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2005 3

Main subjects

  • Safety of life on transport

  • Organization of production on transport

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the railway rolling-stock

  • Problems of mechanics in transport

  • The questions of information and communication on transport



V.M. Ponomarev, A.I. Shevchenko
Improving the system of warning and eliminating emergency situations

In the basis of this article there are systematic recommendations on structure and contents of documents organization and planned in warning and eliminating emergency situations. Practical usage of systematic recommendations on the railways confirmed their high efficiency.

L.B. Svatovskaya, T.S. Titova, E.V. Rusanova
New technologies of utilizing waste wooden ties

New technologies are presented for utilizing waste wooden ties as something of the wooden fittings in concrete of increased density.

S.A. Pritsepova
The estimation of condition and efficiency of works for labour safety

The method is proposed for quantity estimation of condition and efficiency of works for labour safety based on results of certification of working places. The example is given in marked estimation of a structural subdivision on of the South-East railway.

K.A. Sergeev
Mathematical models of structural analysis of technological processes in car-repair shops

Results are given of fundamental investigations on theoretical basis of systematic aspects for creating systems for technical training for production of car-repair shops and tasks, connected with working out models of structural analysis for technological processes, carried out on production sites and in the car depots.

I.P. Gordeev
Increasing of reliability for insulation of locomotive power circuit

Results are given of theoretical and experimental reliability investigations of insulation of power locomotive circuit; and methods, ways and technical solutions for increasing reliability and working quality of their systems, production and maintenance are also suggested.

V.P. Ananiev, A.P. Khohlov
Stability of railway functioning in emergency situations

Factors are considered that influence on the stability of railway system. Complex of measures is proposed to predict, to decrease the risk of appearing and elimination of consequences of emergency situations on the railway transport.

A.N. Shabelnikov
Controlling automation of classification processes

Problems of controlling automation of classification transport processes are presented. Ways of solving tasks are given for improvement of automation system, increasing safety of transport complex.

A.N. Shumeiko
International freight transportation with the participation of automobile and air transport

Technological schemes are given in interaction of automobile and air transport using terminal complexes in controlling system of freight traffic in international transportation.

A.N. Feofilov
Increasing efficiency of using cars, belonging to other states

Main problems are formulated that arise on the Russian railways when controlling car fleet, belonging to other states. Ways of their solving are determined with the aim to increase benefits of transportation and elimination of losses arising during their usage.

V.P. Kovalenko, K.Ya.Lesnoy, A.Yu. Krasnov
Complex criterion of quality of filtering materials for cleaning oil products on the railway transport

The elaborated complex criterion is presented for estimating functional properties of filtering materials for cleaning fuel. Oil and working liquids in hydrolic systems that is the main index of quality of filtering materials, and also it is the integral index for economic estimation of these materials.

A.T. Demchenko, Yu.D. Kaplunov, D.A. Prikazchikov, I.A. Aleinikov
Application of asymptotic model for the Rayleigh wave to the task of dynamic load on the elastic semi-plane

This paper is concerned with application of the recently obtained asymptotic model for the Rayleigh wave to moving load problem in the half plane, which provides significant simplification in comparison to obtaining exact solution. The asymptotic solution turns out to be a leading order term of the Taylor expansion of the exact solution in the vicinity of the Rayleigh wave speed. The numerical illustrations of the asymptotic and exact solutions for the stress components demonstrate efficiency of the proposed approach.

L.G. Kopteva
The using of method of R-operators in transport

The most significant systems for railway transport are given MRO geoinformation systems and modelling video environment on the trainers and benches.