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2008 ¹1

Main subjects

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • Mechanics of transport structures

  • The problems of railway track

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Industrial engineering on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Life safety on transport



Yu.V. Bocharnikov, M.P. Bader, V.R. Antonec
On effect of supply voltage quality on the level of electromagnetic influence of electric traction system on track circuit equipment

The paper investigates the effect of voltage quality on the level of electromagnetic noise in supply and signal circuits of the track circuit equipment. The study is based on the developed simulation model of the electric traction system relying on quantitative estimation criteria for electromagnetic noise.

M.V. Shevlyugin, K.S. Zheltov
On reduction of electric power consumption in Moscow underground by application of capacitive energy storage devices

The power indexes of the Moscow underground operation are determined. Energy saving due to the regenerative braking coupled with using the capacitive energy storage devices(CESD) fitted on-board of the electric rolling stock (ERS) is evaluated. Variants of the CEDS’ hooking up to the power circuits of ERS are presented. The basic technical and economic parameters of CESD’ for receiving the regenerative energy onboard the ERS are defined.

S.S. Telyukov
An investigation of energy quality in a three-phase network supplying supporting substations of the traction electric power supply system of 25 kW alternating voltage with static converters

The parameters of electric energy quality at a wiring point of powerful supporting substations of a system of traction electric power supply of alternating current with rectifying inverting converters for three-phase supplying power line of 110 kW are defined in the paper by computer modeling. The schemes of smoothing filters aimed for improvement of these parameters are presented along with the corresponding calculations.

N.N. Lyapushkin, A.N. Savos’kin
A model of physical processes in the heel pattern during sliding of a wheel along the rail

The paper is analysing the dependence of the traction force between the wheel and the rail on the speed of sliding and rolling of the wheel along the rail. The calculations for traction force were made in assumption that it may be presented as a total breakout force in acquisition currently present on the interaction area. The results of the calculations are compared with experimental results, and a good matching of the developed theoretical model with experiment is demonstrated.

V.S. Popov, A.V. Hristoforova
On the hydroelasticity of an isolation pad with a three-ply elastic rod with back pressure in the fluid layer

A problem of hydroelasticity for a hydrodynamic isolation pad of a vehicle with impermeable walls, the width of which is large in comparison to length, is solved in paper. The pressure distribution of fluid located in a space between the vibrator and stator in case of a forced flow of a working fluid is determined along with the amplitude and phase frequency characteristics of the isolation pad. Finally, the resonant frequencies of the studied isolation pad are obtained.

L.A. Smolyanitsky
Sand-bags in the track formation and their stabilization

The paper is investigating the effect of hydraulically free water in a sand-bag in the interstice between the parts of stones in the track subsidence. It is proved by experiment that the water pressure arising due to a dynamic load may cause considerable ground deformation, and therefore, may contribute the sand-bag development and track subsidence. It is demonstrated that the process is stopped once the water is extracted out of the sand-bag.

S.G. Kozlov
On the development of complex mathematical models of vessels motion

Examples of application of mathematical models of vessels motion to designing of canals and switching area are presented in the paper. A model example of a tanker is investigated and compared with the experimental data.

L.Yu. Kataeva, V.B. Karpuhin
On the Gear method of numerical modeling of dynamic systems described by stiff ordinary differential equations

The paper is investigating multistep methods for solving ordinary differential equation. The Gear method is recommended for numerical modeling of dynamic systems described by stiff ODE. The brief description of the program realization in C++ is presented. The case of changing order is also investigated.

V.M. Ponomarev, V.A. Rudakov
On mathematical modelling of the rolling-stock undercarriage failures as a basis of safe operation of railway transport

The paper contains analysis of failures of devices in car fleet. It is shown that security violation may easily lead to a breakdown. These reason-consequence relations are presented in the form of a multiplayer network model. The presented model along with the corresponding statistical model allows a simulation of device failure probability.

P.F. Bestem’yanov, A.M. Romanchikov
On the method of evaluation of control quality for coordinate interval regulation

A mathematical model of the train motion for coordinate interval regulation is described. The model is non-linear, taking into account a variety of factors including dependence of the resisting forces on speed, non-linearity of traction, etc. The method of quality control estimation for coordinate interval regulation is proposed.

K.I. Razgovorov
On the automatic search of cars involved in surveys of producer on the after-sales service companies

The paper contains a searching algorithm for cars involved in producer surveys. The main problems of cars maintenance are revealed and analyzed. Finally, the results of possible application of the method are discussed.

K.A. Sergeev, I.V. Gundaev
Models of manufacturing processes of overhaul plants

The paper is concerned with theoretical issues of technological development of the car shed system. A simulation model for analysis of manufacturing processes of the car-repairing plants is presented.

I.G. Kiselev, V.V. Galov
On heat exchange during warming of the urea-formaldehyde concentrate in tank wagons

The paper is concerned with numerical simulation of the heat exchange process for of urea-formaldehyde concentrate in tank wagons. The analysis revealed the main drawbacks and possible ways of their elimination.

V.I. Kupaev, S.V. Rasskazov
On the order of testing and estimation of operation efficiency of ventilation installations

The paper contains description of the order of testing and crucial parameters characterising the efficiency of operation of ventilation installations. The method of estimation of operation efficiency of ventilation installations based on the current regulations is presented.