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2005 ¹2

Main subjects

  • The questions of information and communication on transport

  • Security of life on transport

  • Organization of production on transport

  • The economic aspects of transport complex functioning

  • The mechanics of transport constructions



Buslaev A.P., Prikhodko V.M., Dorgan V.V., Krylov E.A., Travkin V.Yu., Yashina M.V.
Automatic discern of operative control means of motor traffic and estimation of their efficiency

The technology developed in MADI (State Technical University) and ordered by Federal Direction of Automobile Transport (FUAD) “Central Russia” of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, which is carrying out videomonitoring of traffic signs and the analysis of roadside information at the mobile laboratory is presented. When processing the video information highly effective algorithms are used for discerning models and processing of images, the “ABC” of traffic signs being done.

Kopteva L.G.
Elaboration of systems for digital synthesis of realistic images in railway transport

One of the effective approaches to the realization of digital synthesis systems of realistic images for complex geometrical objects and “environment” on a railway transport for geoinformative systems (GIS), and also for technical training aids is considered.

Romashkova O.N., Petrov A.A., Tolstoshein A.V.
Working out of proposals for development of circuit for transmitting data of federal railway transport

The main directions of developing circuit for transmitting data of Joint-Stock Company “Russian Railways” providing change of operational and administrative information on railways are considered. The analysis is given for apparatus alternatives to route makers of railway mainline segment.

Svatovskaya L.B., Titova T.S., Rusanova E.V.
Ash foam concrete and its application on transport

The new technology of building material production with use of ash from burning sediment of sewage is considered. New building material ash foam concrete which allows to utilize ash neutralizing its harmful properties is offered.

Ponomaryov V.M., Shevchenko A.I.
Prevention and liquidation of extreme situations on the railway transport

The all-round analysis of prevention and liquidation of extreme situations on the railway transport which is included in the system of Joint-Stock Company “Russian Railways” is offered. Actual problems in this area in immediate prospects are considered.

Drabkina E.V.
Influence of diesel park on pollution of air pool

The reasons of occurrence of a hotbed effect and sources of environmental contamination by enterprises of the railway transport are considered. Emissions of polluting substances from diesel park of Russian Railways in an atmosphere are determined.

Lesnykh Yu.I.
Influence of physical and chemical atmosphere properties on stability and control of flying apparatus

The analysis of reasons of aircraft accidents is done. Chemical changes of atmosphere caused by ground transport and industrial enterprises, and also by changes in physical atmosphere condition when contacting with flying apparatus are considered.

Shumeyko V.I.
The routing of main line motor transportation

The analysis of existing methods of traffic flow control is given and the effective method of planning for motor transportation routes is described.

Tsykalo V.A.
Condition of berthing front of Russian seaports

The structure of berthing front of Russian sea trading ports on specialization, types of designs and materials of the basic bearing elements of berthing constructions is presented, the generalized data on their physical deterioration and residual resource are given. The basic criteria for definition of a kind of technical actions for maintenance of serviceability of berthing constructions are stated.

Vorobyova L.N., Seslavin A.I.
Gradient way of the centralized direction of city transport systems

The question on creation of automatic system of the centralized direction of traffic underground trains is considered. The algorithm allowing to parry failures rationally and quickly in the train schedule is developed.

Korchagin V.A., Shmyrin A.M.
Neighbourhood models in application to enhancement of efficiency of motor transport systems

The paper studies the opportunity of using the neighbourhood and fuzzy-neighbourhood models of transport systems with a complex structure; the solution of the task of mixed control for such systems based on the axiological approaches is considered.

Tokarev V.A.
Manpower in the efficient control system in the railway transport

The influence of “manpower” on a control efficiency of the railway transport enterprises is considered, the effective mechanism of control in labour potential of the railway branch – the rational system of stimulation of work is offered.

Kovalsky V.F.
Analysis and synthesis of dynamic parameters of the hydrodrive of the scraper chain of track ballast cleaner machines

The mathematical model and also the technique of the analysis and calculation of dynamic parameters of a hydrovolumetric drive of the scraper chain of track ballast cleaner machines of new generation are presented.