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2023 1

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Modelling of transport processes

  • Safety of human activity



M.N. Toropov, N.V. Vasiliev, A.S. Selivanov, I.E. Perkov
Reduction of Electrochemical and Microbiological Corrosion in Water Cooling Systems of Diesel Locomotive Engines within the Framework of Single Technology - Energy Method of Water Treatment

The article presents the experience of electrochemical and microbiological corrosion removal within the framework of a single technology - the energy method of water treatment in water cooling systems of diesel engines of mainline and shunting locomotives. The ways of further development of this method are proposed.
Keywords: water cooling system of diesel locomotive engines, cylinder sleeves, gas distributor mechanism

A.V. Gorelik, A.V. Istomin, E.V. Kuz'mina, A.N. Malykh
On Game Theory Application in Optimizing Technical Operation Process of Railway Automation and Telemechanics Systems

The authors consider the issue of optimizing the technical operation process of railway automation and telemechanics systems with the allocation of financial resources using the game theory methods. The paper gives the definition of the optimization problem in the railway industry and proposes an algorithm for decision-making based on a game-theory approach.
Keywords: railway automation and telemechanics, risk, train-hour losses, game theory, optimization

N.I. Beryakov
Analysis of Issues Related to Examination of Design Estimates for Infrastructure Facilities of JSC "Russian Railways" and Ways to Effectiveness Increase of Expert Opinions

Analysing the most frequently encountered remarks in the design estimates during the comprehensive examination of JSC "Russian Railways" infrastructure facilities the expert team of the Russian University of Transport (RUT (MIIT) has established the distribution of cash savings by cost items based on 100%. The justification of the correctness of decisions taken in the construction organization project accounts for 50% of the cost reduction. The total reduction in the estimated cost of project construction ranged from 7% to 15%, depending on the object type, the design institute, the influence of the construction organization on the design process.
Keywords: expert examination, design estimates, remarks, savings, recommendations

S.P. Vakulenko, D.Yu. Romensky, K.A. Kalinin, P.V. Rybakov
Prospects for Freight Traffic Development on Dmitrov - Sonkovo - Mga Line

The shortage of the carrying capacity of railway polygons when freight transporting to the port regions is an urgent problem in the conditions of changing the railway transportation market opportunities. The article analyses the options for increasing the carrying capacity of the little used Dmitrov - Sonkovo - Mga mainline, and suggests the ways for the line modernisation to intensify the train traffic.
Keywords: carrying capacity, low-intensity line, low-activity line, traffic capacity, electrification

K.A. Sergeev, O.I. Mironenko, O.Y. Krivich
Data Acquisition Methods of Technical Condition of All-Rolled Wheels in Operation

The article examines the data acquisition methods of the technical condition of all-rolled wheels in operation. An algorithm for obtaining primary basic data on the technical condition of wheels arriving at the depot for survey is shown. A sample of filling in a full-scale wheel sheet is given.
Keywords: technological processes, rolling stock, technological documentation, car repair manufacture

V.S. Kuz'min, A.K. Tabunshchikov, A.A. Antonov
Functional Safety Problem of Relay Automatic Block Systems when Equipment Installation Changing

The article deals with the issues of ensuring the functional safety of interval train control systems by the example of a numerical code automatic block system. The key requirements for technical solutions with the aim of eliminating cases of false block unoccupancy due to changes in the equipment installation are formulated on the base on the results of the analysis.
Keywords: interval control, railway automation and telemechanics, operation algorithm change

L.A. Illarionova, A.A. Loktev, S.S. Bokov
Dynamic Impact of Crew on Viscoelastic Base Plate of Urban Transport

The article deals with the problems of determining the dynamic behaviour of plane elements with various rheological properties, including anisotropic properties. The track structure of the ballastless rail track or light rail urban transport is made of such elements as the reinforced concrete component.
Keywords: urban transport, ballastless base, elastic wave, mathematical model, dynamic load

D.I. Bodrikov, D.A. Akulov, R.S. Chubov, I.A. Rybkin, V.P. Smirnov
Insulation Reliability of Traction Electric Engines of Electric Locomotives of Eastern Polygon

It is revealed that the weakest node of traction electric engines of electric locomotives of the East Siberian Railway and the Krasnoyarsk Railway of the Eastern Polygon is insulation. The authors found the dependences of reliability of winding insulation on air temperature, and it allows determining the state of winding insulation of traction electric engines of electric locomotives of the Eastern polygon depots.
Keywords: Eastern polygon of Russian Railways, electric locomotives of alternating current, traction electric engines, insulation of windings

