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2005 Ļ4

Main subjects

  • Issues of information and communication on transport

  • Life safety on transport

  • Mechanics of transport structures

  • Issues of power supply on the railway transport



Karabutov N.N.
Methodology for information technologies application in operative river transport control systems

The paper is concerned with application of information technologies in the operative river transport control systems. A system approach for choosing the appropriate information technology is suggested. Some examples, demonstrating efficient application of information technologies, are also presented.

Venediktov A.Z., Tiryoshkin V.N., Palíchik O.V., Dokov D.S.
Current state and prospects of the measuring-diagnostic systems development on the railway transport

The problem of application of new methods and tools for measuring and diagnostics in the locomotive and wagon depot is considered. States of locomotive and wagonís solid-rolled wheels are analysed in order to define their geometric parameters and forecast their serviceability. The existing solutions of the proposed problem are analysed.

Abramov V.M., Nikiforov B.D., Shalyahin D.V.
On safety of the railway automatic telemechanic systems

New methods of analysis and evaluation of traffic working safety and functional safety of the railway automatic telemechanic systems are proposed. The paper also contains description of the new evaluation methods for functional safety of the railway automatic devices subject to hardware and software redundancy.

Sergeev S.A.
Effectiveness of State traffic safety system

The main factors, affecting the accident rate of the motor transport in Russia are stated. Some methods of improvement of State traffic safety system are suggested.

Akimov P.A.
On indirect discrete-continuous boundary element method for analysis of the stress-strain state of three-dimensional structures

An indirect discrete-continuous boundary element method for structural analysis is proposed. The proposed method is applied to a boundary problem of the 3D elasticity theory involving traction components at the boundary. An analytical statement of the problem within the framework of the proposed method is followed by its discrete realization. The issues of the approximation choice and the techniques of the pseudo-differential operator regularization are discussed. The information of the developed software and model examples are also presented.

Aleinikov I.A., Lisitsin R.E.
On refined method of dynamics investigation of a diesel locomotive power installation shafting

The paper is concerned with refinement of the methods for calculation of a rotational moment, acting on a crankshaft of a V-type piston plant with an articulated connecting rod. The refinement lies in rejection of the traditional digitisation of the articulated connecting rod.

Gorelkova L.E., Ageenko S.B.
On enhancement of efficiency of the welded rotary assembly turbine compressor DVC architectural engineering

The paper is concerned with investigation of the structure and microhardness of a joint of the turbine wheel composed of heat-resistant nickel alloy with steel rotor shaft of the turbine compressor DVC after friction welding. A preliminary oil quenching of the shaft parts is proposed, which provides enhancement in relaxation resistance and uniformity of the welded shaft microstructure. It is also advisable to perform individual cyclic thermal-electric rotor treatment, which may lead to a more than twice increase in the material resilience due to formation of the troostite-type structure.

Melínikov V.Z., Lyudagovsky A.V.
High-test gearing for the rolling-stock power units

The paper is concerned with reliability and quality growth in power units gearing, including that based on multiple contact. The results of the development tests for multiple contact gearing are presented. The problems of providing multiple contact in a real gearing with faults of production and assembling and also within the repetition work taken into account are considered.

German L.A., Markov A.Yu.
Analysis of the residual voltage in the 25 kW network system for control of short circuit

Electromagnetic processes in the alternating current network system after the short circuit current interruption are considered. The calculations for residual voltage generated by a phase splitter (asynchronous machine) are presented. The engineering requirements for devices of the short circuit control in the network system before switching of the 28.5 kW feeder are formulated.

Zakaryukin V.P., Kryukov A.V.
Prediction of the electric energy use on traction substations

A method of prediction of the electric energy use on the traction substations of the alternating current railways, based on the imitational modelling methods, is proposed. The modelling is carried out on basis of the developed program system.

Pankratov L.V.
Recurrent identification of periodic processes

The recurrent algorithm for calculation of the Walsh function coefficients adaptive estimation of the mathematical model for dynamics of periodical processes are developed. The issues regarding enhancement of efficiency of the observation results use in identification problems are considered. An example of application of the proposed method to voltage variation in the contact system is presented.