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2004 2

Main subjects

  • Personal and social safety on transport

  • Prospects of creation of rolling stock and track laying machines of domestic railways

  • Organization of production on transport

  • Questions of mechanics on railway transport

  • Transport institutes of higher education



Katin V.D.
Environmental problems of firing in boiler installations of railway enterprises and prospect of their solution

Questions of air protection from pollution by harmful emissions of boiler installations of railway transport are considered. Ecological compatibility criteria of boiler installations and heat engineering methods of higher environmental safety of steam and hot-water boiler operation are offered.

Svatovskaya L.B., Yakimova N.I., Shershnyova M.V., Baidarashvili M.M.
Application of tracer method is a new perspective tendency for a choice of components ecoprotective systems for transport

A new test method of surface nature of solid substance is submitted, a new ecoprotective material for waste recycling on transport is offered.

Ershov A.A.
Practical recommendations for decrease of hazard effects of ship collisions

The article is devoted to creation of information support algorithm of navigators on base of scientifically substantiated practical recommendations for decrease of hazard effects of ship collisions.

Noskov A.L.
Ways of maintenance with electric locomotives of main railways of the country

The cooperation program of manufacturers of new locomotives and railways of Russia intended for study growing freight and passenger traffic flow in conditions of economy stabilization is offered.

Dubrovin V.S., Novikov V.N., Shcherbinin Yu.P.
Improvement of power transmission of the universal traction power module

The article is devoted to the important tasks of improvement of universal traction module designs, reliability growth and durability of their basic elements.

Koval'sky V.F., Serdobintsev E.V.
Reliability estimation of hydrovolumetric drive components of track machines of new generation

The problem of qualitative assessment and increasing of durability of hydrovolumetric drive components of track machines is solved. The analysis procedure of operation reliability of hydrotransmission components is given; practical recommendations for reliability growth of a hydrodrive are cited.

Malyshkin A.G.
The comprehensive program of development of region water transport

Contents of the development program of region water transport on an example of Hanty-Mansiysk autonomous area are stated. Concrete decisions on freight traffic optimization and organization improvement of passenger traffic are resulted with the purpose of their unprofitability reduction.

Sidorenko V.G.
Plotting automation of the train schedule for metro

The new approach to plotting automation of the train schedule for Moscow metro is submitted. It is carried out in the network of a complex of tools of traffic control automation. It allows to create the system of automatic plotting of the train schedule and to realize procedures of schedule correction by the operator.

Urtmintsev Yu.N.
Optimization of operation park of ships on the basis of the mechanism of fleet leasing

The way of optimization of operation park of ships of the river transport enterprises based on the use of the mechanism of fleet leasing is considered. The economic-mathematical model of optimizing and an example of its use for one of water-transport enterprises of Western Siberian basin is resulted.

Tarasov E.M.
Maintenance of invariance in qualifiers of rail line state

Shestakov A.A., Druzhinina O.V., Shchennikova E.V.
About motion stability conditions of railway wheel pair

The problem of higher traffic safety on railway transport connected with interaction in wheel - rail system and motion stability of wheel pair is considered.

Kodysh E.N.
The record of dynamic impact during transit of constructions

The specification method of dynamic factors depending on a record degree of material durability factors and loading time for prevention of serious defect formation in reinforced concrete constructions from transport impacts during transit is offered.

Chalov V.V.
Bases of calculation and definition of rational parameters of hydra-pneumatic devices with suspension bracket back pressure of transport machines

Lyovin B.A.
Time-tested traditions