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2007 ¹2

Main subjects

  • Life safety on transport

  • Industrial engineering on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Issues of power supply on railway transport

  • The problem of railway track

  • Problems of mechanics in transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Transport building

  • Issues of automation, information and communication on transport



V.D. Katin, I.V. Vol’hin
A mathematical model for contaminant outbursts during liquid fuel combustion at boiler plants on the railways

The paper is investigating the problem of mathematical design of experiments in ecology research of a boiler plant running on liquid fuel at a railway company. As a result regression equations describing contaminant outbursts in the products of fuel burning depending on the factors of humidity of water and boiler oil emulsion and the excess air coefficient, are obtained.

V.I. Kupaev, M.V. Chinyuk, S.V. Rasskasov
On application of chemical reagents in neutralization of emergency leakage of hazardous chemicals

The paper contains analysis of the physical-chemical behavior of hazardous chemicals and chemical reagents. The analysis relies on the experience of wrecking on chemically hazardous objects and transport. A method oriented for the emergency situations on the railway transport, namely leakage of hazardous chemicals, is developed. The most efficient chemical reagents are revealed and the amount of effort to neutralize possible leakage of hazardous chemicals is estimated.

S. V. Vlasenko, O. V. Gatelyuk
Analysis of the European reforms on the railways

The paper contains investigation of the reasons of railway reforms in Europe. An estimation of liberalization effect on the railways on the increase of freight and passenger transit is made and a positive correlation between the liberalization degree and improvement of the state of railway branch on the transport market of the European Union is shown. Finally, the rating of the Russian Railways is determined and the positive results of the second stage of reforms are noted.

V.B. Novikova
On theoretical aspects of formation of corporate control scheme of organization departments

The paper describes the main ideas of the system of corporate management taking into account possible subsidiaries and dependent companies. The aims, principles, facilities and evaluation mechanism of the management effect on the efficient use of resources are investigated.

O.V. Sirazetdinov
On the optimal forming of the transport capacity reserve in freight delivery system

The paper is analyzing modern delivery systems which contain capacity reserve along with stock-in-trade. The dynamic and static reserve capacity of main and additional resources are investigated.

A.I. Varakin, I.N. Varakin, V.V. Menuhov
Universal yard locomotive with hybrid power unit and energy storing unit based on electrochemical capacitors

The paper is investigating the energy analysis of switching mode of a usual and a prospective locomotive with hybrid power unit and buffer energy storing unit based on electrochemical capacitors. The evidence of design of highly economical locomotive is shown and the ESMA capacitors are proposed as the most efficient. A simplified basic circuit of the power unit is presented along with some preliminary notes of characteristics and benefits from the locomotive with energy storing unit.

S.I. Chaplinsky
On the enhancement of efficiency of locomotive operation

The paper is aimed for the burning issue of improvement of the locomotive operation efficiency. The three groups of activities targeting at the problem are pointed out, namely, the problems of locomotive works, problems of locomotive repair plants and problems of exploiting organizations. Finally, modern technologies allowing an increase in reliability, improvement in locomotive depots and costs reduction, are discussed.

A.S. Serebryakov, L.A. German, V.N. Kozlov
On the reduction of switching overvoltage in transverse capacitive compensation devices

A method of calculation of optimal parameters for a resistor of a snubber of the transverse capacitive compensation device for electric railways, is presented. The effect of the device capacity on the optimal parameters is investigated.

L.A. Smolyanitsky
On the analysis of stability of formation

The paper is investigating the problem of formation stability within the point of first limiting state. A refining method of discrete analysis of stability of the formation is proposed, taking into account weakened substrate at certain points of formation, dynamics of the rolling stock and self weight pressure of the formation. The formation is disjoined into transverse blocks and the tangential stresses are calculated and compared to the measured results of the substrate resistance to shear.

L.I. Mogilevich, A.A. Popova, V.S. Popov
On the dynamic interaction of an elastic cylindrical shell with a fluid laminar stream inside in application to pipeline transportation

The paper is concerned with an investigation of the flow of a viscous incompressible fluid under the harmonic pressure in a circular pipe-shell. The hydroelasticity problem is posted and solved in application to pipeline transport. The flow parameters and elastic displacements of the shell are obtained along with numerical investigation of their amplitude and phase parameters. The results for the resonance frequencies are also presented.

Lyapushkin N.N.
On the comparison between the cold welding within the conditions of kinetic friction and wheel rolling along the rail with sliding

The paper contains analysis of the conditions and processes occurring at cold welding with kinetic friction. These processes are compared to that taking place in the contact area of the rolling wheel and a rail with sliding. The physical identity of the processes is revealed.

E.A. Sotnikov, A.A. Poplavsky
Main design principles of the system of operative control of transportation process

The paper is concerned with analysis of structural system of the joint-stock company “Russian Railways” within the framework of operational management. The structure includes controlling and controlled parts, which interact through data transfer. The controlling part has both vertical and horizontal division based on dispatcher centers. The issues of tall structure construction and environment interaction with significant perturbation of the operation system are discussed.

D.V. Savitsky
On prospective management systems and costs control

The paper is concerned with theoretical and practical aspects of prospective management systems controlling costs. The implication of enhancement of efficiency caused by implementation of such systems is established.

S.G. Kozlov
Development of building, reconstruction and maintenance dredging projects for access ducts and harborage

The paper contains analysis of the design projects for ports and transfer points under construction and reconstruction. The analysis reveals a complex of general issues solved on project stage, with the most vital problems occurring during design of watercourses and switching area pointed out. Finally, some suggestions are made allowing an improvement in the design projects quality.

O.N. Romahkova, O.Yu. Shatkovsky
On application of the IDS systems to train dispatching network

The paper is concerned with data security within the framework of train dispatching. An advanced method of data security in transmission network of modern systems of railway automatics and telemechanics is proposed. The method relies on the new IDS systems. The main principles of development and functioning of such systems are investigated. Finally, the prospective of the systems, namely improvement of efficiency and application to wireless technologies are discussed.