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2005 ¹1

Main subjects

  • The questions of the operation of transportation processes

  • Security of life on transport

  • The mechanics of transport constructions

  • The problem of railway track

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • The questions of information and communication on transport



Eliseev S.Y.
Logistics of control export freight currents passing the sea ports

The article is concerned with the methods of logistics control in freight traffic under the cooperation of railway transport with the sea and river ports, large industrial complexes, transport systems of Commonwealth of Independent States and foreign countries on the basis of effective informative and control analytical technologies.

Apatsev V.I., Volkov V.S.
The improvement of freight traffic system on railway transport

The article deals with the current state and problems if freight traffic on railway transport. The ways of improving traffic process technology are suggested there. This is all oriented to meet the requirements of customers to the quality of traffic service.

Kozlov P.A., Kozlova V.P.
Optimization of functional structure in transport junctions

In the article theoretical principles of interaction of subsystems and the elements of transport systems, the structure of their reserves and the method of optimisation of functional structure of junctions are considered.

Mamaev E.A.
Railway transport in transport region standard: the problems of controlling strategic changes

The article considers conceptional problems of railway transport influence in modelling development of transport systems. Calculation formulas of railway transport influence are given on index of minimal transport standard.

Feofilov A.N.
Introduction of advanced informative technologies and development of new methods of optimal control in the park of disrepaired wagons

The article is devoted to the current position of automation control in the park of disrepaired wagons on Russian Railways. The informative technology of disrepaired wagons elimination from the working park is depicted there. The way of optimal distribution of disrepaired wagons to the depots and the repair plants is suggested.

Svatovskaya L.B., Yakimova N.I., Makarova E.I.
Utilization of transport waste products for creation of building materials of new generation

The article considers the utilization of thermal-dynamic reserves of chemical processes for developing new ecological technologies, decreasing unhealthy influence on environment. Physical, mechanical and exploitational properties of obtained materials are investigated. The empirical formula for determining of the ecological risk coefficient is proposed in new technology installation introduction.

Lukov N.M., Kosmodamiansky A.S., Popov U.V.
Electric drive ventilators for the temperature regulators of the rolling stock energy plant

The results of analysis of principal schemes, technical data and electric drive descriptions are shown in the article. They are used for the executive-regulation facilities of automatic systems of temperature regulation energy plants of the rolling stock. It was done on the basis of the review of domestic and foreign literature.

Akimov P.A.
Discrete-continual methods of construction calculation

The article gives discrete-continual methods of construction calculation developed by the author. Methods of analytical solution are described for many-pointed regional problems of construction-engineering mechanics, to which above mentioned approaches lead in their intermediate results.

Druzhinina O.V., Ryasanova M.V.
The investigation of steady train running in the condition of traction

The article depicts the problem of steady train running in the condition of traction according to Lyapunov’s functions the sufficient conditions of asymptotic steady and unsteady are given there. This enables to estimate the influence of undesirable striking loading under the train running.

Kamensky V.B.
Railway track classification

The method of putting railway track classification on basis of kinetic energy train-flow is shown in the article. It is determined on goods traffic parameters and permits speed of passengers and freight trains railway track division.

Bilocha V.A.
The use if methods of theory graphs for optimisation freight traffic

The article reveals the problems of effective control freight traffic including the conditions of limiting throughput capacity. The proposals of estimating the coefficient complexity graphs of railways and divisions are given. This enables to assess the possibility of passing the freight and to define the priorities of railway development.

Romashkova O.N., Petrov A.A.
The economical efficiency of commercial use of railway telecommunicative net

The article describes the possibility of organizing the commercial segment of railway telecommunicative net. The technical problems of modernization of existing net are suggested here. The marketing assess is done, the structure of profits and losses is depicted, the estimate of economical effect from commercial activity is done there.

Gorelik V.Yu, Kraischkin A.V.
Increasing reliability of dispatcher work in traffic controlling at the expense of additional channel

The article is devoted to the improvement traffic control in dispatcher systems at the expense of additional information channel by speech. The estimation of efficiency and reliability of using the offered input channel is given.

Goncharov A.M.
The method of estimation of the importance functional dissimilar organized-technical systems

On the example of region mototransport enterprises the method of approach to the estimation of importance of complex, functional dissimilar organized-technical systems with the use of method of analysis of hierarchy and the way of adoptive agreement of expert data.