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2009 2

Main subjects

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Transport building

  • Problems of mechanics in transport

  • Life safety on transport



A.V. Lyudagovsky, D.V. Skopin, R.S. Novikov
Analysis of operating capacity of the motor-axial bearing in components of the wheel-motor block of diesel locomotive E10 made of bronze Br04Ts4C17 and babbit B16

The analysis of failure of traction engine motor-axial bearings is carried out. The methods of motor-axial bearings repair and restoration in locomotive depot and repair shops are shown. Today the decision of problems connected to speed increase, loading, reliability of machine and mechanism components is impossible without application of new materials with special properties created by methods of powder metallurgy.

D.G. Evseev, A.A. Kul'kov
Influence of gas-dynamic shot blasting parameters on productivity of surface cleaning under car repair

Quality indicators and technological opportunities a shot-blast gas-dynamic method of car surface cleaning under repair are submitted. The introduction of this method in repair shops demands study and a scientific substantiation of influence parameters of a jet on a cleared surface.

I.I. Sotnikov, Yu.I. Yudin, A.-V.I. Sereda
About a problem statement of a vessel movement rational route and managing influences necessary for its realization

It is devoted to a problem of mathematical model application of vessel movement for the purpose of finding possibility or impossibility of maneuver from given in the given vessel state under available external conditions and for matching of appropriate managing influences. Formal statement of this problem is carried out, the own numerical method is offered, opportunities of its program realization are discussed.

I.M. Golovnyh, S.V. Kolganov
Strategic principles and priorities of functioning of urban public transport

The problem of efficiency increase of urban public transport management is considered. The basic contents of , and also the main problems in its functioning are resulted.

V.M. Abramov, B.D. Nikiforov, A.B. Chegurov
Normalization of reliability and safety characteristics of locomotive systems of interval regulation train operation

The numerical contents of risk and safety of interval regulation locomotive systems are opened. It is shown that the protective failure concept of such systems in travel line can not be applied directly. The analysis is carried out and the dependence numerically connecting the basic characteristics and parameters of locomotive equipment reliability and safety being a measure of its risk is received.

V.I. Kolesnikov, A.N. Kuz'minov
Modelling of transport systems on the basis of cenology theory positions

It is considered the opportunity of transport system designing on the basis of cenology theory positions which structure and functioning mechanism take into account the state and society needs, are integrated in a market system on high competitiveness conditions.

L.V. Shkurina, E.A. Maskaeva
Conceptual questions of quality estimation of railway transport operational work

Questions of the construction concept of quality estimation system of the operational work basing on definition principles of the address responsibility of the division for working results are stated.

A.N. Savos'kin, A.A. Chuchin, A.P. Vasil'ev
Research of processes of clutch and slipping failure in the first-class traction drive

The processes in the first-class drive with bilateral traction gear when clutch failing are considered. It is shown when wheel an oil spot clutch failure occurs because of increasing high-frequency torsional vibrations under this wheel.

M.M. Bolotin, V.G. Vorotnikov, M.V. Kozlov
Mathematical methods of machine structural analysis and optimization of production parameters

Construction and optimization questions of structural formulas of technological machines of car-repair plant and freight cars are considered. The algorithm of multistage optimization of a choice of production parameters of car repair which in a combination to machine structural analysis allows investigating the interaction of various depot workshops in a complex is offered.

A.V. Gol'dberg, V.Yu. Gorelik
Use of radio-frequency tags on a railway transport

Opportunities of application of radio-frequency identification (RFID) are submitted. RFID is of great importance for optimization of all stages of transportation and processes of freight handling and transportation means, and also it will allow increasing a management efficiency of a passenger traffic.

N.M. Lyogky
State modelling of radio-frequency readers of automatic identification system of transport means

The operating regime analysis of a reader of automatic identification system of railway transport means is carried out. Conditions of its operating capacity depending on intensity of the electromagnetic field created by the aerial point of reading are formulated. Recommendations for increase of reliability formed in a reader of an identification sequence are given.

L.M. Drabkin
To a question on an adaptive regulation algorithm of water supply objects

Assuming that adjustment parameters of a regulator for some instant of time are given, and the object of regulation is not given, a method allowing to solve a problem of stabilization of the non-stationary linear closed system of regulation in measurements of output quantity is considered.

V.N. Sergienko, A.V. Shaposhnikov
Search of the optimum decision in bridge engineering in the form of a multicriterion problem

It is considered the actual problem of construction of the rational (optimum) decision in bridge engineering during designing transport bridges (a series of bridges or a series of specific designs of these bridges) in the form of a multicriterion problem which optimum decision is determined on two parameters independent from each other.

E.I. Starovoytov, E.P. Dorovskaya
Bend of three-layer elements of the transport designs connected to the elastic basis

The bend of an elastic rectangular three-layer plate with the rigid filler based on the elastic basis is considered. Kirchhoff hypotheses are accepted for the description of bearing layer kinematics. Reaction of the basis is described by Winkler model. The presence of a rigid diaphragm interfering a relative shift of layers is supposed on a contour of a plate.

Analysis of results of the rated method for determination of concentration fields of polluting substances in a surface layer air

The rated method of an estimation of an atmosphere air state in an influence zone of Il'ich locomotive depot (Moscow - Kievskaya station) is considered. Brief bases and results of method application are given, and also measures on decrease of negative loading on air pool on the part of locomotive depot are offered.