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2008 4

Main subjects

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Life safety on transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Mechanics of transport structures



V.I. Tikhonov
Modelling kinetic energy of the real attached liquid

The author received the formula allowing to determine energy analytically, and also to determine coefficients of the attached weights of water mass revolted with movement of the vessel body in it.

Y.A. Antonov, K.K. Kim
Interaction model of a current collector with a contact wire

The article shows the construction possibility of some class of reaction models of a contact suspension bracket on static and dynamic effect of a current collector, and also the calculation possibility of its own fluctuation frequencies of a suspension bracket within the limits of one of elementary models taking into account the influence of elements on a contact wire, these elements ensure equal elasticity of its suspension brackets.

L.Y. Kataeva
Discretisation features of multidimensional nonlinear problems

The given article gives stable different schemes constructed on the basis of a grid method, interation-interpolation method, and also on the basis of the Patan kar method. The results of this work are fundamental and can find application for the decision of a wide class of problems in railway transport.

D.G. Insepov
Mathematical model of electromagnetic compatibility

Theoretical bases of electromagnetic compatibility of technical means, normcentrical concept containing probable and design specifications. Application of this concept is considered for digital and electrotechnical devices, interlocked track circuits.

V.V. Lobyntsev, V.N. Pupynin
Power equipment of traction electrical supply systems of tomorrow

The basic types of superconductive electrotechnical equipment are designed. Principal comparison of bulk dimension indicators of power transformers in traditional and overconductive performance is presented. The decrease estimation in the level of electric energy losses on internal resistance of the existing equipment is conducted at its replacement with superconductive analogues.

M.V. Shevliugin, A.A. Zhumatova
Application possibility of perpetual energy sources in the traction electric supply system on railways

The review of perpetual energy sources is conducted. Growth rates and prospects of their use are shown. The principle of action of "wind" traction substation in the scheme of railway traction electric supply is described.

Y.N. Korol, Y.A. Chernov
Automation in the estimation of levelling current quantity in a traction network 25kV system

Approbation results of the automated estimation of leveling current in quantity in an alternating current system by means of are given in the article.

P.A. Nosenkov
Jet capacity in nonlinear ventil systems with impulse regulation

Actual question of increasing technological and economic efficiency of the systems ensuring decrease of the cost of the electric power expenditure on underground rolling stock is considered. It is shown that division of jet capacity on a method of jet components of instant capacity will allow to compensate more effectively jet capacity and to choose filter parameters for filtration of the maximum harmonics.

M.M. Devyatov
Integrated estimation of consumer properties of highways

The technique of an intergrated estimation of consumer properties in highways and roadside space on target and criterion levels is offered, allowing to approach truly when applying actions for modernization of highway parts in the conditions of the limited financing.

I.K. Kuzmichev
Risk evaluation and acceptance of the administrative decision at navigating planning at the water transport enterprises

Problems of working out and introduction of parametrical programming tasks for working out the navigating plan in applying fleet with reference to activity of enterprises in the water transport. The analysis of risk indicators and on its basis validity of accepting administrative decisions on a choice of an optimum alternative of the navigating plan in fleet operation is carried out.

I.A. Besedin
Calculation of existing carrying capacity a single-track part of a railway at an oblique crossing of trains

The definition problem of carrying capacity at a single-track site at an oblique crossing of trains on both block posts limiting open line is considered. This line is equipped with the automatic block signalling and semiautomatic blocking for non-package and nonpair types of time-table and the results of calculating formula are given.

A.V. Rogachev
Estimation of atmosphere pollution near the locomotive depot Lublino and Moscow III

The problem of negative effect on atmospheric air by the locomotive depots Lublino and Moscow III is mentioned in the article. Short theoretical aspects of fouling substance dispersion in atmosphere are presented and the analysis in modeling processes of fouling substance dispersion in zones of influence of depots is made.

B.V. Zubkov, A.N. Botchkarev
Modern methods of explosive subjects reveiling by a method of a radar-tracking scanning of passengers

Systems, methods and means of revealing explosives, explosive devices and other dangerous subjects on a person's body and on his clothes are considered in this article. This is done at the preflight examination of passengers by a radar-tracking scanning method.

V.K. Ivanov
The comparative analysis of measurement results in vibrating acceleration and noise in a cabin when various locomotive drivers are working

The estimation of locomotive driver teams working conditions essentially depends on engineering procedure stability. The received statistic data allow to evaluate not only maximum permissible levels, but also to evaluate the driver experience by comparison of measurement results on three directions.

S.E. Adadurov, A.S. Adadurov, A.B. Chesta
The analysis and development of The analysis of the project in uniform methodology of risk evaluation for safety on European railways, developed by the European railway agency is presented. The management scheme of risks is improved. The mathematical apparatus of risk classification is offered. The analysis of methods in their evaluation is given.

V.Y. Demikhov
Strategic management in a railway company marketing activity on the basis of a long-term forecast of the Russian economy growth

Conseptual problems of strategic management in a large railway company marketing activity are given in this article in interrelation with a macroeconomic situation and an estimation of the Russian Federation economic growth and Development strategy of a railway company.

A.V. Gorelik, N.A. Taradin, P.A. Nevarov
Ectimation model of safety systems in railway automatics on parametres of train movement

Various approaches to definition of safety of systems in railway automatics and telemechanics from the point of view of their interaction with a transport complex are considered. The mathematical model for a probable estimation of safety systems in railway automatics and telemechanics is offered taking into account their operation on parametres train movement.

A.S. Kosmodamiansky, V.I. Vorobiov, A.A. Pugachev, A.D. Khokhlov
The asynchronous electric drive with a rotary carcase for locomotive auxiliary mechanisms

The experimental asynchronous electric drive with a rotary carcase is presented. This installation allows to conduct experimental researches of the asynchronous electric drive, to get specification quantity of electromechanical processes, management processes in automatic regulation systems.

A.E. Afanasiev
Durability research in a butt end wall of the universal open-box car

Results of durability research in a butt end wall of the universal open-box car are analysed. Improvement directions of a butt end wall design in an jpen-box car are stated. The new butt end wall design is developed and the results of introducing a new butt end wall design are given.

V.N. Balabin
Experimental researches of a valve electro hydraulic drive in a gas distribution transport engines

Some results of application of nonmechanical systems of valve drive in gas distribution on transport engines are considered. Researches of an electrohydraulic drive work are given in which dignities of hydraulic and electromagnetic methods of a drive are summarized.

E.V. Slivinsky, V.V. Teslin
Perspective anti-slipping device for high-speed trains

The materials concerning the development of a perspective design for anti-slipping device for a high-speed rolling stock are presented. This device is recommended to research and industrial structures in the locomotive and car building for the further studying and possible introduction in practice.