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2022 1

Main subjects

  • Transport

  • Computer science and control

  • Safety of human activity



K.A. Sergeev, O.Yu. Krivich, O.I. Mironenko
Fitting-out Task Decomposition of Railway Car Repair Production

The article briefly considers the issues of modelling the technological process of railway car repair using decomposition. This method is a convenient technique for dividing into groups the units in the aggregate such as a car or the junction.
Keywords: production, maintenance, railway car repair, work measurement, spare parts

M.N. Toropov, A.S. Selivanov, N.V. Vasiliev, P.P. Begunov, I.E. Perkov
Are Inhibitor Complexes for Water-Cooling Systems of Diesel Locomotives Safe?

The authors consider the role (underestimated in practice) of microbiological corrosion processes in the corrosion attack of structures made of various materials.
Keywords: inhibitor complexes, water-cooling system of the diesel locomotive, electrochemical corrosion, bio-rust, biofilm

L.N. Ivankova, A.V. Podorozhkina
New Hump Neck Designs to Improve Marshalling Process Productivity Gain

The authors propose the new neck structures and the perspective profile of descending part of low-power humps. This will allow the use of long-beam retarders in the yard, providing gradual braking and will lead to a reduction in the volume of shunting work in the hump yard.
Keywords: design of plan and profile of low-power humps, retarder chain

L.V. Shkurina, E.V. Struchkova, Yu.A. Khareva
Basic Procedures for Development of Unified Business Process of Freight Transportation under Customer-Oriented Approach Creation

The authors consider the issues of production processes improvement performed at railway stations during reception and delivery of goods. Based on the results of the photographs of working hours, the possibilities of reengineering this process were identified with the redistribution of labour functions between employees of these divisions depending on the operating mode for transportation activity cost saving.
Keywords: unified production process, customer orientation, reception and delivery of cargo, freight and luggage reception and delivery inspector

D.G. Evseev, Yu.N. Sarychev, S.S. Andriyanov
Development of Elastomeric Damper for Passenger Car Bogie

The authors propose the technical solution for the design of an elastomeric two-way damper for application in passenger car bogies. The elastomer properties were analyzed. The organization and principle of damper operation are described. The research results can be used to create operating samples of an elastomeric damper and introduce them to passenger cars.
Keywords: passenger car bogie, vibration damper, energy-absorbing devices, elastomer, viscous friction

Yu.A. Kol'tsov, D.I. Bodrikov, V.P. Smirnov, E.M. Lytkina
Operation Life Calculation and Analysis of Wheelset Bands of Freight Electric Locomotives

The authors made the operation life calculation and analysis of wheelset bands of cargo 2ES5K two-section and 3ES5K three-section AC electric locomotives operated on the East Siberian Railway. The information on measurements of controlled parameters of wheelset bands was used for calculations.
Keywords: ES5K electric locomotives, wheelset, band, operating time, operation life

P.A. Kozlov, S.P. Vakulenko, V.P. Kozlova
Adaptive Technology Model in Transport Hub

The article formulates a new version of the system approach when an important property of the system is its adaptability. An adaptive technology model has been developed for a specific transport hub. The authors present the calculations proving the advantage of the proposed technology.
Keywords: transport hub, system, adaptability, technology, stability

V.N. Balabin, A.Yu. Serbulov
Application of Steam Accumulator Locomotives in Industrial Enterprises

The authors consider the construction problems of an economical and environment-friendly steam accumulator locomotive for industrial railway transport. In comparison to diesel locomotives, this locomotive allows to abandon diesel engines and reduce repair and maintenance costs. This locomotive can be used in dusty and contaminated conditions without reducing the resource and in enterprises requiring explosion protection and fire safety.
Keywords: steam accumulator locomotive, industrial transport, construction, traction and heat engineering characteristics

G.I. Kostinsky, K.L. Shlyakhovsky, V.G. Novikov, L.N. Loginova
Automatic Contactless Detection Systems for Axle-Box Overheating of Moscow Metro Rolling Stock

