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2009 3

Main subjects

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Life safety on transport

  • Universities transport

  • Modelling of transport processes



Economic estimation of dataware of the innovative project

The role of the information in the solution process of a specific innovative task at the stage of performance of necessary research work is shown. Various kinds of the concrete search supplying the enterprises of an innovator with useful scientific and technical data are considered. The analysis of an integral index of competitiveness will make it possible to estimate conformity of quality and the price of an innovative product.

Methodical bases of qualitative managerial decision making of the investment project implementation of development of railway infrastructure

Methodical bases of qualitative managerial decision making of the investment project implementation of development of railway infrastructure at investment activity planning of the railway company in interrelation with social and economic growth of territory under the influence of the factor of development of infrastructure are stated.

G.V.Samme, V.A.Yakovlev
Characteristics of adhesion and behaviour of motor-wheel blocks of an electric locomotive at spinning

Questions of frictional interaction of a wheel-rail system are considered. Three stages in task solution of use of locomotive power capacity limited to conditions of wheels and rails adhesion are defined. The analysis of adhesion characteristics on which basis the control problems of steady operation of an electric locomotive limited to adhesion and increasing of the realised adhesion factor were solved is made. The description of a total characteristic of adhesion with four extreme zones (with two maxima) is given.

.. Sergeev, O.Yu. Krivich
The calculations done at technological designing of a production division with the line organisation of production

The design procedure of car-repair enterprise performances is stated. It allows for any divisions of car depots to receive some variants of production line placement and to choose what will give the maximum effect, and also to define with the set accuracy the value of technological process parameters.

A.V. Babaev
Integration of information streams in the course of parallel designing of transport objects identification number

Necessity of information stream integration in the course of parallel designing of transport objects is proved. Advantages and disadvantages of existing technologies of integration are revealed. It is offered to expand the Rdescriptor description with an identification item number and number of a working layer of the executor; to use the R-protocol for realisation of graphic data integration.

L.A. Osipov
The program of the transport problem solution

The problem solution of optimal resources allocation is considered (by example of economic planning of transportations). The decision is submitted by program in PASCAL accessible to practical use.

N.M. Lyogky
Operation of transportation process on the basis of vehicle locating information

Two approaches of data generation on a transport means location in automated systems of operation of transportation process on railways are considered. Characteristics of these methods are compared, their features are determined.

A.A. Volkov, V.V.Mihaylov
Physico-mathematical foundations of image transmission

Physical and mathematical foundations of image transmission - radiowaves and a photoeffect are analysed. It is shown that among the Russian scientists played the leading part in their statement were also professors of MIIT: Lebedev P.N., Eyhenval'd A.A.

Z.V. Abuseridze
The further perfection of a design and improvement of characteristics of switch collector motors

The basic disadvantages of the serial collector motor of switch operating gear MSP-0,25 are stated. The design of electric motor MSP-0,25M with magnetoelectric excitation system from high-coercivity permanent magnets made of baric ferrite alloy is offered.

A.G. Osipov
The test analysis of cars on brake efficiency and stability

The test analysis of car brake systems is carried out with existing methods. The conclusion on expediency of working out of new reliable energy-efficient methods, diagnostics tools of these systems and use of high informative estimated parameters is drawn.

Perfection of computing methods of infrastructure in investment transport projects

The brief analysis of existing computing methods of transport systems is given. Disadvantages of techniques the design organizations use are marked. It is offered to use imitating system ISTRA which takes into account complex mutual influence of structure and work technology of transport objects.

V.A. Korchagin, A.A. Liberman
Warehouse and transport coordination

It is shown that a condition of improvement of quality of logistical service is the development of models allowing to organize efficient and harmonious coordination between various logistics components, such as transport and a warehouse. It is considered not only efficiency of models from a position of time saving of a supplies stay in transport-warehouse system, but also influence of accepted decisions on environmental quality.

V.I. Lin'kov
Influence of increase of freight train speed on the efficiency of interval freight traffic control at an invariance of track infrastructure

It is shown on an example of freight traffic that increase of the efficiency of interval traffic control is possible not only as a result of improvement of this system parameters, but also is exclusive at the expense of increase of freight train speed.

B.I. Davydov
Model of energy consumption by a stream of transport means for small time intervals

Forecasting questions of fuel or electric power volume spent by a stream of transport means are considered. The approach to construction of energy consumption model by a stream of land transport means for small time intervals is considered.

V.E. Burak, A.M. Sigaev
Dependence of hydrochemical indicators of condition of the railway right of way superficial reservoirs on traffic route direction

Results of chemical water analysis of the superficial hydro ecosystems located in the railway right of way are presented. It is established that intensity of accumulation and transformation of polluting substances in the specified reservoirs depends on a geographical traffic direction, production load specificity and a kind of transport.

V.P. Anan'ev, A.M. Gabdrahmanov
Efficiency criteria of use of technical means at liquidation of emergency situation consequences on a railway transport

The technique of definition of average size of useful effect at liquidation of emergency situation consequences, the net cost of useful effect and capital investments on technical means operation is offered. Actions for increase of technical means efficiency at liquidation of emergency situation consequences are offered.

M.L. Okulova
Conditions of distance education efficiency in high school

Advantages and disadvantages of distant education are submitted in comparison with traditional forms of education. Conditions of distance education efficiency in transport high schools and in the refresher training system on a railway transport are considered.

L.Yu. Kataeva, A.V. Romanov
Patancar method and opportunities of its optimization

The article is devoted to possible optimization ways of Patancar method. The new way of creation of multidimensional arrays in main memory and announcement rules of variables are submitted. The described way has allowed to increase calculating speed in 1.4 times and to reduce a necessary memory capacity by 9.7 percent.