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2004 4

Main subjects

  • Personal and social safety on transport

  • Economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • Organization of production on transport

  • Problems of railway track

  • Problems of mechanics on railway transport



Gnilomyodov M.E., Zal'tsman G.K., Leksunov G.V., Kuznetsov S.V.
Prediction technique of toxic activity of small dozes of trace elements anthropogenic originally on genetic conditionality of biological effect

Physical and mathematical principles of modeling algorithms of biophysical quantum mechanisms and evolution laws of self-organizing of the molecular-biological apparatus of ecological information preservation in genetic memory due to coding chemico-physical properties of each element in DNA structure are stated. The prediction technique of biological activity pattern of trace elements anthropogenic originally on genetic conditionality of selective penetration processes of trace elements through a membrane into a living cell is offered; and also the realization technique of its toxic or other functions at an intracellular biochemical metabolism level is suggested.

Krupenin S.S., Kuznetsov K.B.
Organization of work on fire safety on a railway transport

The mobility level of fire units of the militarized guard and the state fire-prevention service is analyzed. Distribution laws for all parameters of mobility are determined under the probability theory and random processes. The new circuit of fire warning on a railway transport and the algorithm of a choice of forces and means of fire units are offered.

Sergeev S.A.
Impact of traffic stream parameters on increase of a traffic safety level

Fundamentals of transport stream theory and the calculation algorithm of its rational parameters are stated in the article. It allows to improve the organization of road traffic in cities of the Russian Federation and to reduce road traffic accidents.

Moskalyov B.A.
Electromagnetic fields in systems of electric transport

Wide frequency ranging findings of electromagnetic field impact of electric transport on locomotive crews, passengers and inhabitants of adjacent to railway territories are resulted.

Shkurina L.V.
The possibility study of competitive strategy generation of railways "a new product in a new market"

Godyaev A.I.
Application of fuzzy logic at modeling of railway crossing functioning

The simulation model allowing to investigate the functioning of any crossing located on the railway under various conditions and amount of movement of trains and motor transport is offered. The distinctive feature of this model is taking into account of the majority of crossing own distinctive features and random change possibility of various factors. Application of fuzzy logic method at modeling provides the maximal approach of simulated process to real motor transport control process if there is a human factor.

Shumeiko A.N.
State guarantees of transport functioning efficiency and new approaches to transport process control

The basic trends of the state guarantees of transport functioning efficiency are stated. And also the new approaches to transport process control in modern conditions are considered.

Potapov A.V.
Role of transport in formation of geosocioeconological field of urban settlements

Investigations on transport problems of urban settlements are generalized. The place and a role of transport in urban settlements are determined. An idea of geosocioeconological field of settlements is given. The generalized socioeconological parameter which formula includes assessment criterion of transport system is offered for the characteristic of a field. The proposition of low efficiency of transport system was proved mathematically after the analysis of assessment criterion of transport system. Ways of improvement of urban transport system functioning were planned.

Pankratov L.V.
Digital control of car retarders

The estimation technique of parameters and forecast of dynamics of braking based on the measurement of traverse speed and pressure in cylinders of car retarders is developed. The algorithm of realization of a smooth cut braking mode is offered.

German L.A.
Matrix method of analysis of traction electric supply system of alternating current in consideration of system of external electric supply

The beam equivalent circuit of jointly examined systems of traction and external electric supply is proved. The matrix equations of calculation of a mode of 25 kV traction network in integrated mathematical model of systems of traction and external electric supply are generated. The error analysis of an existing method of calculation is executed.

Kamensky V.B.
About periodicity of broken rail protection

Karabutov N.N., Rybin A.N.
The analysis of craneway condition in seaports

The analysis problems of rail craneway condition in sea and river ports are investigated. The possibility of application of algorithmic procedures of filtration and measuring data smoothing of rail level for detection of the tendency of their change is considered. The algorithm for revealing critical zones of craneways is offered.

Aleinikov I.A., Lisitsin R.E.
The refined technique of definition of torque harmonics applied to shafting of power installation of a diesel locomotive

The article covers the refinement of a torque test technique applied to a diesel engine crankshaft. This refinement consists in reversal of traditional digitization of connecting rod, and its plane motion is examined. The attained accuracy evaluation at this refinement is given.