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2009 1

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Problems of reliability and efficiency of transport systems functioning

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • The problem of railway track

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Universities transport



V.P. Anan'ev, A.M. Gabdrahmanov, N.F. Marchenko
Organizational - technical actions for the prevention and liquidation of consequences of terrorist acts on a railway transport

Organizational-technical actions for the prevention and liquidation of consequences of terrorist acts on a railway transport, and preventive measures on suppression and counteraction to terrorism are considered.

E.V. Drabkina, I.V. Agafonova
Environmental contamination from power objects of locomotive facilities of railways

The influence of a railway transport on an environment and necessity of realization of the actions promoting better protection of an environment based on the basis of the reliable quantitative analysis of harmful emissions from sources of the pollution, and also ecological expert evidence is considered.

V.I. Kupaev, O.S. Yudaeva, A.S. Gladarenko
Estimation of hygienic and fire safety of experimental passenger car of model 61-4447

Results of sanitary-chemical researches of the air environment at carrying out tests on the basis of the designed and constructed 61-4447-model passenger car without compartments are given.

K.A. Sergeev, E.S. Sidorov
The automated designing of repair technological processes of freight car trucks

Brief results of analysis of methods of the automated designing of repair technological processes of freight car trucks existing at the car-repair plants are given.

E.V. Slivinsky, A.A. Zaitsev
To a choice of type of a firm lubricant for greasing of wheel flanges of freight car wheel pairs

The way of friction reduction of wheel flanges in curves because of presence of the dry sliding friction arising in a zone of their contact with rail heads, and possibility of friction liquidation by application of the device created at a level of the invention with use of firm lubricants are considered. This article is devoted to one of variants of firm lubricants selection for four axle open-box car.

N.A. Bityutsky
Research of operational damages of tank cars with aluminum alloy boilers

The estimation of a technical condition of 15-1406-model tank cars after long term of operation is carried out. The basic damages and malfunctions of bearing structure are revealed. The size of corrosion wear of the tank car boiler from transported freight is established. The intensity of exploitation for the appointed service life is appreciated. On the basis of the carried out researches principal causes of operational damages are exposed and their classification is offered.

V.S. Feoktistov, O.V. Feoktistova
Application of materials with the programmed properties in control systems of a railway rolling stock

The method of voltage calculations in cylindrical bodies at course in them thermoelastic martensitic phase transformation for the arbitrary law of change of elastic characteristics of a material is developed. The possibility of use of this method for definition of stable operation conditions of a power drive from a material with the programmed properties is shown.

A.N. Savos'kin, B.A. Dudin
The energy principle of the description of electromechanical system

Comparison of two ways of drawing up of the dynamic equations of electromechanical systems is submitted. The way of reception of these equations for mechanical and electric subsystems of electromechanical system which is based on introduction of energy functions from the generalized variables and use of the second form of Lagrang equations is described.

V.P. Zakaryukin, A.V. Kryukov
The system approach to modeling electrotraction networks

The technique of the imitating modeling allowing to expect modes and load-carrying capacity of systems of external and traction electric supply of alternating current railways is developed. Conceptual positions on organization of real-time operational control of combined system of external and traction electric supply of the railway are given.

N.S. Bachurin, A.A. Krasnichenko, N.L. Ivanov
Technique of definition dynamic load, design data and resource of the tram car

Main principles of construction of mathematical models are submitted and researches of the tram car dynamic load are executed. The problems of the choice of rational parameters of a design and the maintenance of required characteristics of a resource were solved on the basis of complex simulation modeling at design stages of a rolling stock.

A.I. Volodin, O.V. Balagin, V.K. Fomenko
Heat monitoring of a technical condition of rolling stock units

Introduction questions of heat monitoring in a maintenance and repair system of a rolling stock are considered. The mathematical model of functioning of cooling system of the diesel locomotive, allowing to execute the calculation of temperature fields on a surface of a controllable object, and the heat monitoring technology of diesel engine refrigerators are given.

L.G. Kopteva, A.V. Babaev
Questions of a choice of systems for realization of parallel designing objects in information networks on transport

Two general approaches to 3D-designing are stated and capabilities of CAD/CAM/CAE-systems are analysed; technical features of systems for realization of parallel designing objects in information networks on transport are determined; the decision-making algorithm at the choice of systems and its realization on an additive optimization method is offered.

V.V. Mihailov, A.A. Volkov
To development of digital systems of transfer, reception, processing and display of images

The analysis of existing environments of delivery of image signals is made: ground broadcasting, broadcasting on mobile devices, satellite broadcasting, cable broadcasting, IPTV. The high-quality advanced and economically verified decisions on introduction of digital TV in the given environments of image delivery are offered.

J.A. Kravtsov, V.I. Lin'kov, P.E. Mashchenko, A.E. Shcherbina
Research of noise stability of track receiving sets of voice - frequency track circuits

The technique and results of research of noise stability of track receiving sets PP1 are described. Requirements to noise stability of microprocessor track receiving sets of a new generation are formulated.

A.V. Ryshkov
Formation of world commodity - transport logistics as a mechanism of optimization of industrial expenses and increase of competitiveness of goods and services

Classification of the logic services market is executed; the basic factors influencing on the development of the logistic market are systematized; the necessity of development of methodology and multicriteria estimation which will allow to appreciate the contribution of transport to the common competitiveness of a national economy through an estimation of its role in a world chain of deliveries is proved.

E.A. Varnavskih, S.M. Varnavskih
Scientific and technical informing as a pedagogical condition of education of creative activity at the student of open high school

Questions of data ware of educational training, the aiming of participants of educational process (teachers and students) in high school on search and perception of the information in a speciality are considered. The scheme of reception of the actual information by the student as cyclic closed and in part closed contour system with application of traditional and electronic information sources is submitted.