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2010 1

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Transport building

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Modelling of transport processes



V.D.Katin, I.A.Kryukov
The analysis of environmental impact assessment techniques of fuelburn device operation at railway enterprises

The analysis of existing techniques of ecological efficiency assessment of burner devices in furnaces and boilers is given. The new technique taking into account a complex of ecological parameters of fuelburn device operation on noise and specific emission of harmful substances in an atmosphere is offered.

V.M.Ponomaryev, S.A.Dontsov
Integrated estimation of occupational risk of car shed workers

Investigation of risk by example of car shed professions is executed. This makes it possible to cover a wide range of risk factors. The probability of occupational diseases and accident is accepted as a measure of risk. The given approach allows to give an integrated estimation of risk and to determine compensatory payments for the caused damage.

V.S.Naumov, A.N.Borodin
Reduction method of man's impact of oil and oil products spill at ship running on internal waterways

The reduction method of man's impact of oil and oil products spill at ship running on internal waterways is offered. It is based on research of two jointly proceeding processes of oil patch movement and quick reaction of rescue service.

M.N.Vasilenko, P.E.Bulavsky, B.P.Denisov, D.A.Imanuilov
Coordination and confirmation of technical documentation with digital signature

The circuit of coordination and confirmation of technical documentation is submitted by application of digital signature allowing essentially to reduce an expenditure of time and to speed up processes of document transfer.

Transient processes in a real supply line of electric switch drive

Transient processes in a real supply line of electric switch drive are considered. It is proved that the analytic determination of primary parameters of switch cable of supply line in view of concrete conditions of operation and other factors it is not represented possible, therefore in practice they use the approximate solution and specify influence of some factors experimentally.

System of automated choice of parameters and efficiency rating of interval traffic control

The software "Interval" which provides the modelling of train movement on the given section in view of interval traffic control is considered. Calculation of parameters of interval traffic control efficiency can be executed.

A.S.Gershval'd, L.V.Kunygina
Numbered distribution of available cars between applications for loading

Technological and mathematical problem definitions as well as a problem algorithm of numbered distribution of empty cars are offered. Feature of this problem is the use of passing loading of foreign property cars. The problem optimizes the distribution of cars between applications for loading by criterion of the maximal profit.

G.M.Bilenko, E.A.Popova
Analytical estimation of group of freight trains' coefficient by quick-running trains at various schemes of their routing on the train diagram

The multiple-factor graph-analytical method of train handling process in conditions of the routing with overtaking quick-running trains by freight trains is carried out. Analytical relations for definition of group of freight trains' coefficient depending on conditions of railway section functioning and schemes of train routing are received and submitted. These relations have important practical value.

Bases of designing of transport complexes

The object domain of transport complexes is investigated on an example of air transport. A necessary condition of designing of transport complexes is the acceptable terminology of the object domain, search and choice of means of formalization, the problem definition.

A.D.Hamoev, I.L.Zimenkov
General overhaul of railway cranes in view of an actual condition on basis of technical diagnostics

Questions of general overhaul of cranes of different carrying capacity on a level of scheduled preventive maintenance, modernization of technical diagnostics are considered.

E.V.Slivinsky, V.V.Teslin
Development of the perspective device excluding an opportunity of self-movement of freight cars in case of brake exhaustion

The materials concerning the development of a perspective design of the device for automatic braking of freight cars in case of brake exhaustion are submitted. Calculations of characterization of its basic parameters are given. The development is recommended to research and industrial car building structures with the purpose of its further studying and probable introduction.

A.V.Yakushev, V.I.Mironov
Forecast amendment of the operating life of a truck bolster of a freight car

The question of forecasting of fatigue resource of a truck bolster is considered in view of a stage of fatigue crack development, the stress cycle asymmetry, and also stress cycles below the fatigue limit. The design procedure of resource of cast details of trucks with the help of a method of complete diagrams of deformation is offered. The received results of the forecast of the operating life have good convergence with test results of full-size details.

E.I.Skovorodnikov, A.S.Anisimov, M.V.Taruta, Yu.B.Grishina, A.M.Minitaeva
Development of a method of ecological monitoring of diesel engines

The analytical calculations of combustion products of diesel fuel in the engine cylinder are offered, they taking into account the elementary structure and the advance angle of fuel delivery, the equation and thermodynamic parameters of process of air-fuel mixture burning.

Models of strategic resource maintenance of transport complex elements

The logistics of technological processes at the development of a traffic centre is simulated, it including criteria and restrictions, method realization algorithms, and also the results received at the solution of specific targets. To receive the optimal solution by the certain criteria of concentration and specialization of marshalling yards, nonlinear multiindex problems of resource allocation between objects by application of mathematical programming methods for the certain class of objective functions and restrictions are solved.