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2010 2

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Transport building

  • Universities transport



Yu.P.Sidorov, T.V.Garanina
Express-information estimation of negative influence of locomotive depot on an atmosphere

The technique of an estimation of environmental contamination using the concept of total value of ecopoints or value of ecological density of pollution is considered. This makes it possible to define behaviour of atmospheric pollution from working enterprise and to estimate its ecological compatibility.

V.S.Naumov, T.A.Ignat'eva, N.Sh.Lyapina
The problem of environmental contamination by stable organic contaminant emissions during life cycle of vessels

The analysis of the basic processes of life cycle of inland and mixed navigation vessels is carried out for the purpose of presence stable organic contaminants in them. The approach to estimation of stable organic contaminant emission at extreme situations on vessels is suggested.

D.Yu.Alexeev, V.P.Smirnov, A.M.Hudonogov, V.N.Ivanov
Increase of isolation resource of windings of traction electric machines

It is considered resource-saving and energy-efficient method of infrared drying of impregnated with lacquer or compound windings of traction electric motors.

The automated system of coupling increase of direct current locomotives

The attention is given to determination of dependence of coupling force on sliding speed of wheel pairs. The analysis of different approaches in definition of coupling characteristics and their application for increase of locomotive efficiency is carried out. The description of the new total characteristic of coupling is given and on the basis of these characteristics the new ideology in the task solution of operability assurance and electric locomotive efficiency is stated.

K.A.Sergeev, A.S.Antonovsky
The estimation procedure of a level of repair processes of passenger cars and their components

The estimation of a level of technological processes which finds out the availability of certain interrelation between estimation of finished product quality and technological process quality is considered.

Mathematical modeling for estimate of stressedly-deformed state of coupler body

The coupler body is submitted. It is a complex spatial construction with a set of surfaces crossing in various directions. The analysis of geometry of the coupler body and real loading conditions in operation has shown that the overall estimate of stressedly-deformed state can be carried out if there is a mathematical model.

Active radio-frequency identification in positioning systems of transport means

Application of active radio-frequency identification for problem solution of identification and positioning of transport means is considered. The comparison of active and passive technologies of radio-frequency identification is given; advantages of active identification are marked. Creation of system for identification of railway transport means is given.

Three-wire control circuit with the electric motor of magnetoelectric excitation system

It is shown that by development of perspective three-wire control circuit the essential shortcomings of two-wire control circuit were eliminated, including the possibility to create false control conditions from rectifier effect and entangle line wires L1 and L2. It is of great importance for safety of train operation.

Noise stability of wireless transport communication

The correlation detection algorithm of pulse codes with phase and amplitude modulation in conditions of interference is considered.

D.V.Gorishny, E.A.Mamaev
The detection algorithm of dependences between failures of devices of railway automatics and telemechanics

The detection problem of dependences between failures of devices of railway automatics and telemechanics, the choice problem of model of dependences - Bayesian networks - on the diagnostic data on the basis of application of description principle of minimum length is considered. The description of the developed algorithm and the program is submitted, examples and calculations are given.

V.I.Lin'kov, E.V.Syomochkin
Deterioration of efficiency indices of interval control of trains running with the minimum interval at reduction of layout interval of by block sections

It is shown that at train operation with layout interval there is the deterioration of some efficiency indices at reduction of layout interval. The expediency of definition of interval between consecutive trains in all cases from a condition of normative train differentiation is put under a question.

P.A.Kozlov, N.A.Tushin, M.A.Chernin
Functional reliability improvement of transport systems

The new approach to an estimation of functional reliability of transport systems and ways of its improvement is offered. It is shown that the functional importance of an element depends on its place in structure and its role in technological process of the system. The design procedure of functional survival capability of system at failure of a concrete element on imitating model was developed. It is offered to improve functional reliability due to activization of dynamic reserves.

Base principles of development of national transport strategy and branch strategy on example of air transport

Some base principles of development of transport national strategy on example of air transport are offered.

V.N.Sergienko, L. A.Salov, A.V.Shaposhnikov
The series record at construction of the optimum decision in bridge engineering

The problem of series record of bridge structures at construction of the rational (optimum) decision during designing a series of bridges on a transport main line is considered. It was developed the algorithm allowing to take into account structure series at definition of numerical value of a parameter of comparison of series variants of bridge structures during its formation and a choice of optimum variant of a series of these structures.

Change of the social-valuable status of a railwayman in reforming conditions of branch

The transformation processes of the social-valuable status of a railwayman and its structural components are considered, the further progress trend connected to reforming processes of a railway branch are determined. The role of social policy of the state and JSC Russian Railways in the formation of the social-valuable status of a railwayman was revealed.