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2011 ¹4

Main subjects

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Industrial engineering on transport

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Life safety on transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • The problem of railway track

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Universities transport



Kh.T.Turanov, A.R.Yakupov
Mathematical modeling of reaction of lines of rails at climb-on of an unladen wheel

The problem on specific mathematical modeling of an unladen wheel of a wheel and axle set of a freight car is solved. These mathematical models make it possible to estimate a correctness of reaction values of lines of rails. It is recommended to use formulas received from the equilibrium condition of the moments of force relative to contact spots of wheels with lines of rails as final analytical formulas for calculation of unknown reactions of lines of rails.

G.M.Bilenko, S.A.Afonin
About one of mapping methods of interaction of metallurgical works and transport in flow-oriented model

Application of dynamic flow-oriented models for scheduling freight trains on polygon under the general name "Dynamic traffic problem with delays" and Dynamic matching method of metallurgical works and transport is examined.

O.V.Druzhinina, D.V.Klimova, A.S.Mulkidzhan
Stability analysis algorithm of dynamic interaction model of a train and a railway track at seismic impacts

The approach to an estimation of train operation safety at seismic impacts is considered. The stability analysis algorithm of engineering system functioning being simulated by matrix differential equations of the second order is proposed. The specification of algorithm of dynamic interaction model of a train and a railway track at seismic impacts is given.

M.Yu.Kapustin, S.I.Krasnolobov, P.S.Sarkisyan
Model of adaptive system of accurate electropneumatic braking of a train

The mathematical model of adaptive system of accurate electropneumatic braking of a train is offered. The description of technical realization of mathematical modeling is given. Results of modeling of adaptive system of accurate electropneumatic braking of a train are presented.

M.Yu.Viktorov, V.V.Bugreev
Calculation procedure of quantity of experts of some committees of executive board of Self-regulating Organizations (SRˇ) in railway construction in conditions of self-regulation

Calculation procedure of required quantity of employees of executive board of SRˇ for its optimum functioning, typical structures of self-regulating organizations and the structure of their executive board are offered.

A.S.Serebryakov, L.A.German
Transients in adjustable installations of capacitive compensation taking into account traction load

The problem of improvement of installations of transversal capacitive compensation for increase of efficiency and reliability of railway operation taking into account modern requirements to power supply and new normative legal documents is considered. Necessity of fitting-out of traction power supply of railways by adjustable installations of transversal and longitudinal capacitive compensation is shown.

A.A.Astakhov, V.P.Anan'ev
Creation and application of self-contained power supplies with forced capacity

Possibilities of application of alternative power supplies with forced capacity and capacitive energy storage are studied. The block diagram of power supply system of an electric tool with self-contained power supplies is developed.

M.V.Ustinova, N.I.Zubrev, V.A.Aksyonov
Recycling of ashes from burning of wooden railway sleepers as a part of composit systems

The mineralogical structure of ashes from burning of waste wooden sleepers on the basis of x-ray spectrum is defined. The possibility of 20 per cent substitution of cement by ashes from wooden sleepers burning and the use of composite structure in construction and operation of railway infrastructure facilities are proved.

Sociopolitical aspects of transport system development: problems and ways of solution

The basic sociopolitical aspects of transport system development are comprehensively analysed. Factors of all levels are subjected to the analysis: from simple (traumatism on transport) to difficult (development strategy). The basic problems in transport safety of regions are emphasized.

A.S. Gershval'd, P.A.Ostrjakov, L.V.Kunygina
Optimization of attachment of cars to demands for loading

The brief characteristic of a current situation in the market of transport services is given. The technology of attachment of cars to demands for loading consisting of two phases is offered. The mathematical decision and the task solution algorithm of an optimum attachment of cars of different proprietors are developed for this technology. The introduction of this technology will allow reconciling the interests of all market participants of transport services.

V.I.Apattsev, A.A.Bychkova
Determination of an optimum intermodal route of the passenger moving

Methods of determination of an optimum intermodal route of the passenger moving by means of a software package of reference system "Search of a passenger route on different kinds of transport" are considered. The solution of an optimum routing problem of the client moving with use of the apparatus of fuzzy sets is proposed.

€.€. Biryukov
Actual problems of formation of an effective investment policy for infrastructural development of a railway transport

The basic problems of investment activity for development of a transport infrastructure are considered. The principles of formation of an effective investment policy are emphasized.

Improvement of determination technique of extent of damage from railway accidents

The methodological approach on improvement of determination of extent of damage from railway accidents is suggested. It allows to estimate risk of occurrence of accidents in structural divisions of Russian Railways; to plan and develop organizational and technical arrangements for decrease of risk of an occupational traumatism, to optimize compensatory payments.

V.A.Aksyonov, A.S.Ilyinyh
The efficiency increase of profile grinding of rails in modern operating conditions of a railway track on the basis of application of a new cutting scheme

The new scheme of grinding of rails allowing to reduce loading on abrasive grain without changing the cutting depth is suggested. On the basis of this scheme the technological process of high-speed grinding of rails of improved productivity is developed and approved.

K.A.Sergeev, N.A.Zaglyadova, M.P.Kozlov
To the estimation of the general intense-deformed condition of all-metal bodies of passenger cars

The variant of calculation of the intense-deformed condition of a body of the all-metal passenger car from action of loading is given. The idea of representation of a body as the three-layer girder is used, two bearing chords interacting through the central resilient layer. The latter has the properties characterizing resistance to the deflection, lengthwise displacement and turn of sections of bearing chords.

The analysis of application of information-communication technologies in system of the higher professional education

Application of information-communication technologies (ICT) in education suggests realization of their possibilities for achievement pedagogic purposes: personality development, preparation for independent practical activities in information society conditions, intensification of educational process. The analysis of ICT application in transport high school is given.