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2004 3

Main subjects

  • Transport construction, track and rolling stock interaction

  • Organization of production on transport

  • Development, exploitation and maintenance of the rolling stock

  • Questions of information and communication on transport

  • Mechanics of transport constructions

  • Personal and social safety on transport



Kamensky V.B.
Estimation of geometrical parameters of track by mathematical statistics methods

Questions of track state estimations on the basis of track measuring car checking are examined. The statistic analysis of results enables to carry out the forecast of development of deviations from each of measurable parameters and to allocate local malfunctions that allows using resources of the current maintenance of track more rationally.

Mamin A.N.
The pliability account of mating of prefabricated elements of a frame at transport building and construction designing

Application of a method of discrete connections at calculations of frame load-carrying systems of transport buildings and constructions is considered. In the article there are examples of design model drawing up allowing to take into account pliability mating of prefabricated elements of a reinforced concrete frame without complementary units.

Gershval'd A.S.
Operation of freight traffic

Optimization problems allowing to pass to new information technologies raising the quality of operation of transportation processes in market conditions are considered.

Sergeev K.A.
The automated designing of preproduction engineering at the car-repair plants

Results of the problem solving connected to optimum design technique preparation of technological processes of cars maintenance and repair are stated.

Smirnov P.P.
Probabilistic estimation of bearing unit life of track rollers of the transport track-type machines used in various soil conditions with a wide range of traverse speed

The specified design procedure bearing units of track rollers of high-speed transport track-type machines is considered. It allows on a design stage to estimate the bearing life taking into account casual loading conditions track rollers, constructive and dynamic features of the machine.

Kun A.P.
Software in electric equipment diagnostic maintenance of electric rolling stock

The software structure included in electric equipment diagnostic maintenance electric rolling stock is determined. Their functions and structure of algorithms are considered.

Grinchar N.G.
To a question of probability estimate of non-failure operation of hydrodrives of track machines

The reliability model estimate of a machine hydrodrive taking into account the impact of deterioration and sudden failures on probability of non-failure operation is offered. The questions connected to forecasting of probability of non-failure operation of hydrodrives of track machines such as liner-tamper-gauge-setting machines are examined.

Borisov V.V., Fedulov A.S.
Development of cognitive simulation methods of complex systems

The dynamics model for generalized cognitive cards is offered. It allows to describe and analyze essential features of complex system behaviour. The submitted realization of the offered dynamics model for generalized indistinct cognitive cards permits essentially to reduce the model dimension.

Kopteva L.G.
Conceptual approaches to the organization of geometrical information transfer in computer networks by means of R-reports

One of effective approaches to the organization of geometrical information transfer in the integrated systems (R-report) is discussed in the article. This transfer is made with the device of R-functions modified by the author.

Nikishchenkov S.A.
The inspection method of reconfigurable transport systems on release functions

The approach to the description and detection of defects on the basis of concurrent process models is offered. Information and logical process diagrams are considered; control principles on release functions and approaches to technology realization are submitted.

Zolotov A.B., Akimov P.A.
Direct discrete-continual boundary element method for determination the mode of deformation of three-dimensional designs

The description of the method is given in the article. Analytical problem statement is stated; discrete realization of this method is examined; variants and principles of choice of approximation apparatus, regularization techniques of pseudodifferential operators are discussed; the information about the developed software and examples of calculation is cited.

Velikanov N.A.
Influence of welding locked-up stresses on serviceability of transport constructions

The classification, methods of experimental and theoretical finding of fields of welding locked-up stresses, their influences on strength characteristics of designs are considered. Techniques of determination of stress fields around welded seams are given.

Demchenko A.T., Turkin V.V.
Application of a direct mathematical model approach to analysis of catenaries' dynamics

Application of an effective numerical method to analysis of dynamic interaction of catenaries with current collectors of electric rolling stock is considered.

Jurkovsky O.I.
The mainstreams of traffic traumatism decrease on basis of the analysis and an estimation of accident rate on motor transport

The question connected to traffic accidents and the first medical aiding is examined. The traffic accident analysis and accident causes are carried out. The estimation of actions directed on traffic traumatism decrease is given.