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2011 3

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Transport building



V.A. Aksyonov, N.I. Zubrev, M.V. Ustinova
Expansion of the field of use of ashes from recycling of waste wooden sleepers

The structure formation at replacement of cement with ashes from wooden sleepers burning in a storage time is investigated. Recommendations for formulation of composite solutions with use of ashes from wooden sleepers burning are developed. It is ascertained that it is possible to replace 20% of cement with ashes from wooden sleepers burning lossless technological parameters of a solution.

G.V. Kirillova
Assessment of influence of a psychophysiological state of a person on accident

The question of influence of a person state on accident and need of assessment of his psychophysiological state, professional conditions and features of his activity is examined.

M.A. Zhuravlyova, N.I. Zubrev
Distribution of heavy metals in a right of way of Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo-Leningradskaya section of Riga direction of Moscow railway

Distribution of heavy metals along the railway section near Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo park zone is considered. The soil of a right of way rates as a category "dangerous" in a place of electric trains braking and intersection with Moscow loop railway. The braking distance is computed and its conformity with distribution character of metals of 1-2 classes of danger is proved. The primary contribution to soil pollution by a railway in comparison with a road is revealed.

I.I. Shishchenko, V.A. Aksyonov
The initial data analysis in development of normative requirements of labour safety of the personnel of special cars equipped with cylinders of liquefied hydrocarbon gas

The procedure of full-scale firing tests was developed. Four series of ground tests for real objects with accommodation of gas cylinders on the open area, in non-working platform of a passenger car, in a box under the car and in the central part of the car were carried out.

V.E. Burak, V.K. Vasin
The analysis of methods for determination of content of heavy metals in vegetable samples

The results of a comparative assessment of determination of content of heavy metals in vegetable samples by various methods are given. It is established that the roentgen-fluorescent method used in devices of series "Spectroscan" gives the overrated values.

Yu.I. Golechkov, E.P. Korol'kov
About contact interaction models of a wheel and a rail in transport systems dynamics

The comparative analysis of interaction models of a wheel and a rail used in dynamics of a rolling stock is submitted. The considered models and the computational procedures connected to them are of great importance at the task solution of means of transport dynamics.

V.Yu. Gorelik, V.V. Neplyuev
System simulation of a train operation on a section

The model of monitoring of train operation on a section as an ergonomic system in view of features of human information processing is examined.

D.A. Prikazchikov, V.G. Mitskevich
Asymptotic model of Scholte-Gogoladze interface wave

The asymptotic model for application to various kinds of load on the interface unit is offered. It is possible to apply the model in research of mechanical aspects of various transport problems, for example, in case of transport of freight and operation of the equipment in complex arctic conditions, etc.

S.A. Sinitsyn
The concept of modelling of streamline contours of high-speed surface transport

The universal kinematic method of modelling used at designing of streamline contours of high-speed surface transport is submitted; the rated mathematical models which should provide the given accuracy of the form of a surface are formed. Stages and the capability of construction of adequate rated surface model in view of the discrete initial data are considered.

A.S. Kosmodamianskiy, V.I. Vorobyov, A.A. Pugachyov, A.D. Khokhlov
Influence of a thermal condition of the traction asynchronous engine on its failure mechanism and mechanical characteristics

The review of malfunctions and failures of the asynchronous machines used on a traction rolling stock is submitted. It is shown influence of a thermal condition of windings of the traction asynchronous engine on values of the critical moment, critical sliding, rigidity and realization of traction properties of the traction electric drive.

K.A. Sergeev, I.V. Gundaev, E.S. Sidorov
Development of mathematical models of a computer-aided design system of technological processes of cars repair

Modelling principles of objects in the tasks connected to the description and the analysis of cause and effect relations in complex systems (where simultaneously there are some processes with application of Petri net) are stated.

A.S. Kosmodamianskiy, M.Yu. Kapustin
Adaptive control system of aiming electric-pneumatic braking of a train

The function diagram of an adaptive control system by aiming braking of a train is developed. The description of operation, purpose and functional of separate blocks of this automatic control system is submitted. The possibility of practical realization of the offered adaptive control system by aiming braking of a train is shown.

V.I. Apattsev, V.A. Sharov
To realization of the Comprehensive program of phased transition to the organization of freight trains operation according to schedule on Russian railways

The basic trends of realization of the Comprehensive program of phased transition to the organization of freight trains operation according to schedule are considered. The improvement ways of the organization of operational work of railway directions for the purpose of realization of technologies of transportation work on principles of "the fixed schedule", including low-activity lines, advantages of such technology with the account of differentiated control of car traffic volumes are shown.

A.V. Burakova
Determination of dependence of an average number of trains in turn on a junction at their strictly uniform approach at integration of a train traffic volume arriving from other directions

Process modelling of train operation at various combinations of average intervals of arrival of trains from different directions is carried out. Results of modelling are submitted. It is established that at high filling of capacity of a subsequent section the requirements for track development of a junction sharply grow and waits periods of trains on it are essentially increased. Results of work are useful to the rational organization of transportation process in conditions of transition to the organization of freight traffic according to schedule.

A.V. Gorelik, A.V. Orlov, A.G. Sundukov
The reliability model of dispatching control systems

The reliability model of dispatching control systems is offered. It takes into account such essential factors as the distribution of working load between various elements of an internal structure of systems, characteristics of reliability and productivity of elements of the specified systems during their confunction.

V.A. Bugreev, E.V. Novikov
Ensuring of a required level of reliability of objects of the railway infrastructure and systems of trains operation due to realization of time redundancy

The new approach to ensuring of a required level of reliability of systems of trains operation within the framework of realization of the Concept of comprehensive management of reliability, risks, and cost of life cycle on a railway transport is examined.

A.V. Gorelik, I.A. Zhuravlyov, P.A. Nevarov, N.A. Taradin
Methods of the analysis of reliability and efficiency of functioning of systems of railway automatics and telemechanics

Approaches to the analysis of reliability and efficiency of functioning of systems of railway automatics and telemechanics are considered in view of economic costs connected to failure of a system or a railway automatics and telemechanics device. The control principles of reliability indices of systems and railway automatics and telemechanics devices at various stages of life cycle are resulted.

L.V. Shkurina
Economic management of risk of investment activity on a railway transport

Modern problems of investment activity management on a railway transport in conditions of uncertainty as environment, and internal risk factors for a railway transport are considered.

S.B. Lyovin
Morphological model of the feasibility analysis of transport terminal-logistic complexes

The integrated classification of state space of realization of an object of a terminal-logistical complex, and also detailing of the integrated classification of factors are submitted.

G.M. Bilenko, M.G. Lysikov
New indices of the execution control of procedures discipline

The indices describing the execution of transportation process technology at various control levels by means of an automated system of test equipment of procedures discipline are considered. The introduction in practice of operational control of given indices will allow to improve procedures discipline and to cut down operating costs within the framework of branch.

V.A. Fisun, A.A. Konstantinova
Buildings from lightweight metal constructions - a present situation and development prospects

Questions of creation of buildings from lightweight metal constructions, various variants of constructive solutions are examined. The statistics of share of lightweight metal constructions in building and volume of their release on regions is given. The analysis of utilization of effective heat-insulating materials for lightweight filler structures is given.