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2011 2

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Life safety on transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning



A.A. Bityutsky, D.E. Klushantsev
The efficiency analysis of divided braking systems for freight cars in Russia

Results of the review and the analysis of world and Russian experience of brake system designing of freight cars are stated. Results of the comparative efficiency analysis of braking systems with a typical brake lever mechanism and braking systems with a divided drive on bogies, and also advice on development of their design for the purpose of behavior improvement are given.

D.P. Kononov
The use of dissipative behavior of the machine tool-device-tool-detail elastic system at processing of wheel pair elements by cutting

Methods of vibration abatement at cutting and of self-excited vibration control are considered. Cutters for turning of the all-rolled wheels allowing to stabilize plates of the cutting tool are presented.

N.S. Otdelkin, A.S. Slyusarev, E.I. Adamov
Bunker dust suppression devices of clamshell reloaders for bulk freight

Technology of dust control reducing losses and negative effect on environment at a transshipment of bulk freight by clamshell-bunker reloaders are considered.

V.M. Ponomaryov
The operational control system in emergency conditions

The multiagent control system in two kinds (multiply connected and two-level) acceptable to emergency situations is offered. These control structures allow to realize principles as management centralization, and paralleling of function activities on control and liquidation of emergency situations.

V.A. Aksyonov, A.S. Gladarenko
The ecological analysis and elimination of pollution caused by production activity of sleeper impregnation manufactures

The course of exploration of fouling external soil pollution caused by production activity of a sleeper impregnation shop of the 185th track laying machine station is resulted. It was revealed that the polluted territory concerned to extremely dangerous on chemical pollution rate and the bioassay technique of soil neutralization was the most effective.

A.A. Bychkova
Formation of the assessment of passenger service at railway stations

Structures of assessed indicators of passenger service at railway stations, reliable basic indicators of service, and also the integral indicators allowing to assess railway station's activities are presented. The analysis of assessed indicators allows to define their optimum values at ideal functioning of a railway station complex.

A.S. Gershval'd, L.V. Kunygina
Distribution of empty cars between hold yards

The brief review of automated control methods of a car yard is made. Technological and mathematical decisions, and also the task solution algorithm of the quantitative distribution of empty cars between hold yards nonmetering the further use prospect are proposed. The task optimizes the distribution of cars by criterion of the minimum sum of expenses of car-kilometers. The task feature is the possibility of decision only in the presence of signs of rights delegation of distribution and the type selection of cars by car proprietors.

V.Yu. Gorelik, S.Yu. Mushtenko, N.V. Stoyanova
The analysis of applicability of a power efficient control system of illumination of railway transport units

The limitation of lighting fittings on the basis of mercury lamps is considered. Prospects of application of energy-efficient lighting fittings on the basis of light-emitting diodes for the task solution of illumination of railway transport units as part of energy-efficient programs are designated. The model of illumination of the light-emitting diode lighting fitting is calculated. The analysis of radiation diagrams of the lighting fitting on the basis of light-emitting diodes is carried out.

V.G. Nikolaev
The availability of wind-electric stations in the solution of transport problems of Russia

Possible and rational directions and scale of use of wind-electric stations in power supply of a transport complex of Russia are appraised. According to received data total power and generation of wind-electric stations can make to 17 GW and 42 billion kWh/year. The use of wind-electric stations on transport of Russia is economically expedient.

S.B. Tomashevsky
Numerical simulation of hardening of machine elements by surface plastic deformation

The numerical scheme of hardening process of machine elements and design by surface plastic deformation is considered. The relevant computer program was developed. The results of mathematical simulation of running-in process of a shaft by rollers are compared with experimental data.

N.L. Velikanov, V.A. Naumov, A.S. Kosmodamiansky, M.N. Velikanova
Precipitation simulation of solid particles in a sludge line

The numerical schemes of precipitation process of solid particles in sludge lines are considered. The effect of the particle shape on its dynamics is taken into account.

S.G. Kosachevsky
Application of mathematical modeling for realization of the competence approach to preparation of operators of transport means

The complex of mathematical models providing realization of the competence approach to professional training of operators of transport means is offered (on an example of civil aviation pilots).

E.N. Timuhina
Mathematical simulation of dynamic deformation of flexors of freight fastening with an eaves lath at car collision in a hump yard

The case of freight displacement relative to a car floor at car collision with groups of motionlessly standing cars in a hump yard of a marshalling station is considered. The analytical formula is received, it allowing to define a projection of a dynamic part of the general deformation of elements of fastenings to directions of freight displacement arisen at the moment of its sudden stop. The formula of dynamic force arising on each element of fastenings is deduced.

K.A. Sergeev, I.V. Gundaev, E.S. Sidorov
Dataware and software of a technologist of the railway car-repair enterprise

Requirements to mathematical support, dataware and software of technology designing system of the railway car-repair manufacture are stated, they allowing to increase production design efficiency of repair of railway cars.

A.G. Saksin
Technique of decrease in costs in the course of reorganization of the enterprise of urban passenger transport

The use ways of amortization policy instruments directed on decrease in costs and increase of financial stability degree of base units of urban passenger transport in the course of their restructuring are offered.