The article considers the advantages of new systems of automatic contactless detection of axle-box overheating the Moscow Metro rolling stock. The implementation of the system at the Moscow Metro is shown.
Keywords: transport system, underground, contactless systems, axle-box overheating (hot box), hot box detector

M.G. Lysikov, A.M. Ol'shansky, G.M. Bilenko, A.V. Erlikh
On Some Approaches to Assessing Passenger Service Quality in Transport and Transfer Hubs

The article considers the main approaches to operation quality assessment of transport and transfer hubs. The analysis of existing approaches and scientific results in this field is given. The authors propose to assess the public service quality in transport and transfer hubs through the ratio of its use time in easy traffic conditions and with restrictions.
Keywords: quality, transport service, passenger traffic, speed, criteria, modelling

V.A. Kochnev, L.A. Illarionova
Possibility of Transport and Technological Vehicle Movement Trajectory Influence on Production Processes

The authors consider the possibility of using unmanned vehicles in construction. The article gives the example of the movement trajectory of transport and technological vehicles during the development of the special construction scheme for the reinforced concrete base of the ballast-free rail track.
Keywords: unmanned transport, movement trajectory, point motion, operator-driver, process diagram, travel model

E.V. Korneeva, V.G. Sidorenko
Analysis of Big Data Term Applicability to Automated System of Transportation Operational Control

The article considers the features that distinguish Big Data from traditional data processing. The analysis of compliance of the Automated System of Transportation Operational Control of the third generation with the given characteristics was performed. The results of the analysis showed that this system can achieve the requirements for Big Data, and also the development directions are demonstrated.
Keywords: Big Data, database, Automated System of Transportation Operational Control

I.A. Zhuravlev, E.A. Zhuravleva
Software Implementation of Decision-Making System for Contractual Work of Enterprise

Two decision trees for contract and reclamation work of the enterprise implemented in the Python high-level programming language have been built. The influence of different indicator sets on the result of building the decision tree is considered. The recommendations for setting target sets for the effective application of an intelligent decision support system are presented.
Keywords: decision tree, Data Mining, contract and reclamation work of the enterprise, sampling, classification, entropy

V.V. Samoilov
Occupational Health Analysis of Coal Loading and Unloading Workers

The article considers the occupational health issue of the workers engaged in coal loading and unloading operations. Such factors as noise, vibration, microclimate, and dust pollution are considered. Preventive measures to control these factors are proposed.
Keywords: occupational health, coal dust, labour safety, dust depressant, dust control

D.V. Grechushnikova, O.S. Sachkova, V.I. Apattsev
Modern Equipment of Water Supply System for Passenger Cars of Locomotive Traction

The article considers the modern sanitary and technical equipment of passenger drinking supply, and its hygienic characteristics are given. The results obtained during the research make it possible to ensure passenger safety in the carriage and improve the working conditions of conductors.
Keywords: water supply system, passenger car of locomotive traction, railway transport, water cooler, purifier

V.P. Sychev, A.E. Mozharov, V.A. Aksyonov, E.A. Kiseleva
Materials and Technology Option to Create Safe Smoke and Gas-Proof Barrier for Workers

The systems of uninterrupted power supply in case of fire and preservation of their operability due to the application of fire-resistant cable penetrations are shown. The types of existing fire-fighting closures of cable openings on the Russian market were analyzed. The article presents the version of smoke and gas-proof fire-resistant seal for multiple uses which will save time for people evacuation in case of fire.
Keywords: fire-resistant cable penetrations, fire compartments, fire barrier, fire and smoke blocking in case of fire

A.M. Zavyalov, E.E. Notchenko
Analysis of Industrial Injuries of Moscow Metro Employees

The article presents the analysis results of industrial injuries of the Moscow metro employees. The authors cite the main cases and types of incidents that affected the injuries of employees for the period from 2016 to the 1st quarter of 2021.
Keywords: underground, labour safety, industrial injuries, Zero Injury concept