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2008 2

Main subjects

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Transport building

  • Issues of information and communication on transport

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Mechanics of transport structures

  • Life safety on transport



V.A. Korchagin, S.A. Lyapin
On the practical scientific approach to transport service for a metallurgical works

The theoretical, methodological and practical approaches to the scheme of transport service of the metallurgical works are discussed in this paper. Some crucial factors of the delivery of material resources (MR) and pickup of the finished product have been taken into account, in particular, the loss of profits due to blockage of use of the fixed and circulating assets invested into MR during the delivery period, the compensation of environmental and aerial pollution caused by the MR delivery, and also the loss of profits caused by the delays in delivery.

A.A. Vorob'ev, A.V. Skrebkov, K.B. Jakupov
On the optimal parameters of the traction electric motor overhaul system

The optimal annual overhaul program for traction electric motors NB-418K6 on the plant Atbasar is developed in the paper. The analysis revealed that the production capacity use is not optimal, leading to waste due to stays of the repair positions.

I.A. Besedin
On calculation of the actual throughput capacity of single track sections for non-stop crossing of trains on two separated tracks

The problem of throughout capacity determination of a single track railway section is investigated in the paper. The cases of non-stop crossing of trains on both operation points limiting haul supplied with automatic blocking devices for packet and partially packet type of schedule are considered. The design formulae for throughout capacity for various schedule types and the coefficients of unmatched train operation are presented.

M.S. Nikiforova
On the improvement of the organizational structure of temporary stores

The decision of systemic engagement with the market of customs is made by the public corporation "Russian Railways" in order to increase its part in the imported and exported freight treatment. The project of development of the temporary stores system (TSS) is initiated and currently realized in connection with this decision. The existing approaches to the TSS control and possibilities of optimization are analyzed in this paper.

E.P. Balakina
Principles of algorithms construction of system of support decision making for a train dispatcher

The paper is concerned with the main principles of automation of train control on the underground. Particular emphasis is placed on dispatcher control. In order to maintain automation of dispatcher control on the underground the model of underground line, in which the modeling of train operation is performed in time area, is offered. The principles of algorithms development of the support decision making system for a train dispatcher are described. Efficiency of application of the modeling in time area is shown for the problems of train control on underground.

A.I. Besedin
On safety factor calculation for infrastructure and rolling stock on single and single-double track sections

The issues of infrastructure objects of the railway transport being crucial for throughout capacity estimation are investigated in the paper. It is then clear that the values of the coefficient characterizing safety of technology and the rolling stock, is of vital importance. The design formula for the coefficient taking into consideration various factors effecting safety of the infrastructure elements, is proposed.

M.M. Devyatov
On settlement vehicles for designing modernization of highways

In this article the expediency of approach changing to definition of settlement vehicles in Russia is proved, proceeding from necessity of actualization and expansion of quantity of settlement vehicles, and also the necessity of maximally efficient use of territories at designing modernization of highways.

G.P. Vasil'ev
On the method of determination of equivalent material thermal conductivity

The paper contain description of the method of determination of equivalent material thermal conductivity, leading to solution of a vital problem of phase transfer in material surrounding the building basements in the areas of permafrost. Relying on the proposed method, new results of equivalent material thermal conductivity taking into account latent hear of phase transfers, were obtained in the paper.

V.A. Grechishnikov, A.A. Burmistrov
ACS EE as a developing instrument of the IAC system for Russian electric railways

The paper is concerned with the issues of development of automatic control systems on the railway transport, in particular with establishment of IAC monitoring the traction substations equipment of the Russian electric railways. Some comments on the recently introduced automated control system of an electrification and electrosupply economy (ACS EE) are presented.

N.S. Rudik
On prospective development of scanning centre of the rolling stock automatic identification system

The paper is investigating the issues of development of the rolling stock automatic identification system (RS AIS), in particular, establishment of the multi-aerial scanning centre leading to not only identification of a particular rolling stock vehicle but also to controlling over the critical units and transported goods.

A.E. Aleksandrov
On modeling for calculation and optimization of the railway transport systems

The choice of a model is mostly depending on certain parameters of the transport object and the modeling problem. The division of the transport objects into four classes by the priority of certain properties is proposed in the paper. The advantages and drawbacks of various models are discussed along with the analysis of the appropriate applicability regions.

L.Yu. Kataeva, V.B. Karpuhin
On numerical simulation of dynamic systems described by ordinary differential equations

The Gear and modified Crank-Nickolson methods are considered and the associated results of numeric simulations for dynamic systems described by ordinary differential equations, are presented in this paper. The areas of A-stability for the Gear method are obtained. The mathematical models describing emergency situations accompanied by a heat explosion by means of ordinary differential equations, are presented along with the associated numerical simulation results.

M.V. Shevlyugin
On energy saving on the railways by means of superconducting magnetic energy storage devices

The main technical-power losses in the system of traction power supply which can be reduced by means of the SMES (Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage) are described in the paper. The basic elements of construction and principles of SMES's operation are presented. The order of power capacity of SMES and its mass and dimension parameters based on the experimental data and the data of simulation modeling are determined. A concrete sector of the Moscow Railroad where use of the SMES can be profitable at present was examined. Finally, the parameters of technical-economical efficiency evaluation of the SMES's are discussed.

I.M. Gorevoy, V.I. Pitersky
On the method of spectral and statistical analysis of impulse noise in contact system of railway transport

The paper is investigating the problem of electromagnetic compatibility of the train radio and the contact system of railway transport. The proposed approach allows qualitative estimation of the contact system impulse noise effect on the train radio system in the given frequency interval. The method also contain practical proposals for modernization of the train radio system on the given interval.

L.S. Savitskaya
On international and Russian traditional approaches to accounting of financial investments

The international and national traditional approaches to accounting of financial investments are analyzed in the paper within the framework of reforming of the Russian accounting system with respect to international standards of accounting (ISA).

V.I. Artemov
On risk modeling in application to railway transport systems

The paper contains a description of a logical and probabilistic model of risk estimation allowing a systematic risks control. The model was applied for situation modeling of risks during the implementation of the Complex Integrated System of Quality Management on the Sverdlovsk railways.

G.V. Rusetskaya
The algorithm of integration of the equations of motion for the mechanical system "Radial vane-type pump"

The description of an algorithm of integration of the equations of motion of the mechanical system "Radial vanetype pump" is presented in the paper. The equations of motion modeling the pump are obtained by means of analytical mechanics technique. The developed algorithm allows solution of the general dynamic problems for radial vane pumps along with analysis and evaluation of energy efficiency of the pump.

V.E. Burak
On sanitary-and-epidemiologic state of railway stations

The paper is concerned with a vital problem of sanitary-and-epidemiologic state of railway stations and surrounding territories, namely, the presence of persons with no fixed abode as a source of infectious diseases and other hazards for passengers and railway staff members within the framework of bio-ecology approach.