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2004 1

Main subjects

  • In the service of railway transport

  • Personal and social safety on transport

  • Organization of production on transport

  • Questions of mechanics on railway transport



Kogat'ko G.I.
Railway forces of Russia in the service of Fatherland

Apattsev V.I., Ebel' Yu.I., Stasevskaja N.G.
Risk assessment on railway transport from a position of technical control

Zal'tsman G.K., Pronin A.P.
Environmental safety at construction and operation of high-speed main lines

Kupaev V.I., Rasskazov S.V., Ogarkova E.V.
Quantitative assessment of decontamination efficiency of radioactive contamination of railway transport

Yurkovsky O.I.
Substantiation and choice of transport base for resuscitation ambulance intended for emergency medical aiding in difficult road conditions, extreme situation victims

Misharin A.S.
Optimization of control of freight flow and car traffic volume on the basis of the automated control systems

Zaitsev E.N.
Mathematical modelling of control process of production activity of transport systems

Lemdyanova I.M.
Model of call service in integrated digital network for quality of service calculation

Mochalin S.M.
The impact analysis of change of carrying capacity value of rolling stock on functioning of freighting on a radial route

Glyuzberg B.E., Kalachyov A.M., Korolyov V.V.
Upgrading of performance characteristics of switch frogs due to change of their geometry in wheel-rail contact

Kononov V.E.
How to raise service life of elastic cogwheels of a traction drive of diesel locomotives

Turkin V.V.
The impact analysis of geometrical parameters on elasticity of dimensional diamond-shaped catenaries