analytical formulas for definition of car sorting speed and the traversed path on the first profile section of a hump. The results can be used for all other hump sections taking into account features of braking forces on these sections.

E.P. Balakina, E.V. Erofeev, M.I. Shcheglov
The automated system of train service organization taking into account the electric power economy on a metro line after failures

The automated system of train service organization taking into account the electric power economy on a metro line after failures is described. The urgency of the automated system development in modern conditions and prospects of its use as a recommendatory system are shown at metro dispatching operation.

V.G. Sidorenko, A.I. Safronov
Scenary space of construction of the planned train schedule of metro

The estimation conditions of construction of all processes of the planned passenger train schedule of metro are considered. The concepts such as realizability conditions, realization conditions, successful realization conditions, schedule integrity are introduced. The influence of change of train pair number per hour on construction processes of the planned passenger train schedule of metro is determined.

V.I. Bodyul, A.N. Feofilov
Control system of freight transportation for operators of railway rolling stock

The control system of freight transportation for the companies of operators of railway rolling stock is considered. It was developed on the basis of methods of monthly, current and daily planning of freight transportation, and also of an optimization method of operational control of private freight car parks by economic criterion.

L.N. Ivankova, S.I. Darmansky
Experiment planning at research of freight specialized stations

The technique of experiment planning at research of a freight specialized station on the basis of simulated model is stated. The results of research allow to determine the optimization measures directed on work technique improvement of infrastructure objects.

Yu.O. Pazoysky, M.Yu. Savel'ev
Mathematical model of calculation of a plan of making up mail and luggage trains

The new mathematical model of calculation of a plan of making up mail and luggage trains is presented. It is focused on achievement of the maximum effect from used rolling stock by minimization of operating costs for transportation, and also competitive recovery.

V.A. Bugreev, E.V. Novikov
The reliability improvement of technical systems of a railway transport at the expense of parameter optimization of maintenance system

The approach to the problem solution of optimum duration determination of maintenance of complex technical systems on criterion of maximum of utilization ratio of the maintenance time is offered.

V.A. Korchagin, E.V. Slivinsky, Yu.N. Rizaeva
Increase of efficiency of motor transport operation at the expense of a new design of an independent suspension

Materials and calculations of the basic kinematical and geometrical parameters of an independent suspension design for motor transports are presented.

K.A. Sergeev, N.V. Stoyanova, O.A. Nosov, M.A. Vasechkin
The air buffer as a means of a vibration protection of devices on a transport

The air buffer allowing at low material costs on commissioning to ensure reliable protection of not massive apparatus of electronic devices, and also their elements (including sensors of control systems), from the external actions in the form of vibrations in a wide spectrum of frequencies at jolts and blows under condition of insignificant values of amplitudes and movements is considered.

P.F. Bestem'yanov
Statistical models of potentially unsafe failures of devices of automatics and telemechanics on a railway transport

Three kinds of distributions (beta-distribution, DN-distribution and exponential distribution) are suggested to use as statistical models of potentially unsafe failures. The choice of each of these distributions is done on the basis of necessary truth of results and costs of computing operations on the evaluation of statistical data.

V.A. Bugreev, E.V. Novikov
Methodical approaches to reliability ensuring of electric power systems in the market economy conditions

Approaches to reliability evaluation of electric power systems in the market conditions are considered. The comparative analysis of two principles of reliability of electric power systems is given.

V.N. Gopkalo
The monitoring of power consumption for traction of trains

The model of power consumption by a stream of trains is described. The experimental results confirming its efficiency are resulted. The technique of a quality assessment of the passing of a stream of trains with use of the developed model is discussed. The object of the data analysis of power consumption is the detection of sections where there are not schedule delays of trains, and also the reasons of the power overexpenditure by some trains.