V.A. Bugreev, A.P. Chekhov, R.M. Nigay, P.A. Chekhov
Some Aspects of Information Technology Application in Distance Learning at Transport University

The article proposes the overview of the currently used means of telecommunications, electronic editions and so on which make possible to avoid the existing disadvantages of traditional forms of education. It gives an opportunity to raise the educational process to a new level. The psychological and pedagogical aspects of studies that meet the requirements of the time are considered.
Keywords: digital technologies, educational work, electronic emulator

Ya.N. Tsaplin
Calculation of characteristics of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Airfield Pavements According to Full-Scale Tests

The article is devoted to the development of a method for determining the actual characteristics of concrete and reinforced concrete airfield pavements. The author presents a concept calculating the coefficient of subgrade reaction and the rigidity of the slab section based on the results of full-scale tests taking into account their probabilistic and statistical variability.
Keywords: airfield, coefficient of subgrade reaction, rigidity, pavement, strength properties, elastic characteristic of the slab

M.Yu. Kulikov, A.S. Shinkaruk, D.G. Evseev, A.V. Baryshnikov
Unification of Passenger Car Design is the Most Important Part of Life Cycle Contract Realisation

The authors consider the issues of the realisation of the life cycle contract on the example of the unification of passenger car designs taking into account the deficiency of the applied system of repair and maintenance of passenger cars in the conditions of repair enterprises.
Keywords: passenger car, personnel, costs, unification, model, design, life cycle contract

A.G. Silyuta, A.N. Zhuravlev
Concept for Efficiency Evaluating of Autonomous Locomotives by Energy Efficiency Criterion

The evaluation of the efficiency of autonomous locomotives at the design and operation stages is one of the key tasks for the locomotive complex of JSC "Russian Railways". The aim of this article is to establish the basics of a fundamentally new concept for the efficiency evaluating of diesel locomotives which allows objectively taking into account the technical perfection of the power installation and the operation rate of the diesel locomotive.
Keywords: autonomous locomotive, efficiency, traction calculations, performance indicators, train operation

D.V. Efanov, A.V. Pashukov
Synthesis of Railway Switch Control Devices with Fault Detection and Self-Diagnosis Functions on Programmable Logic Integrated Circuits

The article proposes a method for synthesizing control systems for railway automation and telemechanics objects on a programmable element base with integration with the external diagnostic and monitoring tools. The connection allows endowing the synthesized device with the property of signalling about emerging malfunctions, including the property of monitoring the pre-failure state.
Keywords: railway automation and telemechanics, railway switch, pre-failure condition control

P.A. Kozlov, V.P. Kozlova, M.A. Tumanov
Traffic Flow Operation with Random Spread in Parameters

The article deals with the problem of rational interaction of production and transport with a random spread in the duration of transportation and in the rhythms of work of consignees. The authors propose to use a dynamic transport problem. The technology of calculating the optimal point of arrival at a minimum of total losses is given.
Keywords: transport problem, probability, optimization, interaction losses, traffic flow operation

A.I. Darenskikh, V.A. Aksenov
Research of Safety Control Methods of Construction Complex Workers

The article reflects the authors' point of view on the need to study methods of the safety control of construction complex workers, as well as the estimated requirement to improve the management of occupational safety and health focusing this process only on prevention and strengthening control functions in the field of occupational safety and health, while emphasizing the responsibility of all interested parties in social and industrial relations.
Keywords: occupational safety management system, safe working conditions, construction

O.S. Sachkova, A.A. Kirillin, D.V. Klimova
Ensuring Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety of Transport Complex Employees

The compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards on construction sites during a pandemic leads to the need to modify personal protective equipment to increase the quality of infectious protection of workers. Such need poses the task of developing new approaches to the development of special clothing.
Keywords: overalls (working clothes), labour protection, sanitary and epidemiological safety, safety, construction

V.E. Andrusov, N.I. Nikolaykin
Assessment Evolution of Human Factor Impact on Aircraft Maintenance Safety

Taking into account for human factor impact on transport accidents has a centuries-old history. When servicing aircraft the incidents and incidents occur annually due to unsafe actions of personnel, as well as shortcomings in the interaction of services. Approaches to ensuring safety in air transport can be applied in other branches of transport.
Keywords: transport, aircraft engineering, safety, human factor, maintenance, resource management